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Happy Life_ _quot;opening_quot; imminent Meng Xiaosu _quot;missionary Reverse Mortgage_quot;


									Happy Life, "opening" imminent Meng Xiaosu "missionary
Reverse Mortgage"

??This time, Meng Xiaosu has received a possible "mission"
of the platform.
Recently, some media reports, former president of the Central Housing
Group, Meng Xiaosu preparation, in the room, Shanxi Datong Coal
Industry and the Cinda Asset Management Company holding the well-being
Life Insurance Company has recently received all regulatory approvals,
and building a close working end.
"The latest listing in October." Company sources. When the
reporter called Meng Xiaosu, he said: "To another month before
any substantial movement." Seems to coincide with the October
Meng Xiaosu celebration was undoubtedly the best I should. This no
doubt means that he eventually finding long brewing the "Reverse
Mortgage" will be officially have an operational platform.
Previously, Meng Xiaosu has on many occasions confirmed that the CIRC
has initially approved by the insurance company as a "Reverse
Mortgage" mode of operation of the entity.
Happy Life, "listed"
"Insurance Regulatory Commission authorized the insurance company
as a 'Reverse Mortgage' mode of operation of the entity, the happiness
of the original shareholders to raise the insurance has not been
completed, company registration and other preparations." Meng
Xiaosu said, so there is no access to formal approval process.
Now, everything is ready, Dongfeng also will play. According to
informed sources, the happy life was held on August 8 build the
General Assembly, the company planning is almost complete.
It is reported that the start will be happy life insurance business
mainly, but not limited to life insurance business to the future, in
the company after a period of formal operations, the company will
gradually expand to the property and casualty insurance businesses.
The future happiness of life will actively use the resources of the
Group, the development of enterprise annuity business.
It is worth noting is listed Cheng Li Hou customers Qunti will focus
on corporate customers and happy life that the early preparation
Jihuafazhan Gerenyewu to be different, and happy life of positioning
will Leisi Yu Sinopec and Italy, the Italian Assicurazioni Hezi life.
The industry believes that this is one of the shareholders - Cinda's
resources focused on business-related, personal finance advantage is
not obvious. But the customer base is targeted at corporate customers
will not be detrimental to an individual consumer market players in
the "Reverse Mortgage" business start?
"Down the mortgage insurance is also still being studied, it all,
etc. Shiawase Life put into operation and we have to be with a
result." Meng Xiaosu Biaoshi.
Happy Life Insurance Company as early preparation in February 2006,
the first promoter is the China Enterprise Confederation and China
Entrepreneurs Association, was to be home by the number of the member
units of enterprises set up a joint venture, registered capital of 530
million yuan. But later, as the lead of many new insurance companies
as shareholders funds as conditions change and business ideas in a
variety of reasons, some shareholders began pulling the preparation
group had to find new shareholders.
At present, the happy life of the shareholders include the China Real
Estate Development Group, Shanxi Datong Coal Industry Company and its
subsidiaries over the letter. Which, Cinda companies have jointly
funded 600000000 yuan shares, making it absolute control.
Meng Xiaosu the "Reverse Mortgage" dream
Back in March of this year, Meng Xiaosu on the media have openly
expressed, happy life are also being developed to develop the
"housing pension" insurance specific mode of operation.
"Insured requirement is 62 years old or older, will house
property mortgaged to the insurance companies, insurance companies pay
a monthly benefit payment to the insured until the insured dies, the
insurance company to recover the house, to sell, rent or
auction." Meng Xiaosu said.
In fact, from the end of 2006, Meng Xiaosu in the "Reverse
Mortgage" outcries, so in the "Reverse Mortgage" in the
field, Meng Xiaosu more like a real estate finance area,
March 2006, Nanjing Tangshan Hot Spring Park project had to stay in
the country's first launch of the mortgage down the nature of the
"room-for-support" initiatives. In addition, the
Agricultural Bank of China as early as 2023 had already started before
the "Reverse Mortgage" study, but because too difficult to
implement, has not been implemented.
"This product introduction has been facing financial
difficulties. One of the biggest obstacles, not from the market, but
financial institutions hesitant." Meng Xiaosu that, there is the
risk of falling house prices and the financial institutions concerned.
After the market disruption in the promotion of products, coincides
with the China Insurance Regulatory Commission approval "Reverse
Mortgage" mode of operation of the entity. Thus, Meng Xiaosu
decided to set up a special happiness life insurance company as a
platform for development of "Reverse Mortgage" insurance.
Today, the happiness life soon "listing", which undoubtedly
indicates, Meng Xiaosu finally have a moment that can carry
"Reverse Mortgage" cradle. Link back mortgage, also known as
"Reverse Mortgage Loan" in our country first put forward in
2003 by the Meng Xiaosu. According to his program, the insured can
property rights as collateral, receive cash from insurance companies
on a monthly basis until death. This is equivalent to the insurance
company by installments (monthly payment) form, buy the insured's
property rights, in turn, similar to home mortgages do.

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