Guangzhou - Dongxing - Halong Bay - Hanoi 6 days 5 nights Tour by fdjerue7eeu


									GUANGZHOU - Dongxing - Halong Bay - Hanoi Tour six days and five
Features: Application can go abroad one day in advance!
National Bulk fight fat per week 5 group (Guangzhou Monday, two,
three, four, five rounds of group)
Complimentary tour of Guangxi Dongxing Chen Jitang mansion (known
Yuejun Kuomintang generals Chenjitang the old home will be the
national AAA level scenic spots)

First day: 20:00 centralized bus station in Guangzhou City, Shandong
Province, tour guide held the blue flag of the guests take the 21:00
shuttle Guangzhou - Dongxing fast direct access to air-conditioned
sleeper bus to the Sino-Vietnamese border town - Dongxing City.

Not Hancan day live: air conditioning Direct Express bus sleeper

The next day: arrived around 6:00 am Dongxing City bus station, tour
guides give a blue flag Meet the group at the station exit, hotel
arrangements for guests to rest slightly grooming, guides take guests
to the hotel 9:00 characteristics with Vietnam After breakfast, visit
Chen Residence, Kwun Yam Temple, 11:30 am, after lunch, about 12 to
Dongxing Port Joint Inspection Building, Beilun view scenery, the
friendship bridge, Ho Chi Minh kiosk, for the Immigration to the
Vietnamese side of vertical center - Special Economic Zone Mount
Street, visit the duty-free shops in Vietnam features (30 minutes),
until after the tour go through exit formalities completed, by air
conditioned bus to visit the most beautiful coastal city of Quang Ninh
in Vietnam's capital - Ha Long City (Mong Cai - Ha Long, about 180 km,
the journey takes about 4 ~ 4.5 hours), on the way to the service area
can take a break (about 20 minutes), the next dragon dinner, stay at
the hotel under the dragon.

Including breakfast, dinner live: Ha Long
On the third day: into the next Long After breakfast, take a boat ride
to the terminal nature of the myth of the world's eight natural
heritage, "Guilin Sea" - Ha Long Bay (3.5 hours) (in more
than one thousand five hundred square kilometers of sea, stands 3600
more than a dozen different sizes, various shapes of karst landscape
of rocks, like the "ship away in the water, people in the picture
mid-stream", but also its "Hoi Mei, Shan quiet, hole
Marvelous" Ruin of the known world, is a photography lovers
Paradise), under the dragon sign - cockfighting stone, Shepherd Stone,
Temple Cave, malachite, parrots stone, incense Hill, Paradise Island
Tour can increase their own expense (an increase of 2 hours) (may be
climbing the island to enjoy the panoramic view of Ha Long Bay, and a
beach you can swim, take a close Guanghui airship into a cost of 180 /
people), about 12 o'clock on board meal, Ha Long Bay can be purchased
at their own expense to the fishermen in a variety of delicious local
seafood processing workers to cruise chef cooking ( boatman charged
15% processing fee). The afternoon bus back to the pier by air
conditioned political and cultural center of Vietnam's capital -
Hanoi, via 77 national marine province, specialty stores are free to
tour (30 minutes), in Hanoi, dinner, after dinner, free time, living
in Hanoi.

With breakfast, dinner Accommodation: Hanoi

Fourth day: After breakfast in Hanoi, Hanoi City Tour, Ho Chi Minh's
former residence, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Military Museum, the Chinese
Embassy in Vietnam, President House Hoan Kiem Lake, Temple of single
column, in Hanoi for lunch; afternoon travel to their Ha Long, Vietnam
town enjoy the scenery along the way to Ha Long D UY NGAN break to
visit tourist shopping mall shopping (30 minutes), after arrival check
in hotel Ha Long, after dinner at their own expense to the Royal Park
(70 yuan / person) ( Watch the tickets with the Vietnamese national
essence - Water puppet shows, ethnic song and dance performances, and
Vietnam), or play on their own under the Long Night Market, stroll the
beach camp worship, stay here long.
Including breakfast, dinner live: Ha Long

Fifth day: into the next Long After breakfast, drive back to Mong Cai
(Ha Long - Mong Cai 180 km, about 4.5 hours by car, visit the shopping
mall Karrie small craft break (30 minutes), about 12 to be handled
away from the tour guide Dongxing border entry procedures, returns
Dongxing shared lunch, afternoon free activities (guests can choose to
continue to other gay tourist routes, such as tour golden beaches,
rivers and mountains on the peninsula, etc.), dinner in Dongxing City
bus station after 20:00 concentrate to take the night 21 : 20 bus back
to Guangzhou).

With morning, lunch, dinner Accommodation: Air conditioning Direct
Express bus sleeper

Sixth day: 6:30 am the vehicles arrive at the bus station in Guangzhou
Province, the guests returned to a warm home, a happy ending of this
trip in Vietnam.

Day is not Hancan

Usual price: Adult 1,350 yuan / person
(Including the landing visa fees, port fees, quarantine fees,
transportation, lodging, travel attractions, dining, and Guangzhou -
Dongxing from traffic)
Children aged 0-6 years 660 yuan / person (not Hancan, beds, parking
spaces, including visas, tourist guides, attractions)
Children 6-10 years 1150 yuan / person (excluding beds, including
visas, and a half meals, parking, guided tours, attractions)

Spring price: Feb. 13-19 (Eve ~) Feb. Closing Spring Group at twelve
o'clock on the February 11. February 21 returned to normal.
Adult 1680 yuan / person
(Including the landing visa fees, port fees, quarantine fees,
transportation, accommodation, travel attractions, dining, Guangzhou -
Dongxing from traffic)
Children 0-6 years old 850 yuan / person (not Hancan, beds, parking
spaces, including visas, tourist guides, attractions)
Children 6-10 years 1450 yuan / person (excluding beds, including
visas, half meal, parking, guided tours, scenic spots)

FIT-fat group in Guangzhou Date: (independent chartered as
corporations can be made every day, at 12 o'clock on the February 11
deadline Accreditation)
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
18/119/120/121/122/1 / /
25/126/127/128/129/1 / /
1/22/23/24/25/2 / /
???11 / 2 28 12 / 2 29 / /
/ 16 / 2, three days of 17 / 2 fourth day of 18 / 2 fifth day of the
19 / 2 sixth day of 20 / 2 seventh day 21 / 2 eighth day
22/223/224/225/226/2 / /
1/32/33/34/35/3 / /

Reception Standard:
1 meal: 8 is four back, dinner: 8 dishes 1 soup, 1 10 Table (breakfast
lunch 15 5 standard standard);
2, Transport: Air-conditioned tour buses cars, Guangzhou - Dongxing
from the air direct sleeper bus speed;
3 Tickets: First Road, a large listed above attractions tickets;
4, guide: excellent tour guide services;
5, accommodation: hotel standard double-China section of the economy,
the Vietnamese Samsung paragraph style hotel (ie domestic Award), who
need to live the international Samsung plus 200 yuan / person (3
nights accommodation in Vietnam);
6, travel agency liability insurance, guests must travel abroad to buy
accident insurance, this agency agent plus 20 yuan / person, Paul 300
7, with landing visa fees, port fees, quarantine fees;
8, your own account local Public Security Bureau to apply for a
passport, two days in advance by fax or scan passport photo page to
this agency granted entry visas to leave the country to carry a white
passport-sized photos to this agency clearance.

Excelle Fangchenggang Guangxi Dongxing International Travel Service
Co., Ltd. L-GX-GJ00097

Guangzhou :020-80550234 Group FIT fight
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Guangxi Dongxing team to take :0770-7692300
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