Fu Qiang village official by fdjerue7eeu


									Fu Qiang village official
Zhu Ligang
????15 July 2008, sun fire. Shenzhen, a leading talent in the big
market on the road, walk with crowds of people from across the
country, they almost invariably sandwiched paper bag, containing
diploma, a copy of your resume and the like.
This is a job market in Shenzhen very familiar scene. These new faces
every day together before a large electronic screen, with a similar
look meticulously extract a variety of jobs ... ...
????Fu Qiang, will be in this group of people who dream them. To
Shenzhen after the mechanical design of Nanchang Aeronautical
University graduate, has run more than ten days, and we have failed to
find the right job. That day finally catch up with a recruitment
professional counterparts, but that has reached more than 1,300 job
seekers, an average of nearly 30 people apply for a job. This makes
careful Qiang Fu for their strength has a clear understanding: to
their present conditions, but also from 30 individuals were not
immediately out-advantage. Therefore, he must continue to candidates
down. But two weeks down the row, the situation is unchanged.
????October 2008, in Shenzhen, Jiangxi back nothing of the Fu Qiang,
LI in Jinxian ago Fangzhen West began his "three one help"
of the road. Fu Qiang, graduate, and busy as all students find a way.
On the other hand the parents wanted him to do administrative work,
more stable.
Nanchang Lake LI is a model village of new rural construction, one is
a Yishanbangshui the village has a long history of 600 years. And
then, the village is the new countryside construction as an
opportunity to focus on environmental protection, ecology, tourism
objectives, creating an ecological environment. Fu Qiang, the one
immediately into advocacy, contact work. Arrested in the village
cadres under the leadership of cultural heritage and improve the
cultural quality and restore old village charm. Work has a tired, but
Fu Qiang was surprisingly strong effort.
????Fu Qiang, a village director jobs assistant secretary in the
nature of the work, including drafting, modifying files, keeps
minutes, upload information to the government net. Working time is six
hours a day, so relatively more free time. He was satisfied with life
now, and his business students to work his wages are still not high.
????Fu Qiang, not too complicated nature of work relationships, work
load is relatively small. Fu Qiang at the grassroots level to benefit.
He learned something less than high school textbooks. Such as how and
leadership, colleagues. A person's independent life also taught him a
lot, so his students from a careless, become a careful, steadfast, who
work independently.
????When I first came West LI, village to village people, things, see
Fu Qiang often say "not in the village cadres, ah", not to
him as a staff, will only treat him as a student . Later, he can do,
will do the work of the football over, from the trivial, slowly build
up in the village Student Village's image. Much of what the village is
the vital interests of the people directly involved in the matter.
Take the health insurance thing, if you Making retroactive claims one,
then it means he may not enjoy medical insurance policy, which is
undoubtedly the common people is a big thing. "Farmers are the
most simple and most lovely, as long as you treat them in good faith,
they will reward you a hundred times to thousand times. Sometimes the
villagers even a smile, a thanks and a Kind words will make you feel
very happy."
????When a year of village officials, Fu Qiang, is very touching:
"Nothing in town a college student, a college student more than a
great village. To be a good" Village ", first and foremost
is to rush down the body, heart to paste up the brain to dig into.
touch the truth, the real, real work, to quickly enter the role.
Recalled their way through the past year, Fu Qiang, frankly, both the
joy of the success of their careers, but also frustration and
depression have gone through hardships, but he pulled through, to
understand the hard-won success, and he cherished. "More than a
year of practice, I was verified the correctness choose to stay in the
countryside. In this land, we can also accomplish a great deal,
boosting the youth, do the new Republic of the first witnesses of
rural construction and practitioners."
????Because of this, Fu Qiang has been enriched and joy.

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