Greek crisis resolved short expected to rebound

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					Greek crisis resolved, short-term is expected to rebound.
?Today, the EU decided to come up with 750 billion euros, could fall
into the debt crisis to help members of the euro area, in order to
prevent the spread of the Greek debt crisis. Good news by this tape to
open higher, after ten Gaokaidizou affected by Hong Kong, index bottom
again main stock index fell to lowest point in early September last
year to attract buying into, and then rebounded in the afternoon to
maintain a rebound situation, Hu Zhi income out of a high open cross
star, deep KLCI closing out a higher open with long lines under the
shadow of Yinxian.
????Broader market heavyweight among the biggest gainers today,
insurance. Bank. Real estate. Coal top out; small board and Growth
Enterprise sales, shares subject to adjustment. Last Friday some of
the low price-earnings ratio of stocks to have refused to fall, and
today continues to rebound. From the A share and H share price ratio
can see some of stocks with low price-earnings ratio has little room
for fall further, H share price higher than the A share more than 10%,
H Shares also fell by 10% only with the price, in Hong Kong 10% chance
to fall further estimated that small, so these stocks could be
considered Jiancang slowly.
????Message level, the EU finance ministers to reach € 750 000 000 000
rescue mechanism, dampen down the cold reminder of steel and other
downstream industries at home, Chen Dongzheng said GEM company to
withdraw should be directed to rapid shell to eliminate speculation,
central bank today for the third time up the RMB deposit reserve ratio
, April CPI expected economic data tomorrow baked a new high, market
sentiment panic U.S. stocks fell heavy volume, shares A news site
visit scheduled for this year or the first two; Hong Kong stock market
rebounded sharply, crude oil futures rebounded.
Shanghai Composite Index opened at 2690.86 points today, up 2713.06
points, the lowest 2,646.59 points to close at 2698.76 points, up
10.37 points, or 0.39%, turnover of 95.439 billion yuan; Shenzhen
Component Index opened 10,156.90 points, the highest 10,314.02 points,
the lowest 10,042.13 points to close at 10,264.05 points, up 117.62
points, or 1.16%, turnover of 73.039 billion yuan. Reduced turnover in
the two cities shows that sell into corrections decreased the kinetic
KLCI MACD15 deep end closing minutes away from the 0 axis line formed
at Jin Cha, 30-minute line and 60 minutes or Sicha state line, but Hu
Zhi 30 minutes of line has been formed Jin Cha. Strong influence in
the international market, the broader market expected to rebound. Hong
rebound today, AH Premium index fell to 106.27 point, the two cities
upside down stocks are 12.
Today, there is no analog disc operation, the current short positions;
tomorrow ready to choose the jiacang. 000 338 600 066 Yutong Bus
Weichai Power Zoomlion 000 528 000 157 000 488 Liugong Chenming Paper
Paper 600 508 600 966 Bo Luan Shanghai Central to the energy 601 699
600 971 000 933 Shenhuo Hengyuan Coal Yanzhou Coal 601 088 600 188
shares of China Shenhua FAW Car 600 104 600 800 Shanghai Automotive.
600 660 600 216 Fuyao NHU Zhejiang Medicine 002 001. An increase of
601 088 China Shenhua, AH share price upside down more, the downside

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