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									  Company Update

Hindustan Zinc
                                                                       Net income soars…
Recommendation                :         Marketperformer
                                                                       Hindustan Zinc’s revenue grew by 97.87 percent to Rs. 2544.89
CMP                           :         Rs 1223
Target                        :         Rs 1360
                                                                       crore, as a result of increased output and better realizations.
Upside Potential              :         11.2%                          Refined zinc and lead production increased by 1.0 percent YoY,
                                                                       while silver production was up by 8.5 percent in the comparable
Sector                        :         Metals                         period. However, bulk of the growth came through increased
                                                                       metal price realizations. The cost of metal production increased
Bloomberg code                :         HZ.IN                          due to higher coal costs and employee costs; apart from an
Reuters Code                  :         HZNC.BO                        increase in stripping ratio, which means higher waste per tonne of
                                                                       ore mined. EBITDA margin improved 989 basis points YoY; while
                                                                       declining by 203 basis points sequentially. Interest expenses
Issued Equity Capital (Cr. Shrs)        :          42.25
                                                                       increased four-fold to Rs.27.68 crores. Overall, net income grew by
Mkt. Cap (Rs. in Crs)                   :          51675
                                                                       124.67 percent to Rs. 1238.99 crores.
Major Shareholders
Promoters (%)                           :          64.92%
Free Float (%)                          :          35.08%              War Chest …
Avg. Daily Vol. (‘000)                  :          64.34               Hindustan Zinc is a cash-rich company with hardly any debt. It
                                                                       has a Rs. 11,900 crore war chest to spend and is eyeing
                                                                       acquisitions in India and abroad. When worked out; the
  Background: Hindustan Zinc Limited
                                                                       companyʹs cash balance is equivalent to Rs. 281 per share, which
  (Hind Zinc) is a subsidiary of Sterlite
  Industries India Ltd, part of the Vedanta                            could be used by the management to exploit inorganic growth
  Group.     The     company’s       product                           opportunities or enhance dividend payout to shareholders.
  portfolio covers zinc, lead, silver,
  cadmium and sulphuric acid. Hind Zinc                                Expansion on track …
  is the only integrated zinc manufacturer                             In the previous quarter, Hindustan zinc commissioned a 0.21
  in India with current zinc smelting                                  MTPA zinc smelter a full three months in advance. Construction
  capacity of around 6,70,000 TPA and                                  activity is at full swing for the 0.1 MTPA lead smelter and the 160
  lead smelting capacity of 85,000. It has                             MW captive power plant at Dariba. It is scheduled for completion
  a domestic market share of 61% in zinc                               by Q2FY11. The Sindesar Khurd mine project is also on schedule
  and 11% in lead.                                                     for commissioning from the current quarter. Also, the companyʹs
                                                                       ore production capacity was expanded from 3.45 MTPA to 7.4
                                                                       MTPA currently. Hindustan zinc is planning to enhance this
                                                                       further to 10 MTPA to match the expansion of the smelters. Post
Rohith Thomas Mathew +91 44 3000 7361                                  completion of these projects, Hindustan Zinc would be the                                        world’s largest integrated zinc-lead producer with a total smelting
                                                                       capacity of 1 million tonne.

                                                                                                          Net Div
   FY March                                                   Net                                          Yield    EV/EBITDA
   (Rs Crore)        Turnover      EBITDA         PBT        Profit     EPS (Rs)    BVPS (Rs)    PE (X)     (%)         (X)     ROE (%)
   FY10A              8138.90      4792.00       5014.11    4041.41       95.65      430.65      12.79    0.41%       8.84       22%
   FY11E             10824.74      6711.34       7176.80    5597.90      132.34      557.99      9.24     0.41%       5.93       24%
   FY12E             11365.97      6,933.24      7,387.88   5,762.55     136.23      689.22       8.98    0.41%       5.36       20%
                      Result Summary & Comments Q4FY10

   Particulars      Q4                            Q3
   (in Rs. Crs)    FY10     Q4FY09     YoY       FY10      QoQ             Comments

   Net Sales      2544.89   1288.93   97.44%    2249.14   13.15%    Higher price realizations
   Expenses        996.71    707.62   40.85%     863.04   15.49%

   EBITDA         1548.18    581.31   166.33%   1386.10   11.69%
   Depreciation    100.64     75.03    34.13%     81.72   23.15%
   income          134.46    194.22   -30.77%    131.87     1.96%
   interest         27.68      4.86   469.55%      7.66   261.36%
   PBT            1554.32    695.64   123.44%   1428.59     8.80%
   Tax             315.33    144.17   118.72%    279.94    12.64%
   EOI               0.00      0.00                0.00
   PAT            1238.99    551.47   124.67%   1148.65    7.86%

   EBITDA                                                           Margin slips on higher
   margin         60.83%    45.10%              61.63%              stripping ratio
   Tax rate       20.29%    20.72%              19.60%
   Net profit
   margin         48.69%    42.79%              51.07%


The economic meltdown in late 2008 led to base metal production cuts across the globe. As
supply subsided, prices of non-ferrous metals began to firm up. Zinc prices have more than
doubled since then. The zinc and lead surplus in the global market is expected to shrink
further in 2010 and we believe a recovering global economy could support prices going
forward. We like Hindustan Zinc for its high quality of mines, cost leadership due to
integrated business model, ongoing expansion projects and a strong balance sheet. HZL could
benefit from firm zinc prices, strong volume growth and increased silver production. We
continue to rate Hindustan Zinc a MARKETPERFORMER for an upgraded price target of
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