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									Happy Boys Happy Boys Live 7 into 6, 6, 7, into the live video Happy
Boys 7 into 6
Please keep your Happy Boys studio (including broadcast address, the
list of notice)¡¿
Happy Boys Happy Boys Live 7 into 6, 7, 7 into 6 into 6 live video
Happy Boys Happy Boys Happy Boys Live 7 into 6, 7, 7 into 6 into 6
Happy Boys live video in the end are not qualified to serve as an
important task. After all, Li Yuchun, who is the "Super
Girl" arena players ... two identical News>>
??"Super Boy" chair Awakening: Social identity bias on Draft
Southern Star newspaper network 2010-8-5 7:48
Song Ke, (too co-founder of wheat, "Happy Boys" jury): I
hope that is more "features singer," I think the
"draft" program was held for so many years will certainly be
entering a "tired" period, this is a normal phenomenon. At
first, there are many new things ... two different news>>
Oriental Morning Post: Yi Li Yuchun, who can help out "fast
men" Golden Eagle net 2010-8-5 09:06
"Happy Boys" will be staged tomorrow, "BACK OFF"
war, in order to meet this critical juncture, can be said to be
painstakingly Hunan TV this week, the judges, presided over the guests
and so think hard. Moderator generation over again only use Sun Xiao
Xiao Wang and Han Hunan TV Big Brother partner, but with the
"meteor shower 2" Shuang Cheng propaganda broadcast will
also be with the "fast man" chorus. In addition, Yi Li
Yuchun will have to work together to help out this week, "Super
Boy ",... 7 the same news>>
??"Lotte tide men" Li Wei: Fast male arena, "Chao"
and invincible Chongqing Morning 2010-8-4 18:38
Happy Boys is both a physical and psychological the test, only the
brave and wise to hold out to the last stand. The race to the
"tension Little Prince" has gradually faded his immature,
"I had the goal is to sing," My parents gave me
encouragement that, "Since options must adhere to."
"Super Boy contest is my present to achieve maximum results, ...
4 the same news>>
Hunan Satellite TV group you are worthy of a happy male fan of the
director it? Powder Hunan TV screen 2010-8-4 12:58
This summer is not over ... 2010 Men's waiting for you to reproduce
the miracle of joy! From the Hunan TV station made micro-Bo Zhang
approval issued this day, to last Friday about the birth of 8090 Ìß¹Ý
Ultimate List. Months, deep feelings, too much frustration, has been
only in the group where to blow off steam, this collection of posts to
see comments, could not help but want to say a few words. ...
??Eight men soon to meet the greater Refresher stop the country music
scene in China Broadcast Network 2010-8-4 14:01
Baidu Entertainment News 2010 Happy Boys on stage and
"chubby" Refresher his mature vocals, lovely shape to a
national audience was impressed. Last Friday night, Happy Boys Finals
fourth game, extremely cute "chubby" stop Refresher regret,
finally left the stage full of dreams, ... 7, the same news>>
??"Literary men," Chen Xiang: the most rapid stage of
literary temperament male singer QQ 2010-8-4 17:55
Chen Xiang sophomore began studying music, he has done since that year
that the most crazy things, a person ran to the happiness of the 2007
Xi'an male, although not continue to go down that time to set the
music dream Chen Xiangjian. Middle School successfully admitted to
College of Music. In music the way he played an important role is to
buy the first guitar to Chen Xiang's grandfather. ... Two different
Happy Boys VS extraordinary VS Chinese people show up to the exposure
draft, the unspoken rules of a program ... 100 million Housing Network
2010-8-5 9:19
August 5, 2010 9:19:18 million house network users edit the following
comments represent your personal views million house, does not mean
that 100 million net view room
Happy Boys 7 strong martial arts Lixing Liang Tan Jiexi Li Wei Chen
Xiang LIU Xin Wang Ye Birth ... Hunan Satellite TV, powder mesh
2010-8-4 17:28
Martial Arts on Nov. 3, 1990 Scorpio; Li Xingliang March 20, 1983
Pisces; Tan Jiexi December 2, 1988 Sagittarius; Li Wei December 6,
1988 Sagittarius; Chen Xiang December 13, 1989 Sagittarius; Liu Heart
August 26, 1987 Virgo; Wang Ye June 17, 1987 Gemini. Powder 4 Network
6 "with it to see the meteor shower," starring airborne into
the Happy Boys 7 +1 7 Hunan Satellite TV, powder mesh 2010-8-4 10:30
Week Five, "along with another to watch the meteor shower,"
starring Zhang Han Wei Chen Cheng Shuang on Lena Yu Hao Ming Zhu Zi
Xiao Qiang Airborne Express Male competition site for its launch on
Aug. 9 to do the warm-publicity. This will be the men and faster this
week, a major part. The 8090 combination of line with the "meteor
shower" also made careful preparations for incoming and also
please look forward to their brilliant performance.
??Happy Boys 8 into 7 successive quick look at the list of male and
produce handsome Home Care SouFun 2010-8-3 11:09
Happy Boys 8 into 7 List: 02 martial arts "bleeding love" 03
The King Wild "drunken Tango 2001", 04, Lixing Liang
"sex bomb" 11 ºÅ Tan Jiexi "freedom" 09 Liu Heart
"on the beach," Chen Xiang, 12 "rising from the prairie
The Sun" 06 Wei Li "Street Fighter" ... 4 of the same
Fast male martial triumph over seven strong Refresher are
"obedient good boy" network of Iraq show women 2010-8-2
Yangcheng Evening News reporter Wang Zhengyu 2010 "Happy
Boys" 8 into 7 games, last Friday night to decide the winner be
accepted. Jury criticized this game was in the "popular
king" Wushu, eventually narrowly of "Xiao Pang" step
down Refresher PK. But this year's "Super Boy" featureless
situation has not changed, "stage art teacher" in Bo on
micro-lashed, "This year more than half of fast men elected
fellow travelers free market form of 'obedient well-behaved
children'." ...
Tencent: Super Boy Competition brings Seven Seven Swords did not
initially have internal strife of war Gold Eagle Network 2010-8-3
Reporter was informed that Mission 8090 Happy Boys Happy days last
week, the dust has settled, the selection out of seven Titans have
been formally established as the military. Five nights this week, the
portfolio will stage a "BACK OFF" war brought
"Seven" "Seven Swords" Competition. "Happy
Days group" can kick over the fast men now 7 strong, which among
them? Become the most anticipated week of Aspect.Ìß¹Ý word ... 8 the
same news>>
Tencent: Fast 15 beautiful male, please press review will stage
"uniform temptation to" Golden Eagle Network 2010-8-3 17:47
Five nights this week, Happy Boys in turn set off a new storm. In
order to increase program Aspect, Hunan Satellite TV has taken great
pains not only requires 15 media sits on-site assessment of all
beauty, and invited members of Chen Jianning do judges FIR band, happy
days for the group intended to support field 8090. Happy Days Group
8090 weeks Airborne Express M stage, formal "BACK OFF",
thereby changing the "fight sauce" impression. To this end,
the same news ... 23>>
Two men elected to fast man Lee Wai Sports News Express denied Adriano
Sina 2010-8-3 02:39
Happy Boys 8 into seven of the competition results July 31 morning
baked, PK frequent visitor to the stage director Refresher group even
behind the martial arts are eliminated. Li Wei won the individual
second "Sports News" title. Be exposed for the outside
world's rich second rumor, Li Wei, yesterday clarified that the
parents are regular employees of state enterprises, there is no
background. Has been posted online, said this year's male athlete of
wealthy get together soon, ... 10 the same information>>
Happy flowers blossoming male dominant victory five magic powder Hunan
TV screen 2010-8-1 15:50
Here the flowers will be blossoming for me to Jiemi male dominant
victory in the five recourse to happiness. Largest magic: host.
Entertainment is often the main thing is to see presenters, hosts a
brand, can produce chemical effects on the stage, then the program at
least half the battle. Hunan Satellite TV hostess last week Shu
intellectual blossoming flowers after high back chair, this week she
will continue to flower blossoming town station. ...
??"8 090" combined with the fast men and seven strong smell
of gunpowder concentrated mutual Jiaojin Ìß¹Ý game Golden Eagle Network
2010-8-2 22:44
(Reporter: Pang Xin) last Friday Happy Boys 8 into 7 games, as the
shadow of a happy male force "8090" has finally revealed
their true colors combination - last week, "8090," the
ultimate combination of the list of known, eventually Guo Yue, Jiang
Chao, Han Ye, You-Xin Lu, Zhang He, Chen Xiao, Yuan, Ming Wei
successful finalists, the same ... 2 news>>
2010 Men's National 7 Happy Birthday strong constellation powder
exposure Hunan TV screen 2010-8-3 13:09
2010 Happy Boys seven strong national Constellation: Wushu November 3,
1990 Scorpio; Li Xingliang March 20, 1983 Pisces; Tan Jiexi December
2, 1988 Sagittarius; Li Wei, December 6, 1988 Sagittarius; Chen Xiang
1989 on December 13 Sagittarius; Liu Heart August 26, 1987 Virgo; Wang
Ye June 17, 1987 Gemini. 4, the same news>>
Happy Boys 8 into 7 risk popular martial arts promotion Wang, Li Wei,
Sports News shouting! Hunan Satellite TV, powder mesh 2010-8-1 10:10
From Hunan Satellite TV, day entertainment media together to create,
He Jiong, Wang Han-Joining the auspices of "Happy Boys Happy
China 2010," 8 into 7 games, after a week of long wait, finally
ushered in gorgeous staged. The game's theme is "fighting
Male", 8 contestants will challenge themselves are not good
songs, but as the game is four judges demanding teacher: singer Moo,
Ding Wei, Hua Zhu,. .. 2 of the same news>>
??Newman happy to do their own male for sale 199 B30 sophisticated 4G
MP3 YORK 2010-8-3 10:37
This summer, in addition to Qinghai Satellite TV's "blossoming
flower", the number of mango's "Happy Boys" comparative
Madden, and many young girls crazy, a lot of boys fighting for.
Actually, only a small number of people that the dream stage, instead
of to fantasy, not real happy if male, buy a Neumann MP3, perfect
sound quality of your presentation, ... 3 of the same news>>


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