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									Maribel Pintado-Espiet

My background is literary translation and translation in general. I earn a living as Director of Interpreter Services for the Administrative Office of the Trial Court of Massachusetts where I continue to practice my craft of twenty some years as a court and otherwise general interpreter. My poetry translations include Charles Baudelaire’s complete Flowers of Evil (Spanish) with the University of Puerto Rico Publishing House; selections from Rimbaud, Robert Desnos, Guillaume Apollinaire and Aimée Césaire currently in use at the Department of Comparative Literature at the University of Puerto Rico. Unpublished Spanish translations include Lautreamont’s Chants of Maldoror, Diderot’s Jacques The Fatalist, Tillie Olsen’s As I Stand here Ironing. I have also translated Maeterlinck’s L’Oiseau Bleu for the exclusive use of Arlequín Productions in Puerto Rico which has staged this children’s play on a yearly basis for the last twenty years in Santo Domingo and Puerto Rico. The Spanish translation of several of Apollinaire’s Calligrames were published in Reintegro (Puerto Rico). I have been able to turn to my own work by participating in local workshops. The Joiner Center Workshops at the University of Massachussets in Boston have been an important force in my development. At Joiner I have been able to work under Martín Espada, George Evans and Daisy Zamora. Most recently I travelled to Havana, Cuba where I participated in the first Writers of the Americas Conference. My BA is from the University of Puerto Rico (1970). My graduate work is in Comparative Literature, at the Sorbonne University (1976) and the University of Puerto Rico(1980), and in Translation at the University of Puerto Rico (1978)

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