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					Franklin Delano Roosevelt
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Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1882 Äê 1 ÔÂ 30 ÈÕ
-1 945 on April 12) U.S. 31, 32 President (March 4, 1933 - January 20,
1937, January 20, 1937 - January 20, 1941, 1941 1 20 - January 20,
1945, January 20, 1945 - 1945 4 12) the only American history
reelected fourth (fourth not completed a full) president. Roosevelt in
the 20th century, the Great Depression and the Second World War played
an important role. By scholars as the greatest of the three U.S.
presidents. U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt 26 Franklin D. Roosevelt
is a distant Tang Shu.

Nickname: "FDR"

Born: January 30, 1882, Hyde Park, New York

Died: April 12, 1945, Georgia

Father: James Roosevelt

Mother: ÈøÀ-µÂÀ-ŵ Roosevelt

Lady: °²ÄÈ°£Àûŵ Roosevelt (1884-1962), on March 17, 1905 married

Children: °²ÄÈ°£Àûŵ Roosevelt (1906-75);

James Roosevelt (1907-91);

Elliott Roosevelt (1910-90);

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Tyl (1914-88);

John Aspinwall Roosevelt (1916-81)

Religion: Episcopalian episcopalian
Education: Graduated from Harvard College (1903); after the Columbia
Law School

Occupation: officials, lawyers,

Party: Democratic Party

Other government Location: New York State legislature, (1911-13)

Navy Assistant Secretary, (1913-20)

Governor of New York, (1929-33)
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Franklin Delano Roosevelt, January 30, 1882, Roosevelt Born in New
York. His father James Roosevelt was active in the diplomatic and
business community figures, his mother ÈøÀ-µÂÀ-ŵ is upper class background
and beautiful women received education abroad.ղķ˹±ÈÈøÀ- great 26 years.
After his mother after the implementation of elementary education,
learning Latin Roosevelt with the tutor, French, German, calligraphy,
arithmetic, and European history. Roosevelt, at age 5 when his father,
President Cleveland to see the president gave her a strange wishes:
"Never ask God to you as President." But he has become the
longest in American history of presidential power, is also president
of one of the most prestigious. In 1896, Roosevelt was sent to train
politicians targeted Groton School, began to adapt to the new
environment. He read more extensive knowledge, gentle, loves sports,
good at tennis, golf, horse riding and sailing hobby. At that time,
the ball Groton Public School Gan Lan popular, he would take the
initiative to organize a cheering squad, as the administrator. He
specializes in the debate, the "Debate Club" member, in the
Groton public schools of his good performance, the impression is way
to please people to strengthen their position, so Rexford. Tugwell
that deal with difficult issues in Groton practice, became his
subsequent similar cases in the demeanor of the model. "

From the Groton public schools after graduation, once want to go to
Annapolis Naval Academy, in the future as a naval officer. But the
aged father strongly opposed, in 1900 entered Harvard University,
studying political science, history and journalism. This, he death of
his father, 72, chipped to 12 million in deposits, the parent will
inherit from the grandfather 130 million estate, Roosevelt university
interested in social activities, academic performance is not
outstanding, several times to Europe Travel, like ball games. He
became the school magazine at Harvard, "Blush report"
excellent assistant. His clever use of the old Roosevelt of Tang Shu,
he asked then-New York governor Tangshu to Harvard to lecture, then
press on the absorption of his assistants, just as the McKinley
Theodore Roosevelt at this time the partners of the Democratic Party
bray Grace ran for president. He offered to visit the principal,
Elliott met the president a freshman. Offensive against President
Roosevelt said: "If you vote on behalf of your beliefs, you
should be willing to put your impact on the scale." Elliott
answered his question. Not only in "Blush," the newspaper
Franklin's exclusive news, the United States have also made other
major newspapers reprinted. So fast when Roosevelt graduate, was
promoted to editor of the newspaper. In order to maintain the
reputation, he read for a year at Harvard graduate.

In 1904, Roosevelt entered Columbia Law School. March 1905, and
Eleanor (Theodore Roosevelt's niece) married. Eleanor was a niece of
President Theodore Roosevelt, the president himself took part in the
wedding ceremony, making a very grand wedding, but Franklin found that
most people come for the President, this inspired his commitment to
politics. In 1907, Roosevelt graduated from law school into the law
firm attorney.
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In 1901, Roosevelt began to get involved with Democrat politicians.
When he decided to tell this president as a Republican uncle, the
other angry and cursed: "You dirty bastard! You traitor ...
..." But Franklin Roosevelt did not change direction. He rode a
red vehicle, conducted a dozen speeches a day and eventually was
elected senator of New York City. In 1913, President Wilson appointed
him Assistant Secretary of the Navy, he was in office for seven years,
the outstanding advocates building "a powerful and combat
capability of the Navy," Roosevelt in the Navy established the
impact throughout its life. In 1919, Roosevelt Wilson lobbied the
international smart plan, resulting in failure of Vice President in
1920 election. Although the campaign failed, but his star's light as a
political has never cut. Since then, Roosevelt served as Maryland's
deputy chairman of credit and savings, while re-operating the bar.
Moreover, Roosevelt was also engaged in various business adventures.

Intelligent, capable, broad-minded and wishes of the public, it seems
nothing can stop this 39-year-old man onto the pace of political
hilltops. However, the relentless catastrophe to come at this time.
August 1921, Roosevelt in Campobello Island vacation with his family
in a fire fight, he jumped into the icy water, so suffering from polio
syndrome. High fever, pain, numbness, and the prospect of permanent
disability, and not to Roosevelt to abandon the ideals and beliefs, he
has been consistently tempered in an attempt to restore walking and
standing capacity, he used for curing diseases of the Georgia spring
was everyone called "laughter The thunder of place. " During
rehabilitation, Roosevelt read a lot of books, including biographies
and historical works of many, but almost no economics or philosophy.

Roosevelt's diplomatic thoughts from two of his most admired
president. Theodore Roosevelt, his distant Tang Shu teach him how to
defend national interests, achieve the balance of power. Woodrow
Wilson taught him: the international order is based on a common basis
for maintaining peace. In 1928, in Mrs. Roosevelt's understanding and
support, Roosevelt return to political, to participate in governor's
race and won a narrow victory in 1929 as governor of New York
(re-elected governor in 1930). New York, Roosevelt can be said to
cultivate political activities and the ability to manage state affairs
experimental sites.
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1932 presidential election is a serious economic crisis in the context
of the. November 1932 election as the Democratic presidential
candidates put forward the implementation of "New Deal" and
reviving the economy of the program. His political opponents have used
to attack his disability, which is Roosevelt's life had to struggle
with things, but always with excellent performance, superior eloquence
and abundant energy to turn it into advantage. For the first time to
run through a spokesman that he would tell people: "A governor is
not necessarily an acrobat. We have chosen is not because he can do
pre-roll or post roll. He was doing is mental, is trying to benefit
the people. "rely on such fortitude and optimism, Roosevelt
finally in 1933 overwhelmingly defeated Hoover, became the 32nd U.S.

In Roosevelt's first president assumed office early in 1933, a time
when the storm swept the Great Depression, when the United States,
full of unemployment, bankruptcy, close down, crash, everywhere the
United States, pain, fear and despair. Roosevelt was a kind of
overwhelming show of confidence, when he issued a sworn passionate
speech, told the people: We only fear is fear itself. In the March 4,
1933 that the cold afternoon, the new president's determination and
optimism pleasant "concerted nationwide lit the fire of the new
spirit." Made to achieve national rejuvenation and foreign policy
of good neighborly and friendly policy. Roosevelt After the White
House, domestic actively pursuing relief, reform and rehabilitation as
the main content of the "New Deal." "New Deal" to
abandon its traditional laissez-faire, to strengthen government
intervention in the economic field, the implementation of deficit
financing, develop public utilities to stimulate the economy. In order
to implement new policies, Roosevelt will be a group of liberal colors
lawyers, experts and think tank scholars to consult the guidelines and
policies issues; through "fireside chats" approach and close
links with the masses and firmly opposed to the Supreme Court of New
Policy the successful restructuring of the struggle and the Supreme

1933 Äê 9 March to 16 June, the U.S. Congress should request of
President Roosevelt held a special meeting. Roosevelt has made all the
deputies supervise and guide the Congress of the legislation. Congress
has passed the speed was fabulously "Emergency Banking Act,"
"Federal Emergency Relief Act", "Agricultural
Adjustment Act", "Industrial Recovery Act,"
"Tennessee River Basin Management Law."

1933-1934 New Deal focus on "rehabilitation", the main
measures are: to maintain bank credit, introduced the dollar,
stimulate trade, restricting agricultural production to maintain
prices of agricultural products, farmers avoid bankruptcy; provisions
of the Agreement in order to reduce price competition among the
enterprises to stop business failures 1935-1939 New Deal years were
focused on "relief" and "reform", the main
measures are: a more effective use of administrative intervention and
implement slow inflation, extensive public works building and
emergency relief, the implementation of social insurance, to expand
employment opportunities and improve purchasing power; for tax reform,
according to ability to pay tax, corporate income tax and
over-classification of profits tax. Roosevelt's New Deal to restore
public confidence in the American political system, strengthen the
federal government agencies. And thus make U.S. industry, agriculture
gradually full recovery. The first term of office ended in 1936, faced
with an increase of 50% of national income, Roosevelt Road, eloquently
described: "At this moment the factory machinery unison music, a
thriving market, bank credit firm, loaded with passengers and cargo
transport between Mercedes-Benz. "Thus, Roosevelt was re-elected
in 1936 president, is not surprising.

In 1933, the Roosevelt administration recognized the Soviet Union and
established diplomatic relations. In 1934, Congress repealed the Platt
Amendment sovereign interference in Cuba, the U.S. withdrawal from
Haiti and Nicaragua, the United States to allow independence of the
Philippines. Of course, the Roosevelt in implementing good-neighborly
policy, the Latin American countries have been rude interference.

30 mid, German, Italian and Japanese fascism in Europe and Asia into
two hotbeds of war. However, at this time the United States popular
isolationism. In 1935, the United States to the United States Congress
passed the Pittman neutrality resolution. The resolution provides: War
against the United States exports weapons and equipment, and credit,
valid for two years, "cash & carry" provisions of the
President is authorized to purchase non-military supplies in the
United States asked the belligerents to pay cash and use their own
shipping vessels. The face of the fascist state of aggression and
expansion, isolationism and aggression in the legislation is
tantamount to acquiescence and connivance of expansion. In order to
guide the United States and its anti-fascist war, the public stands
ready to strengthen the U.S. defense forces, Roosevelt launched a
resolute isolationism and full of artistic struggle.
Edit this paragraph a second presidential term
October 1937, Roosevelt Bridge in Chicago to participate in the
completion ceremony of the new speech, said: "When a certain
infectious Ji Bing started spreading, to protect the health of the
residents, to prevent the epidemic prevalence, social license and
co-segregation of patients "," war will spread. the war
could be swept away from the original battlefields of countries and
peoples. We are determined to out of war, but we can not guarantee
that we are not a disaster of the war and avoid involvement in war
crisis;. "Isolation speech "was severely criticized. even
after Roosevelt, not without scared to say:" Do you want to
receive head, but looked back behind one person can not, how terrible
this situation ah! "But," Quarantine Speech "After all,
the war to the American public that the existence of terror.

January 1938, Roosevelt's message in particular, urged an immediate
increase of 20% of the naval construction costs. After intense debate,
Congress in May by Vincent to expand the Navy Act, allowed the Navy to
the development of one billion U.S. dollars. The fact that most of the
serious thinking of Americans have seen the threat of war and
therefore agree to strengthen defense. December 1938, at Roosevelt's
initiative, the Pan-American Conference adopted the "Lima
Declaration" reflects the determination of the Inter-American
anti-fascist. March 1938, the Germans entered Prague, the U.S. Deputy
Secretary of State on behalf of the President condemned the German
"unbridled illegal" and "domineering."

September 1939, after the outbreak of German-Polish war, Roosevelt had
issued an official declaration of neutrality and implementation of
legislation. Congress in the September 21 special meeting, the
Roosevelt had given the U.S. embargo policy attempt to bring disaster
- some burned the Capitol in 1814 to persuade Congress to repeal the
embargo provisions, also claimed that "of course, to you for
review This last point is only to repeat history Bale. " After a
heated debate inside and outside parliament, Congress passed the
legislative amendments, to lift the embargo provisions, the
implementation of the principle of Cash & Carry (cash purchase,
transportation excluded). Roosevelt then be signed.

May 1940, British and French forces to combat and defeat by the
Germans. Roosevelt asked Congress to additional defense funds to
enhance combat readiness. In order to obtain the support of
Republicans, Roosevelt appointed as Secretary of the Army Henry L.
Stimson, Frank Knox as Navy. During the war, the United States as
Harry Woodring served as Secretary of the Army (from 1937 to 1940 6
months), Henry Stimson (Jun. 1940 to Sept. 1945). Former Secretary of
the Navy for the ¿ËÀ͵Â˹Íú sum (term to 1939), Charles Edison (1940) Frank
Knox (June 1940 to 1944), James Forrest Hill (1944 in succession).
Facing the moment of peril in the UK, Roosevelt began to provide
weapons to the United Kingdom.