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					                            LTC Webinar
                                 Subscription Service
           LTC Solutions, Inc…                             The MDS Specialists

           We now offer a LTC Webinar Subscription that will help meet the education needs of
           your facility…. ONLINE! (Broadband Internet Access recommended)

           You choose your topics and Webinar date/time. Choose from MDS 101, PPS 101,
           RAPs 101, MDS Coordinator Survival Training, MDSCare Software Training as
           well as other LTC related topics that will be offered each month.
           For only $50 per seminar ($300 annual subscription), you can attend up to 6 Webinars
           per year. You will be notified via email each month of the topics/dates/times of all We-
           binars. You just reply to the email and sign up for the Webinar of your choice. EASY!

           Staff turnover? No problem. Sign them up for the next Webinar! It’s covered in
           your annual subscription.

           Finally... Educating your staff has never been easier or more affordable!

           Helping Make LTC Compliance                                              LTC Solutions, Inc.

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LTC Solutions, Inc…
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                                     Address                                         Seminar Service.
Technical Support Office                                                             Call for special corporate rates (10 or more homes.)
1000 S. Broadway                     Email Address
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Highland, IL 62249                   Phone

                                                                       Visa          MasterCard            Check (Payable to LTC Solutions, Inc.)
Phone: 573-346-6076
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