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March 19, that is, Wednesday morning, a long time and I did not meet
two friends in the North Huaqiang North, a restaurant. Suddenly, I
received a telephone Ran Yao. The phone, Yao I Ran 2:00 for him to
sign his company guarantees that the Secretary for the afternoon into
the procedure must be done, if urgent.
Yao Ran is my hometown in Anhui's the same place just graduated from
school near a small young, was my father's students. March 6 back
home, his father said to me, his father also gave me Ran Yao's cell
phone number in Shenzhen, which means I can give him in Shenzhen, some
help and care. 15, and Shenzhen, I will promptly take the initiative
to contact Ran Yao, although I have never seen the boy.
In Shenzhen, a security generally must be local accounts. But I was
surprised that my life from childhood to now has never made any
guarantees to the others, nor do I is not deep households. I explained
to him these, but these no problem YAO Ran said, the same can be
secured. Out of his care and help, I very readily agreed to him on
time at 2:00 pm I go to his companies, such as reading the situation
Yao Ran after they were my calls and text messages urging a total of
two. After buying a single rush, I quickly through the downtown in the
past, such as carp, Huaqiang North crowd, rushed to the subway station
where he said the company Vientiane City. To Vientiane city, I looked
at the time, just in 14:00, also the appointed time.
Yao, but the phone did not tell me that he ran the company's specific
location is located, only that in Vientiane City. Vientiane City, that
was all-inclusive place, is a collection of entertainment, shopping,
leisure and catering is equal to an integrated shopping and
sightseeing large square, which did not see any office or something.
Where can I find that Yao ran the house, or what he calls
"Italian life, Italian life" life insurance company?
So I Ran Yao phone call. But his cell phone turned off. Not that good?
How it will be shut down? This is not a joke Why? I am very worried.
But I thought, they come, the safety of it. So I had to be patient.
But a half a minute, I still can not get Yao Ran linked. Finally, I
can only go home, and conceivable that Baipaoyitang to settle old
scores. But when I went downstairs and the bookstore road, we found
that many white-collar men and women from the road and out the other
side of a high building. So I decided to try his luck, see if I can
find a company where Yao Ran. Security for my warm pressed the
elevator on the 6th floor.
However, the receptionist answer to me is their companies do not YAO
Ran this person. I think that may be new colleagues, she could
recognize it. So I decided to wait. But this time Yao Ran the phone is
still in shutdown state. How you say today is it? The boy did not
point concept of time, no reason to waste valuable time with other
people. After a long time later, YAO Ran finally give me the phone, he
simply drilled from the inside out.
Yao Ran out of a paper, "guarantee" sign so I secured, and
retained a copy of my identification card, as if my hands have too
much to consider. Although "guarantee" the clearly written
"guarantor must be a Shenzhen accounts," while "the
guarantor of the job seekers provided by the Diploma qualifications,
resume, and political landscape, is responsible for the truth"
... ... All in all, I reject do not know, let alone any better? But
Yao Ran the company insists that this is only the entry of new
employees of a small part, it does not matter, and the afternoon soon
turned over. So, I mean to do as he has. Later, I left. Yao RAN no
thanks, no farewell, busy to handle their entry procedures of the
The way in the back of my mind has been thinking about is this
"guarantee" word. "Security" can be related to the
legal responsibility. Security personnel were in the company if they
have related to economic or other social law and other issues, but
that the guarantor to bear the corresponding legal responsibility.
Although Ran is my hometown where Yao people, but if what happened is
not happy, then it would be considered illegal situation! This is not
child's play! This, I grew more and think this thing has serious
consequences, I always did not bottom, have been afraid.
I guarantee that the personal credit, but I will bear legal
responsibility. "Life is journey just in case." Shenzhen is
where? Shenzhen too deep! Somehow receive a non-existent, such as
credit card debt alone so common, I am not down to. I think, I dare
not guarantee anything for himself, let alone guarantee it to others
to do something? Security, I can not have courage. Offend!
Difficult to sleep one night.
The next day morning, in time for Yao Ran before work, I again went in
the house near the city of Vientiane, "Italian life, Italian
life" life insurance company. Yao Ran back I found my information
secured by him, only hope that Yao Ran Long live the little brother to
I finally took a deep breath. Why?

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