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					Stopping Snoring Noise I wanted to talk to you about stopping snoring noise. The victims of snoring are not the people that do it, but the people that sleep in close proximity of the person doing it. If is your spouse in the bed next to you, or it is your roommate in the next bedroom. You’re not a victim because you’re sound asleep as you snore, but they’re the ones that are laying awake at 3am trying desperately to fall back to sleep. The problem they run into is that their body stops producing specific hormones designed to help them cope with stress. That causes them to get very irritable. I’m going to talk to you about stopping snoring noise. A lot of people don’t understand the mechanics of snoring, but it’s simply just air causing loose tissue to vibrate. There’s something that happens when you’re asleep that leads to this time of thing to happen. When you snore, you typically have your jaw open. If you’re unaware, that puts pressure on your throat. Just try to swallow with your mouth open; it’s impossible. Your throat contracts and that cause air to move really fast, which intensifies the vibration and makes loud noises. When it comes to stopping snoring noise, all you have to do is close your jaw and it will stop. A closed jaw causes the throat to expand and air will slow down. All you need is a jaw supporting headband. It wraps around your chin and the top of your head. It keeps your mouth closed as you sleep and you won’t snore. Click Here to Learn About the Snoring Solution

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