Han Shan by fdjerue7eeu


									Han Shan
??????????????????????????????Cold Mountain
??????????????????????????????????????Kyodo wise and
Han Shan was a crazy man, his own poem: "When people see Cold
Mountain, is the madness of all that." First, always wearing
birch bark, be wearing a large wooden sandals, clothing, rags; Second,
always laughing, singing aloud, no one else; three rooftop Kokuseiji
always eat leftovers, and the roof Guoqing Temple Mr. Picking up
washing dishes to be the best friend.
There is a poem of Han Shan, "Han Shan everything off for a
living, but also no distractions in the mind", which is Zan, and
many Chinese scholars like respected, appreciated and respected all
non-Han Shan generally calm, peaceful state of mind, even though he is
an obscure person.
Han Shan in a foreign country, whether the United States of Europe, or
Japan, South Korea, is related to Li Bai, Du Fu, and even better than
Li Bai, Du Fu also important, it is important to the great poet. Now,
Cold Mountain is a major U.S. university textbooks in the Tang Dynasty
poet. Han Shan's poems translated three Americans, so many readers.
There are also five German translation of the five English
translations, French translations of two, a Dutch translation of this,
more than any poet of the Tang Dynasty.
Cold Mountain is the most conservation of the Tang Dynasty monk and
poet. Han Shan respect for nature, beyond the self, the pursuit of
hearts quiet and seclusion rather than undisturbed, is not respected
by the world.
Han Shan is who? Cold Mountain is a descendant of the Sui royal son
Yang Yang Wen-chan, because it was jealousy and exclusion within the
royal family and the ideological influence of Buddhism, with many
applying for is not the first, reluctantly leave home and fled to the
Buddhism, is a famous monk during the Tang Zhen Guan, long live cold
Tiantai Mountain secluded cave in the rock. And Lost, Feng dry
habitats are hidden Tiantai Guoqing Temple, and said the
"national Qing implicit." Han Shan poems have clear-cut folk
songs in the wind, user-friendly, fun march, more Buddhist cautionary
statement. Full Tang compiled into "Poems of Han Shan Fu," a
volume is a collection of three hundred poems first. Han Shan is one
of the few vernacular poet of Tang Dynasty.
I have friends from Bo "lying Xia off" office part time and
copied the poems of Han Shan, hence this article. Today the world,
read the poems of Han Shan, really memorable, are transcription here
to satisfy the bloggers.
Those who read my poetry, to protect the hearts of the net. Following
the day greed clean, flattering song at once is.
????Drive away evil industry, converted by authenticity. Today was
Buddha body, ¼±¼±ÈçÂÉÁî.

????I Buju heavy rock, never deserted Bird Road. International Court
of what all the clouds hold secluded stone.
????'re All living a few years, often found in spring and winter
trade. Message bronze tripods and home set vanity useless.

????Ridiculous Han Shan Road, without traveling track. Union River
difficult to remember the music, I do not know weight of mountains.
????Lu weeping offer all kinds of grass, Yin Song, like the wind. At
this point fans Trail Office, asked the movie where is the shape.

????Our home well hidden occupied by the enemy, the Home Office must
clamor. Grass practice into three tracks, looking for neighbors cloud.
????Help singing birds, no one asked in French. Today Saha tree, a few
years the spring.

????Piano book to be from the following, to use what riches. From
Yin-nian women to vote, towel car and filial child.
????Wheat exposed to the wind, water, fertile pond overflow. Often
read wren bird shelter in one.

????Brothers with Gogun, son of the three states. For test flying teal
set to sign White Rabbit tour.
????Dream by melon, orange seat in the collection of God. He Tiao
rural country delivery, send water with the fish.

????A knight for the book, the second case of St Wise King. Tung
Shou-Wen did not tour, expedition not Hsun Wu.
????Wu Man and science learning, science and military science text.
Today, both old men, and other health deficiencies cloud.

????Chuang Tzu said to sleep for the coffin world. I go here
sometimes, but must provide some foil.
????Death will feed bluebottle, hanging crane do not work. Empty
Shouyangshan Health Lian death is music.

????Asked Han Shan Road, Old Mountain Road barrier. Summer ice is not
discharged, hazy fog sunrise.
????I like what the term, and thoughts were different. If your
thoughts were like me, also received one.

????Born hundred feet tree, cut to long strips of wood. Unfortunately,
the pillars of wood, cast of the valley.
????Still fresh in oversensitive, lack of skin becoming bald. Know who
to take in the future, still worthy of column Maya.

????Quma degree of ruined cities, ruined cities move off the
situation. The level of the old battlements, the size of ancient
????Vibration isolated Peng Ying, Cheung Ying arch wood sound. The
sigh of bone are popular, more obscure fairy history.

????Parrot house West Country, Yu Luo catch over to. Americans get
overnight, out-of-court tent.
????Give gold cage storage, shut zai loss feathers. As H & Crane,
Yao Yang into Yunfei.

????Yutang hanging bead curtain, in a lovely son. The appearance wins
immortal, if Tao Li Yung Hua.
????Club together in spring fog, from the West Scotia autumn. More
than three decades, but also into glycoside sugar cane dregs.

????Crescent city girl, Pearl «˜çæ Shanshan. Parrot Flower Alley before,
pipa months of missile.
????Long March songs sound, a short dance million people watching. May
not be so long, Lotus is not cold.

????Continued by many parents, rural not envy him. Women shake machine
Rolling, children Nongkou ex Hibi.
????Clapped his hands and destroy flower dance, listen to a bird song
yi support. Of who to admire, chiao-off repeatedly through.

????Who lives in Green Rock, the Court of Wuhu less scythe. Shindo
vertical wind around the ancient stone vertical cliff rock.
????Hill Fruit Abstract monkeys, fish egret title. Sin book one or two
volumes, under a tree read muttered.

????4:00 non stop, year to another year. All things metabolic, nine
days no rust destroy.
????Dongming, and Western dark, the flowers bloom complex. Only their
lives off, be tied to not return.

????Enchant-year-old worry, the spring looking for fresh. Shanhua
Lushui laugh, dance rock Xiu smoke.
????Bees and butterflies from the Clouds, fish and poultry is more
pathetic. Love did not have friends visit, Toru dawn can not sleep.

????Are mine too horizon, the bodies of Gui Wei. Health is a limited
body, dead for unknown ghost.
????Of so many ancient times, war is regrettable that this monarch.
Clouds may come in, teach Seoul Rosie song.

????For enriching live security and Han Shan be a long Paul. Breeze
quiet song, almost better than listening to sound.
????People under the gray, muttered read Taoist. Years but can not
return, when the Road forget to.

????Junjie immediately Lang, whipping that Luk Yeung. That made no
death date, no ladder final flight.
????Four flowers shipped from the good, and once they become
chlorotic. Daigo and Shimi, death can not taste.

????A Canxia son, their home taboo custom tours. Xiao Shuang of real
time, in summer and autumn Yi Ru.
????Jian Chang Li Li secluded, high pines whiz. One half-day ride, to
forget unhappy years.

????Concubine to live in Handan, also modulate singing. Lai I live
office, the old song to long.
????Mo Yan return both drunk, staying on is young. Bedding shelter and
children at home, Xiupi bed full of silver.

????Three-wing boat speed boat, good ride Maxima. Monensin made my
home, that made the most secluded field.
????Yan Xiu deep gorges, the clouds thunder actually subsolar. Since
the non-Confucius public incompetence is extended to persons.

????Wise Jun throw me a fool I threw jun. Fei Yu is not wise, from off
the ear.
????At night the moon song, dance invasion of morning clouds. How can
he arch mouth hand, sitting temples have.

????One bird colored Wen, Tong eat bamboo habitat fact. Xu dynamic
co-etiquette, and Ming in temperament.
????How to last years, as my being a. Unexpectedly heard chord songs
for dance Xin today.

????Mao Dong Savage home, traveling in front of sparse. Segregation
secluded forest birds, fish, river width of the reservoir.
????Mountain fruit carrying children Abstract, Gao Tian of women hoe.
What all the family, only one book.

????Teng Zhi Han Shan Road, Old Mountain Road, not poor. Long Dan
Leilei River, Stream wide grass misty.
????Non-slip coating off the rain, Song Ming does not leave the wind.
Who over the world tired of sitting in clouds.

????Six infants and very often the storm, only from the nine
dimensional theory. Talented left swamp, without arts Peng door
????Still dark on the rocks, sank Valley is still faint. The elderly,
children, all of them total no Kun.

????White Cloud High Saga, wave pool Lushui swing. Fisherman heard
here, always drum Zhao song.
????Repeatedly can not listen to me more than Grief. Who said that no
bird angle, what its like wearing house.

????Yao Yao Han Shan Road, yo cold Jian Bin. Chirping birds often,
nobody, no one.
????Moraine moraine surface wind, have snow product itself. Chaochao
not see on another, but each spring do not know.

????He is unhappy youth, Worry white mane. White also how the unhappy,
Worry on force.
????Moving east at Dai-home, with the North Mang Shou home. How could
we tolerate having been said, remark old passenger injured.

????Hard unhappy news Road, severance, he has made that is not true.
North Korea has to take advantage of it yesterday, today has ridden.
????Every unhappy Nanjin months, years Xinchou update. Who would have
thought I hat, the element is former Melancholy Man.

????Two turtle by calf cars, bang head way out play. An insanity from
Pong to the expense of dead desire sent.
????Does not contain human Shuang, only contained by Shen tired.
Fillip not theory, line ex has been stabbed.

????Mar silkworm still small, women to flowers. Okuma wall get
butterflies, waterfront throwing frog.
????Luo Xiu Sheng Meizi, Kim Bi pick bamboo shoots. Bucket of more
than identifying, winning more than here.

????Owner, a wife, Fu to three to five years. My poor old days, this
laugh money.
????Drainage after I laugh, I laugh drainage in the former.
Unexpectedly not just with laughter, complex east west.

????Rich children more martingale palm, touch things difficult
commitments only. He has red rice warehouse, not loan-to-one bucket
????Deteriorating hook from Italy, to buy silk pick the class. If to
death days, hanging off a fly.

????I see intelligent persons who formerly Procomp souls unequaled. Ka
name of a selected noise universe,
????Five-character lines more Morohito. Official rule of
super-ancestors, following the footsteps straight for incompetence.
????Suddenly rich greedy color, not Chen glacial collapse.

????Crane title Kumera, a thousand miles for a rate. Who are heading
for Penglai Mountain, this full grain.
????Below the hair break off, solitude and tragic sad heart. But
return to old nest, the wife did not know.

????Used the Home Office of seclusion, first in the country clear.
Feng trunk when the visit is still picked up the public view.
????Independence back on the cold rock, no one would contract. Search
study passive water, poor water sources are not poor.

????Lifetime big stupid, do not realize today. Xu poor today as always
spent a past life for.
????Not repair this life to the survivors as before. The
non-cross-strait shipping, Miao Miao difficult economic transition.

????Can Can Lo Ka women, old to name Mo. Corruption by defloration
horse, Le whip lotus boat.
????Green Bear knee I sat, wearing Qing Feng Qiu. Sad hundred years,
can not help but return the hills.

????Low public eye Zou wife, mother Handan Du. Both were young and
old, a good side first.
????Yesterday will be away, evil clothes in the bottom. Broken only
for a skirt, and eat his residual czwW.

????Lying alone under heavy rocks, steam cloud Needless day. Although
Wengai room, heart absolutely noise.
????Dream to tour Jinque, Soul degrees Ishibashi. Apart from those who
cast trouble, distinctly trees scoop.

????With husband somewhere, should have used. Used to regret that a
lack of recovery of a loss.
????Round hole and square peg, sad indeed Seoul is empty. Hua monkeys
to catch the mouse, not as lame cat.

????Who is the parents die, death to all things old. Han Yi-bachi
before Russia into a precipitator.
????Death's not the dawn, the grass sometimes spring. Line to the sad
office, pines worry kill.

????Monkey horse whip coral, Free Estate Luoyang Road. Zijin and young
men, do not believe in getting old.
????White hair will be students, the roots of Qi Long Bao. But looking
at the North Mang Shan, were Peng Lai Island.

????Actually if drunk daily, fleeting time not suspended. Buried in
the basil, the Aria He tied to.
????Blood cleared to do, a few withered soul. Mo cover snap, mouth,
without reason after reading the old.

????Han Shan has been sitting, submerged to stay three years.
Yesterday visiting friends and relatives, too and a half into their
????Decreasing, such as candle guttering, died like a long stream of
Sichuan. Eras of the Gu Ying, unknowingly tear double hanging.

????Furong mining phase call, poor in Qingjiang. Games not feel
twilight often found from the wind.
????Long holding mandarin children, wave rock Xi Chi child. At this
point the Home Boating, mighty love without end.

????My heart like moon, clear skies are Bitan. Nothing comparable to
London, taught me how to say.

????Weeping willow dark smoke, fly float like sleet. Husband wife home
from the state, county Women living Siv.
????All the Tianyi career, when was each other. Message moon floor,
storage Shuangfei Yan Mo.

????A wine to drink with strokes, with calls to eat meat. Their lives
before and after the people, young and vigorous efforts to be.
????Jade being Chinese, non-long decorative nobile. Chang Weng and
Cheng woman, a message to no.

????Poor good husband, good very edge ridge. Spring is not 30, every
possible way to talent.
????Gold restrain by knight, jade dishes sets for friends. Only the
general evil, do not pass the endless light.

????Peach For The Summer, brothels and reminders not wait. Han's visit
to seek people who can no one in.
????Chaochao flowers to move down, but each one shift change. Today,
dust Department, Once-the sea.
????I see the club women have 18 years. West House King to ask, like
marriage the couple live.
????Cooking lamb cooking public life, first as prostitution killed
together. Smiling good mood, cry Shouyang choice.

????Lands and many mulberry, calf stable nature in full. Ken believed
to be causal, naughty crack sooner or later.
????Seeing kill do, take the lead their living. Paper hakama tile Kun
rewards with Donge kill.

????I see hundred dogs, all hair ferocious. Lying by drainage from the
bench, Walker channel itself.
????Cast of one bone, phase Aichai war. Good for the bones from the
small dog multisection injustice.

????Ji Mu Xi Long Wang, Bai Yun four boundless. Owls Crow full Weinei,
happy couple hungry helpless.
????Horse put Stone moraine, Jian ass to court can be. Sky high is not
asked, wren Jia in Canglang.

????Luoyang more daughters, gorgeous spring succeed. Total off-street
spending, the holders of the buns inserted.
????Flowers E hammerhead turn high, people see all the arrogance. Do
not ask Chen Chen pity, would go to see her husband.

????Chun Hyun Yung Miriam female, compared to South street frontier.
Spent the evening watching worry, hidden fear of the wind the tree.
????From Pong to young, white horse gold restrain. Why get a long
with, children know her husband at home.

????Group F play the sunset, the wind to full Road Hong. Patch skirt
gold butterfly, plug Jiyu duck.
????Luo Zhen angle tick red, purple Kam Couture castrated slaves. To
view Unjust, coming from the white heart panic.

????If the person every Halloween, the first surprise Ju Mo. Nal hard
Motet channel, calling names from as to.
????Incense please Foli, Sunday monk seeking help. Mosquito bite
buffalo, under the mouth without Drainage Department.

????The vast Yellow River, flowing east long endless. A lengthy not
see clearly, people are very life.
????Gou For by clouds, He-wing by the students. Only when the bushy
black hair hair, the line should work hard to live.

????'re Dead wood by boat, he adopted Ren Old Woman. Line to the sea,
the waves more than complex.
????The only nurture one night of grain, three miles to shore. Where
trouble students, suffering from melancholy zai edge.

????Silently forever silent, epigenetic He stated. Hermit in the
forest Tau, Ho Chi by the out of date.
????Haggard non-Jian Wei, wind, frost, disease into a premature end.
Ishida cattle farming soil, not too rice day.

????He is too cold in the mountains, since ancient times in this year.
Ning Xue Heng Da peaks, the forest of spit tobacco each.
????Health Mangzhong grass after the beginning of autumn leaves were
gone before. This has indulged off, peep peep not seen days.

????Heart Mountain off quietly, and often sigh-year-old order to move.
Chicago hard mining operation, denounced nothing was found
????Profile court early cloud volume, Fleming months Shoen. He is not
under as, laurel phase linger.

????Some Xi Shan Ying, Yun-Xi Xia Ying paper. Bing-Fang Xi Yu Ji,
difficult to sign long way to go.
????Heart melancholy Come suspicion, no longer into old age. Public Oh
babble here, Jian Xi independent loyalty.

????Pigs eat dead meat, dead people eat pig intestines. Never too were
smelly pigs, human anti-pig Road, Hong.
????Throwing dead pigs within the water, died digging possession. Mo
phase with each other taste, Padmasambhava Fei Tang.

????Yoshiya chaotic body in urine without rice is not complex. Who
were drilling too, because hereby established Jiuqiao.
????Chao Zhao for the food and clothing, but each unhappy rent
adjustment. 1000 a struggle of money, gather the first desperate call.

????Why do cry, Leiru beads teeth. Should be parting, disaster
recovery is mourning.
????Are in poverty, not a cause and effect. Mound between the
forward-looking corpse, six quit me.

????Women's careless by weaving, male and lazy husband Nou field.
Frivolous delay rely on bombs, Hing Wah Street West Xi picked wipe
????Frozen bone clothing emergency, full intestinal food earlier.
Today who will study at the Ru and bitter cry heaven.

????No real Road, PO line number with the evil. I feel ashamed deities
less jealous and more.
????Chuang behind the fish, were read before the Buddha. Such
self-cultivation, we can hardly be avoided is regrettable.

????Have first-class fool the world, vast is like a donkey. Also the
mediator of speech, Tanyinzhuangruo pig.
????Difficult to measure risk ravine, into a virtual but real
language. Who were the Iraqi language, so teaching than this home.

????A Chinese family and arrogant, greedy characters were not cheap. 1
nothing solution, Pepsi was his too.
????Coptis suffering evil death, the Health and pity Baimi sweet. Gone
too far only fish, meat even less tired.

????Longitudinal your home rhino horn, tiger eye with Jun Rao. Peach
branches will be retained offensive, taking the necklace garlic crust.
????Cornel wine warm belly, hollow wolfberry soup. After all can not
help but die, to seek their own waves longevity.

????Bu choose house arrest, the roof is more Mo Yan. Yuan Ti cold
river fog, Yue-color door with grass.
????Break loose leaf cover room, open pool cited Jian Quan. Everything
has been laid down arms, mining fern for their old age.

????Benefits are benefits of its essence can be called useful. Easily
by changing its shape, is the name of a trade.
????Complex can be easily able to benefit, as was the Sin Ji. Re no
good no easy end inevitably die Eritrea.

????In vain that three historical waves of looking at the Five
Classics. JI old Frederick Huang Ji, according to former live
????Divination was connected Jian diagrams, students sing the main
virtual crisis. Less than the riverside tree, year after year once

????Bi Jian spring clean, Han Shan Yuet Wah white. Tacit knowledge of
God is self-evident and watch over lonely space environment.

????I now have a short coat, non-complex non-Luo Qi. He asked for by
the color, not red nor purple.
????Will make a shirt in summer, winter will be made to be. Summer and
winter delivery interoperability, many years just it is.

????White brush Zhantan handle, fragrant Jingri heard. Soft, such as
volume fog, clouds rolling drag seems OK.
????Li Feng-Yi as heat, dust and go high to mention. Always within the
abbot, will be used to refer to attractive.

????Love of people seeking happier, I wonder if bad in a century. But
see Yang Yan float ret water
????Corrupt people feel that it is impermanent. Husband ambition
straight, such as iron, no song from the true heart Road.
????Middle section of line under high cream bamboo, we know the tour
worthwhile use of mind.

????As the number of how many people, icy temperatures fame. Heart
greedy seek glory, wealth management plan.
????Heart break is not films, Bentu such as smoke. Real happy family,
Yihubainuo to.
????But seven years disintegrate home. Everything died off, who
Chenghou Si.
????Flooding mud projectiles, known intention Zhi Fang.
????Good greedy people accumulated wealth, just as the owl son. Mother
Son large food, Tsai also ourselves.
????Bulk of the Fusheng, poly of the disaster from. No money no evil,
wings Albatron where.

????To house one thousands of miles, put fencing Hun. Gain channel is
dead, lost or die Ru.
????Drainage life both at and Yu Gu Yi He lives. Education Ru Yum
operation, not greedy for the last mo.

????Anger is heart of fire, can burn virtues. For the Bodhisattva
Road, shame really care.

????Ruwei buried Chikotsu Wu, love to the Mating cave of ignorance.
Advise you to practice over and over again earlier,
????Are you stupid silly trance. Refused to believe by Han Shan
language, and turns doubly industry gurgle.
????To be beheaded for two straight, we know the thief's own slave

????Equ very vast, tied to no sunlight. Human eight hundred, not
arrived at half-night long.
????These various idiot, on the situation might even hurt. Jun advised
obtained from, identifying borrowing from the king.

????How Jie-ren Shi, stupidity only Kuxin. When not seeking to
improve, because the only known Zaoe.
????Wu Ni Wicked generation, the three poisons that pro. Death into
the hell of a long silver as the town library.

????Days of high non-poor, in a thick non-polar. Animals in which,
with luck hereby force.
????Seeking full warm head competition for dollars with taste food.
Cause none of detail, color blind child asked the milk.
World several people, when the chromatic number of a. Woman as husband
Jia Xu, Huang-Lao Yuan-free women.
????Wei's poor children, bell home very ugly woman. If the west
channel, I will go east.

????Magi are not greedy, idiot furnace good. Wheat to account for his
family, all those who Chuk Yuen.
????Hard shoulder seek money, Cutting Horse slave drive. We have to
look outside Guo, base-base under the pine and cypress.

????Sing sing to buy fish, fear go feed his wife. Why kill him life,
will have live Ru.
????The margin of non-paradise of pure hell sediment. Xu broken heap
six languages, short and art is unreasonable.

????Some people Zhuangshuyuan, Zhan Tan a judge and white. School
Road, a few more sand, a few have Niwan.
????Kim is worried abandoned grass, Man he grouped á. Like poly Sand
to one place, as also were the disaster.

????Steamed sand intended for food, dig wells needed in the beginning.
Busy grinding hard bricks, nakan will be mirror.
????Buddha element of equality, there is always truth in nature.
However, since the trial ponder, do not idle strife.
????Pushed to find something world, sub-total known fine. Mo
everything easy to make love look for a bargain.
????Protect the disadvantages as well, that is as non-destruction.
Miscellaneous refresher excessive mouth, on the back of the total from
the Iraq.
????Warm and cold I overrate themselves, do not believe in lip skin

????Meet with setbacks all poor persons, become extremely hungry.
Homebound good poetry, Zaza motive force.
????He made what cheap mining, persuaded Hugh sigh monarch. An paste
on the bread issue, begging not to eat the dog.

????To know death analogy, and will more than ice water. Results Serve
ice water, glacial water back into.
????Dead will be born dead born is also complex. Ice not with injury,
death also double the U.S..

????Puzzling Youth Day, hunting to pingling. China is willing to make
non-functional, god is not enough said.
????Flock of riding a white horse, rabbit up drinking goshawk. Not
feel great living, Popo who see the pity.

????Yan interest rates deep forest, a farmer from the students.
Sustains both the quality straight out of words without Flattery.
????Paul I do not Kam-Bi, the letter must jun side bead. How can he
with Pan Yan, Ji Mu wave on the teal.

????People do not need to attack evil, why has good cutting. The line
is feasible, the paper may be volume.
????Lu thick plot big worry, made cross shallow depth consideration.
News hereby if Nianzi, boy when the self-view.

????Rich child will Diocese brightly Ho Wei Huang. No candles at this
time who wish Department of its waterfront.
????Unexpectedly by distraction, but also go dark possession.
Beneficiary out nothing was damaged, Dayton be surprised cherish the
remaining light.

????Shi-Shi-smart, hard-working Probing the text. Three-terminal
self-isolation, the more party of six arts.
????Air Zoran different, exciting super-minority group. Did not know
one Italian, one by one throughout disorderly.

????Layers of landscape show, haze lock Cuiwei. Lan brush scarf wet,
exposed stained clothes Suocao.
????You party to fulfill foot chase, armed with ancient Fujieda. More
earthly view of things, what dream complex.

????Full of wit poetry volume, premium wine pot sage. Row view of calf
love, sit around all times.
????Mao frost into the eaves, Yuet Wah Ming urn-you. At this point two
suction Ou, poetry and 500.

????Shih has two children to arts dried neat and smart. Their civil
and military equipment, as was the trust.
????Kung asked the surgery, I teach children pro-Ru. Qin Wei two fail,
miss the season as discord.

????Zhi Su birds mandarin ducks, one male and one female. Title with a
total of fresh flowers, feather brush every hand in hand.
????Xiao play into the smoke, the places owned by Sandy Mae. Health
Department pity music, not won the Phoenix pool.

????Or pedestrian-hyun, talent over weeks hole. See stop head Wu Wu,
Dong Dong, when one body.
????Rope pull reluctant to line, cone thorn still intact. Almost just
like sheep, crane company, poor hygiene Tongmeng.

????I left with by the hoe, the brother of the home. Edge was
responsible for his generation, since his wife left is sparse.
????Red Dust thrown environment must often travel a good reading book.
Who can use bucket of water, live fish, take nature in the.

????Changes in total infinite, actually more than life and death.
Three passers-Birds body, the saying has Arowana.
????Voiced for Yang Ernou world, when the Qing Dynasty as a luk ear.
Children before the back is a rich, this degree as the poor persons.

????All non-book sub-weak, too not official body. Quan Cao was bending
and washing dirt seek sore mark.
????Destiny will also off, winter is more Look. Blind child shoot
birds present, nor even in difficult.

????Foot due to the poor donkey, a dog left three inches rich. If the
sub-poor inequality, wealth and hardship in the half.
????Before taking donkey satiety, have made the dog hungry Dayton. For
the Ru-cooked brains, I am sorry too.

????Liu Lang 82, Blue Sister 18. Couple of years, Xiang Lian cunning
????Nong Zhang Wu word tiger, throwing tile name guan Nan. Yang weed
often found in dry, young women were often killed.

????Much hungry visitors, students will beast the fish special.
Forever millstone, the street corner when the cry.
????Leiri empty thought rice, did not know by winter jacket. Only turn
to a bunch of grass and bran with 5 liters.

????HEHE who loam wantonly, its very strong alcohol. Poor high banner
flag, Jimu grassroots level.
????He intended to be surprised not sell their home and more fierce
dog. Boy want to sell, the dog is walking.

????Calls for abuse of office voiced sigh, Mating of sage. Is such
that the flow of class, Yan know incompatibility.
????Fox false apprenticeship situation, however, said fraud Jane jump.
Lead into the furnace, we know the money I do not know.

????Tian summer months, Doujiu who were Huan. Miscellaneous
Miscellaneous Pai Mountain fruit, sparsely around Jiuzun.
????Lo lair will be on behalf of the President, Banana Leaf and
filling dish. Yi sat after getting support, Sumeru small projectile.

????One is what Cuoda, time to provincial Southern Branch. Annual
thirties, had 45 election.
????Sac without green beetle, trunk in yellow silk. Line to the shop
front, not temporarily back side.

????Eat with the man, love to be Smart. Growing old is not free,
becoming by his repulsion.
????Sent to the barren hills and head, and his willing to squander.
Sheep strike up in prison, frustrated end Promise.

????Lang made Tower, virtual floor board every success. Health is
still yao life, reading nothing was induced Monkey.
????Not from the yellow mouth, why tired of old age. Not end like
arrows, defeats the song like a hook.

????Yunshan piles groaning Bi, Lin Shen Road, secluded no passenger
travel. Yuan Wang isolated toad out the shining,
????Group of birds chirping in recent news. Naturally, I am sitting in
a habitat blue peaks, a small room homebound any old age.
????Alas previous years, and today, inadvertently also like water
flowing east.

????Rich and sparse pro-poly, but for the money meters. A poor blood
from non-related little brother.
????Urgent need to Returning Home, Jobs did not Kai Court. Long lines
Suzaku street, you wear shoes bottom.

????I see a GEEK, still leading couple of women. Yang was 89 children,
always with the appropriate hand.
????Anti-D is the new poor, assets of non-old. Huang tiller for
donkeys fall short and art is suffering in the post.

????New Valley has not yet ripe, old valley far completed no. Hsu on
the loan-to-one fight, stand outside the stoppage.
????Asked the husband out to teach women, women from removal asked her
husband. Smart does not save the lack, money mostly tired stupid.

????Much funny things slightly Chen 35. Zhang Gongfu luxury, Mencius
Ke poor unable to reach one's aim.
????Just take dwarf full, do not pity Fangshuo hungry. Pakistani
singers and more snow and no.

????Man to marry the young woman, white women intolerance. Less
married husband wife, husband does not love yellow face.
????Man to marry his wife, 11 non-abandoned back. Fewer young woman
married husband, 22 Xiang Lian state.

????Grace and young men, all through the history of Expo. Mr. Hao Yue
possible, are known as the Bachelor.
????Unable to get official, not understand Ping Lei Si. Phi Bushan
winter break, has been covered is the wrong book.

????Birds unbearable situation, the time lying hermitage. Cherry Red
Shuoshuo, willows are shaggy-haired.
????Sunrise title blue peaks, Qing-yun Lu Tam wash. Who would have
thought out this world, taking charge of the Han Shan South.

????Yesterday what a lengthy, Xu poor farm. Path for the peach and
plum, to make an Lansun Example.
????Complex with Qi Luo people, homes in Villa hairiness. Encounter
For phase call, Pulse can not language.

????Mo Shou trapped husband, no money to brokerage. Reviews cattle
raising was one, he's five-Du-.
????Du-gave birth to children, has been infinite positive number.
Message Tao Zhu, similar to the rich and the king.

????Son Ho panic, Buju to self-examination. Southern malaria and more
weathered and even the North.
????Shortage corner can not be home, Sichuan difficult to drink
poison. O Spirit Come Away Home, eating my home mulberry.

????Dreams last night home, see women weaving machine. If thinking in
shuttle, shuttle engine seems weak.
????Call the back side as, status of recovery is not met. Should do
for many years, gray hair color non-old.

????Life is short, Huaikang Thousand Years worry. Before their illness
may also worry for the future generations.
????Soil under the root as Wo, speaking Mulberry head. Bob down the
East China Sea, in the end Unrestraint off.

????Flow of the world have first-class, long like wood. The language
of ignorance solutions, clouds do not worry I 100.
????Road will not be asked, and asked Fofo do not ask. Looking back on
small children push, loss of a worry.

????Dong Lang was young, out of Royal Plaza Lane. Shirt for soft light
yellow, Rong-yi similar painting.
????Often braving the snow and riding horses, baboons from the Red.
Viewer full wayside, one is someone's child.

????One is someone's son, for the NPC to be hate. Infatuated often
angrily, eyes drunk Meng Meng.
????Xianfo not bowing, every Buddhist monks is not implemented. Only
known to play a large skinny and, apart from 100 incompetent.

????As the people with the heart to the handle. The heart Moye, evil
funeral Benming heart.
????Failed to prevent this calamity, what made lazy mirror. Do not
recite the Diamond Sutra, have made Buddha disease.
????Weng Chung family north of the city, Drainage and more wine and
meat at home. Chung Weng wife died, hanging was full main room.
????Chung Weng from the dead, to no one cried. Preserve of those who
eat his cup, how cold confidants.

????Zhi Xia Yu read my poem, puzzled but deride ridicule. Mean reading
my poems, even to contemplate cloud.
????The Yin-read my poem, put the whole face smiled. Yang Hsiu, see
Young Women, List Bianzhi wonderful.

????Smart people own, and I non-generation Smart. One for the dance
clothes to wear, wine spit every edge songs.
????When to take a belly full, Mo Ling Luo feet. Basil diamond skull,
Jun must regret this day.

????I walked past the tomb, tears do not make rude existence. Broken
yellow mounds of intestinal pressure, the coffin wearing exposed
????Interjection ramps have urn bottles, Chun-dial no hairpin Wat.
Wind to embrace them, dust disorder ej Hibi.

????Sunset Hussey Hill, vegetation optical Ye Ye. Complex with dim
Department, Usnea connected.
????Herein more tigers, and see me excited fast mane. Inch blade in
hand, fight fear deterrence deterrence.

????Both hurrying origin, a form of non-things. Not the prevalent
custom homes, so with Interrupted.
????Xu yesterday suspended five died, was buried today sent Liu 3.
Shall not be busy all day, this sad sad heart.

????Have music and be happy, not be lost when zai. Although the cloud
of a hundred years, not at least 30 000 days.
????Send the world a minute later, on the money Mo chirp. Xiao Jing,
after the end of chapter, perverting the petition complete.
????Hu Hu often sitting alone, feeling what comes first. Mountainside
cloud unadorned unadorned, Taniguchi wind whiz.
????Ape to tree curl, birds chirping into the forest. When the urge
temples sough, forlorn forlorn old age do.

????One good head and belly, the six arts depart through. South See
displacement go north, east while the west wind.
????Long drift, such as Pan Ping, endless like canadensis. Asked how
color, poor sounding name surname poor.

????Him in the fame that he be not virtuous emperor and Mok. Jun Yin
He tolerated, the no-he refused.
????Jiashan Jin-No, Jen was the only side. Sub-advised by Zhang Yan,
discard BU business language.

????Popular thin really into thin, people were different. Xiao Liu Yin
Weng old, Liu Yin Weng old laugh.
????Why two-phase laugh, all lines in Xian Bi. Loading competing
Dienie, turn contains the Long River Dong.

????I have money on, will be constant for the Ru loans. Rujin both fed
and warm, to see me regardless of Zhang.
????Yi-Ru Yu may be, may I now Cheng Wang. Whether there is more on
behalf of the matter, advised Yu cooked brains.

????One hundred years of life, Buddha 12. Compassion, such as deer,
hatred and anger like a dog at home.
????Family dog while not, deer often a good walk. For V monkey heart,
to listen to lion roars.

????Ru few things like education, consider know I Yin. Very poor
tolerance to sell houses, only the rich have to buy field.
????Fasting may not go to be Mo pillow sleep. This remark of the
public see, hanging on the east.
????Han Shan and more quiet strange, Teng by key Hang deterrence.
According to Cheng Cheng on water, wind and grass fluttering.
????Withered Meixue as flowers, leaves Rongji charge cloud of wood.
Touch the rain turn fresh spirit, non-clear can not be involved.

????First forest to tree health, over double the total. Root been
Neunggok change, leaves change by wind and frost.
????Ham laughed foreign dying, do not pity in literary grace. Make the
skin fall off, only Chen is.

????Han Shan had naked worm, white body and black head. Handle
two-volume book, one will be a German.
????Live in uneasy kettle stove line does not turn to clothes Ge.
Wisdom always held the sword to be broken worry thief.

????It was the first white fear, unwilling to care Zhu Fu. Herbs in
the air Immortality, rooted random pick dig.
????Invalid years experience, greed anger and Forth. Hunting division
Phi cassock, Yuan Fei Ru make things.

????Once-poor cocoa, the poorest eras freeze. Do whatever
Unharmonious, touch way into my hectic.
????Mud line repeated foot flexion, sit-frequency abdominal pain
community. Lost spot cat, mouse around rice urn.

????I see the world of people having a good instrument phase. Does not
repay her parents, loss to bottom look.
????Money owed to others, before wearing shoes melancholy. All cherish
his wife and children, Yeniang not support.
????Brothers like enemies, long Chang discontented mind, recalling
former teenager, God is willing to grow.
????This is unfilial, more than this kind of world. Chuang own
butcher, wipe my mouth Road, Chang.
????Thyself, said Lou Luo, smart useless when. Tau effort to project
anger, when to go out before noon.
????Select Buddhist burned incense and monks go to support sorting.
Lohan begging in front took advantage of it idle monk.
????Be advised that no man, there is no phase-shaped. Feng Shuqing
Famous Monk, Chen Qian two or three samples.
????Master Yun-light good, safe corner in the head. Ru-free heart of
equality, did not fall all saints.
????Van Saint are mixed however, advised to take off Jun phase. I
hardly think Miao law, Denon do return to.
????I now Jishou ceremony, supreme law of the king. Mercy overjoyed
Scotia, the name of at least 10 parties.
????Beings for Ego, body wisdom Diamond. Bow Wu Suozhu I Normal King.
Valuable natural products, unique non-partner. Seeking his
invisibility, access to free portal.
????Promote the in square inch, extension of all places. You not
believe in love, meet, do not meet.

????More than a cave, cave in without a thing. Of Clean air dignified,
Guanghua day tomorrow.
????Shushi support micro-footer, quality fantasy cloth fur cover. Any
of you are thousands of holy, I have naive Buddha.

????What men, do whatever Mok Mang halogen. Jin Ting stone heart,
straight to take Bodhi Way.
????Not a bad road trip, traveling the hard work is really
regrettable. Not required to taste the fruits of knowledge to take
heart king master.

????Han Shan Guangdong itself had tens of thousands set. Escape of any
transport Linquan habitats late concept itself.
????Less than cold rocks, clouds often Yi dai. Xicao to bedding, blue
sky to be covered.
????Happy pillow stone, earth any changes that.


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