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????Really boring in bed, I see from the own hands.
????1, the morning class during recess, it was said to me, look at
your hand, I am ready to extend past the right hand is more
convenient, but also speculation a little, quietly reading about the
Nanzuonvyou, then held out his left hand. One aim, said the man
gently, ah, one can tell you after the smooth, sweet love. I am glad
at heart, although he was pulled clear. I said I see you, he stretched
over, I am also an aim, that to see that you live long, can live to be
150 years old, and finally killed by a car, if you can live without a
car accident 210-year-old. He said forget it I would rather live to a
hundred years is enough. In fact, if I say it in short sections from
the book to see a girl on the other boys said.
????Suddenly thought of a story about a teacher at the child saying, I
see your hands will know you can do in New York City mayor, he was
very excited, until he heard very encouraging words to say only a
grandmother You can do a five-tonnage of the ship's Captain. Then the
kid really did it in New York City mayor, because the phrase is very
encouraging words. The difference is that I have with children,
children do not know the teacher gab, and I know that people are
talking nonsense. The same is that we are very happy.
????A, always a bit superstitious tendencies, so there are many people
like palm readers, so that many families are hung above the main room
door mirror, put it inside a few articles ranking incense burners,
many people like to be a safeguard the homeland, and many bars, KTV
will be placed in the reception lattice, a god of wealth, fine house
is put on the counter mouth of a Lucky Cat. The other hand, be a kind
of superstitious spiritual. Political class, taught that superstition
and religion should not be confused, so can not be a hasty conclusion
that there is faith. There is a superstition that the spiritual is a
better choice. Annual New Year's Eve night, the mother will always go
to the temple incense, each time at least with me always, but actually
only took me two years ago that Sister went to, I am sad, I feel my
mother was not incompatible me. Now think about it is I happen to be
doing, not want to disturb me. Mother too good.
????There's even a repeat in Middle School, said that last year my
hair combed to the left, this year not a.
????B, who always likes to hear obedient. He said I would cause a
smooth, sweet love, even if false I am also very happy, but school has
been playing on my cell phone - a black screen - say, you really have
this phone without my fun, my heart burst of anger, Huiliaoyiju, if my
phone is a color, then do better than your fun. We have more than cell
phones, he said, what your phone is not capable, not like my access to
the Internet. I said that my battery capacity, but not for your big
long standby time than you. The end result is two people's money is
frightening. Also I like the vinegar alone, when to eat inside a small
packet of rice noodle, I drank. He said that the vinegar is not good,
I am angry, and said that if you tasted nothing, the people tell you
you just eat the feces of a bubble, what do you feel. Some people say
next, I was eating it.
????Since the good will I tell him that funding should talk about
things more, to promote social relationships, he said I was not happy
irony that he would not talk. Something good to say, OK? To tell the
truth, OK? A story that a plane flying out of order, the two pilots of
the plane through hardships to keep the plane finally. Then open
celebration will, of a person that I thought the aircraft is a
national property of the people to the state and people's interests, I
have no fear of fear and strive to troubleshooting, finally succeeded.
Another said, was a quick sudden death, like so many can not, must
make the best. The result is first class merit the former won, which
got third class. In the end was that good, I hope conscience. I and
the number of people fall apart a lot of people liked irony. When high
school basketball, was told how I should play, I begin to dislike him:
Why do not you are a rookie? Walls are reluctant to use personal
cement, I gave him Handworker think he is very stingy, to say the
truth you do unskilled laborer province, even without strenuous na!
One student said to his friends, where you Peony open yet? His friends
said, we here do not have chrysanthemums peonies, my classmate is to
Kaifeng, Luoyang as a. Then we chat, say go to Kaifeng to play, to do
that? I said, look Peony!
????Good medicine tastes bitter to the mouth, resented help line. It
seems I did not transcendent.
????2, looked at his hand - I always look left, because I think the
left than the right look good, and also looked at a few right hand,
make a comparison, consider the left hand looked better.
????A, Middle School when, and stared eye to sit at the same table, he
said, I see your hand, I stretched out my left hand, and he was said,
ah, not ugly ah, why the city's hand to the light that you hardly see
it ? The original city and then back to the light that I had, but also
degrading means. Who is not behind that person, who after not being
said. He did not feel that I deliberately ill slander me, but want to
own will be talked about in the back may be good may be bad. Someone
sent me a message that so and so is not very good friend. Me feel a
bit complicated, a joy, a kind of sad. Sad because, since he said such
things to me, shows that he was my friend, Ken should say; sad because
he was short in the back of exposed people, perhaps he can also say
that I am in front of others how of a . Also have doubts on that
person, how in the end he had. I also feel that people who generalize
and there is said that the issue on his mind. And I certainly doubt
that people have said bad things about me behind. Some people say
that. Refrain from behind their ill, he would know, behind their good
words, do not worry he did not know. Although it is difficult to
implement, but this sentence is good.
????B, I like to watch beautiful women, it's nothing, after all,
longevity. I regret also have Shenmeipilao see more just like Jay's
songs do not want to listen to one of the few first heard, so
sometimes I think that ugly people look for contrast, and to take a
closer look. Qian said: "For the bad guy, take a closer look is a
cruel, unless he is bad, you have to punish him." Lu said, the
tyrant's tyranny is often unable to satiation of the desire of the
mob. Possible abuse of people make a normal person great pleasure? But
I think of is a very very good kind of people! The original nature of
this evil is not groundless.
Now look beautiful is good to marry a beautiful wife that is good,
beautiful wife, Jiao Ren heard very assured (perhaps gossip news) said
that China's average sexual partners to achieve more than two means
is, in addition to bachelor Han, many non-marital relationships
between men and women will open taboo to go to bed! China's sexual
services may be well developed, and this is China's current situation?
! Traditional values are gradually being swallowed, see Mencius as his
wife in his bare room should repudiation, too serious, but on the
opposite sex can be passionate kissing touching bed Jiaoren not
difficult to accept the idea. Extremism is not good, or mixed with it,
just like his character needs liberation and reform and opening up the
mix with we go.
Could it find a beautiful love, find a good marriage? Good idea a bit
selfish - the world of the cheap account are a person finished.
Now understand why they were so fond of writing with a lower body,
which can expose the most naked humanity. On such as "Norwegian
Wood," she said to him, since masturbation time to think of me.
3, I have also looked at his hand to ask ourselves, like most his
fingers, and finally came to the conclusion that - his left middle
finger. Because the thin view, the left middle finger is the most
beautiful. Thumb short, it appears not powerful. Extend the index
finger because the finger joint is not straight is not always pretty,
and electric shock had been left index finger, leaving a scar, then
covered with a gray finger nails (onychomycosis may be legendary, now
barely less than a). For the ring finger, a congenital defect, a
little side no joints, and refer to a fight in the right religious
ties, to turn out a joint, not straight stretch forever, and opened a
knife failed to resolve the regrets, but also Only these two crazy
long nails fast. Two little finger injury in primary school are
well-trained, middle joint of the left little finger skin was
scratched in the winter a year, after a good thick layer of good, long
since have not had a good texture, the right little finger was knocked
to the stick, leaving a 1.5-centimeter-long scar, still a little
swelling, nails have become apparent because of an injured left
smaller than the large nail.
????Left middle finger, and right chopsticks pen often, the nail root
is the main load-bearing, and then there will have a very deep crater,
it is significant deformity. Left middle finger does not seem to have
received injuries, workers over tired, it is better maintained, and
most beautiful, so I like it.
????A, nine with my poor finger ah, because they have been suffering,
because they have paid off for me, so I do not like them!
????"Story" says, a mother of a blind. His son, love,
girlfriend, I do not like you it blind in one eye of mother. He hated
his mother, has not returned home. Until the death of his mother, he
went home a little bit sad too pleased. Tomb, there is next door to
him, your mother's eyes are on your fourth birthday, she was wearing
new clothes for you, you naughty, had taken off her head hairpin, did
not care to bundle bad her. People will sacrifice their own loved
ones, people have a tendency to further degrades, a great fishing
family, do not like the bite of the fish.
????So there is another similar story:
???A boy accidentally Cixia a girl with one eye, and then the two
representations, the result is a girls family did not claim, only to
grow up to marry the two. With hours, the boy did not feel the more I
grow up, but the more blind eyes ugly girls. Engaged, he went to work
and also fell in love with another girl, he also told her about their
own secrets, and even lived together and knew she could do to their
own and gave him first. He was moved to think that this is true love.
Two to get married, to discuss together how permanent uninterrupted
finally come up with a very evil plan.
????He went home and brought her to a life insurance, the blind girl
did not understand what it is used, but knew it was for their own
good. He said he would take her to the mountain for fun, and she was
very excited. Night he cried and said go back, my love, and she
accidentally dropped a cliff ooo, ooo.
????So he got the insurance payment of large amounts of property,
because the original beneficiary is himself. He anxiously to find the
second girl, ready to live a happy life together, but also after a
night of passion - she was gone, even with a book!
????Table with a note: you look down on her blind in one eye, I can
look up country bumpkin of you?
????She went to her loved one go!
????End is the way whether you are willing. The second girl, was hit
with the men would go to her everything? Also hard to say.
????There is always that "I love you but you loved him for
????I love the people I pay a lot in exchange for a Shadow; love my
people I sacrificed everything, only to usher in a look of
indifference in the face. Love someone who is an accessories person
loved, or maybe just a show of physical capital and to meet the needs
of a part of something.
????Therefore, there is not love.
????B, I like the middle finger. A small test, that which is your
favorite finger. I answer, the middle finger. Conclusion is that I am
a self-centered person. I am right on this statement, I would not know
how to care for others, but will blame others. Quietly reflect on
their own time and found that indeed the case.
????Andy once borrowed a bicycle to buy batteries, only a few steps
away in the distance, off the chain. Households to the classroom, I
pretend teeth against her that Andy and your car is too hated it - off
chain. Actually the real thing is that I cherish in the car shop in
the mouth of the slope not tied up, the car had fallen, was supposed
to a chain. Think about it, I dumped her car, had not a very
apologetically told her to ride out your car chain, and are still
fiercely ---- although installed, if not the hearts of hate, how could
" ferocious. " Has always been that other people can see his
own sorry, so bad sometimes complain troubled world.
????Then remind yourself to be a noble thing secretly. By her second
car is a very small distance from a The Cultivation result of
unexpected chain is broken! Complications, but also pick up a little,
late for class. Also car is a kind of intensified expression. Well,
think about it, his heart is not what has never been a good thing,
deep-rooted, just a reminder that their silence can not conceal the
nature. Those who blame others, not a good thing, even Xipixiaolian
said. Any non-groundless, fun nature can be revealed. What tree what
results, because there must be a result, quantitative decision to
qualitative change. Already destined to end in the trivia.
????I am no better faith, that you even cheat.
????And others say, will always remain an end. Engage said that I, I
think you did not give a. More seriously, I do not believe even the
diary, are not recorded in the diary all of their ideas. I was so
worried about?
????Each should have a good number of exercises in "me."
Comments Majiajue magazine is, in his words "I" word very
high frequency, shows that he is a very self-centered person. Every
day to remind ourselves to care about others.
????I really care about anyone?
????Not to say that someone, even their own parents, can say he is
very concerned about it? Once I get a piece of beef, only a few
minutes to father a half. There still is gratifying is to see the
magazine, "If you have 10 million" how to do, I just want to
be 5 million to the father and mother, four sisters one million, own,
and Xu Li 1 million to have a good time .
????Then like, a thousand extreme, why not think to start, it shows
that he is not a lofty aspirations of people, will meet in front of
the small things.
????Nothing, liked how will?
????4 fingers with hearts, each finger is my Xintou Rou, hands are the
body one of the most important organ, but also by the hand reflects a
lot of things - people's superstition, vanity, despicable, immoral,
cruel, abject , selfish nature. If you can remove this seven major
crimes, and I only may -
????Hand cut it!

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