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???Memories beset! Passing by, flash it to the company's assessment of
the time, when I first entered the company, after countless
rejections, began to leave, and with the South early in the language
and physical not adapting, actually sick, and everyone else that
summer under the hot sun tanning, but I was pale and worn out fragile
???As the saying goes is felt sick, sick to as spinning! Stay at home
more than three months to prepare the company to resign, have the
students see me, see me so, I would Gu Li, and immediately presented
to his family to buy insurance, then put all the policy data is fill ,
and signed a good word, it is so, I stayed in the company because it
was felt that such a trust to thank my friends also have to do a good
job for them with a single service!
???After rest, the body has slowly recovered, but also a lesson, not
so blank, and then the two partners, I also went to other insurance
companies have done a back, she put two of those potential customers
own left I went to the sensing tracking service, it is these hard-won
resources to me along the way, much less suffering, if you ask me, why
not do back-office work for! In fact it was very much want to go,
already have jobs, conditions that can work overtime, the insurance
company's back office overtime is common, add the busy time of late to
leave, because a lot of business directly, and the policy is in force.
????In the life insurance policy is in force in human life on the mean
and the associated, and claims are counting policy is in force, the
overtime is for this, but I had to do insurance business to his free
time, take care to transfer her son to school, and now have time to do
what society, and we just have to squeeze a useful time, and was
forced to think way out of it!
???Calm down and do business in it! Now I stay in China almost four
years of life, when I look back, past fresh in our memory!
???The bitterness of years without saying words! Also do not need to

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