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First, let you know about commercial insurance
We generally say the insurance is commercial insurance. The so-called
commercial insurance is the insurance contract by operation of
for-profit form of insurance, the insurance company by special
business: Commercial insurance relationship is voluntarily entered
into by the parties contractual relationship, the insured under the
contract, to pay premiums to insurance companies , insurance
companies, according to the contract because of the possible
occurrence of accidents caused by the loss of property bear the
compensation liability insurance, or when the insured person's death,
disability, illness or age to reach agreement, undertake to pay the
insurance money when the time responsibilities. The so-called social
insurance, means the premiums charged, the formation of social
insurance funds, used to them because of old age, sickness, maternity,
disability, death and unemployment caused by the loss of the ability
to work or lose their jobs to provide basic living members of a kinds
of social security system.
Second, the NCI's position in the life insurance industry
Xinhua Life Insurance Co., Ltd. was established in August 1996, is a
large international professional life insurance joint-stock company,
business scope covers all types of life insurance, health insurance
and personal accident insurance. After a decade of development, the
company gather and train a large number of like-minded, high degree of
loyalty, and strong execution, with the Xinhua core cadre of cultural
characteristics, the management of cadres more than 6,000 people,
nearly 14 million sales force. New Chinese, the company is a strong
pillar of development and growth is the lifeblood and soul of the NCI.
Xinhua 08 to 160 billion of assets, Handan Iron and Steel 36 billion,
6.0 billion Erie, Mengniu 4.0 billion, Haier 46 billion. It can be
seen from the company's existing capital strength. Xinhua currently
ranked fourth in the life insurance industry, and the development
prospects and the speed is immeasurable.
Third, people need the insurance industry and insurance market
Countless people's lives is unknown, the state provides protection for
only a low level current, restrictive groups, commercial insurance may
be involved is really to each family. People resist the insurance
industry before the emotional and mental state is extremely gray, and
reality, parents of newborn children will take the initiative for
their own protection to provide a cute baby. What does this mean? This
is the people's awareness of the insurance and insurance needs. Today,
we are not selling insurance to the others, but to provide a
protection for others, to provide an insurance service.
In developed countries, people's insurance coverage is much higher
than China, such as Japan is 600%, 220% of the United States, while in
China the figure was only 6%, showing that China's large potential
market unparalleled. Strong proponent of commercial insurance as the
country's strength and people's awareness of the insurance, the
insurance industry in China is to face the spring. This is nothing
more than an insurance agent who is a huge potential in industry.
Insurance company employee wage distribution is also unique, made of a
single employee will be entitled to the commission for five years.
This is a special sub-commission life insurance industry approach.
Take the insurance industry and other industries the insurance
industry, the income of employees in other industries more than 2-5
times. Of course, to challenge the salary may not be suitable for
everyone, but if you missed the opportunity to challenge, this is not
unreasonable is a great loss to his own.
In addition, the company's new arrival that their skills are limited,
which does not list. Please be assured that the company has organized
a training for the new classroom, teach you how to use words to
explain the insurance operation, how to find customers. Of course,
your officers, managers will have problems in your first time to help
solve. There is no level of the sub-group, there is no power doctrine,
only the unity and mutual assistance, mutual benefit, bigger and
Fourth, recruitment details
Xinhua is now charged to the insurance company is the rapid expansion
of Handan personnel, if the real income or employment are not
satisfied with the wishes and needs for development partners welcome
to join our team, through interviews and other formal induction
program, the company signed a labor contract with workers, pay the
full insurance. Well, I believe we will be co-cast from solid platform
achieved the perfect lifetime value.
Xinhua charged to the insurance company in defense of Handan Road,
Fuming Road intersection and the southbound 100 meters west of the
Real Estate Trading Center, third floor. Phone 13832077723-- Zhang
(Recruitment Agency).

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