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									Founding six years of glory
Six years of brilliant founding
- Seminar to celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of New China
This year is our country - the sixtieth anniversary of founding of the
PRC. Chinese people, Chinese in the world, all people around the world
to celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of the founding of the Chinese
people have become rich from the poor, the Chinese people from weak to
strong, China become the new changes from the old land of the U.S.
Throughout the land for the world.
1, the founding six years for the world.
Young friends, you learn to set up 60 years ago, the Republic seems to
be too distant, unfamiliar situations, but you can from the textbook,
the classroom teacher to explain about the history of the motherland,
and the youngsters today to recall the specific language textbooks
reflected What looks like the old society, and then six years later,
with the founding of the Republic of the social outlook of today
compared, I believe we must be able to fully appreciate the old and
new social two different worlds.
At 10 o'clock on the October 1, 1949, the founding leader Mao Zedong
in Beijing, Tiananmen Gate solemnly announced: "The People's
Republic of China set up!" Turn a new page in the history of
China, China's entry into the socialist society, from the end of 2000
China's continued 400 years of feudal society. We all know that before
the founding of the Republic of China is a semi-feudal society, life
in that era, Mr. Lu said that the community is "non-human",
wrote many articles to expose the "non-human" in the dark
and evil.
Lu Xun wrote in 1921, "Home" selected secondary school
textbooks, school textbooks an excerpt "Youth Run soil,"
home is "the wonderful thing greenish yellow, far and near the
Deserted Wang look at a few desolate, without some live air",
which is beautiful today Shaoxing Jiangnan rich land, land of plenty
how they differ, and "Earth Run" to endure "famine,
exorbitant taxes, soldiers, bandits, government, and gentry," the
oppression and exploitation, middle-aged, "the previous purple
round face, has been turned into gray and yellow, And with a deep
wrinkles, eyes like a father, all around the swollen red, ""
his head was a broken felt hat, who only a very thin coat, covered
with Thurso ", which hands are "thick is stupid, and
cracking, like pine bark," and even more sad is that he is
mentally tortured into a puppet, and this is Lu Xun's dark social harm
against people on the physical and spiritual complaints, selected a
high school textbook Lu Xun's another article, "blessing,"
write the same old social rural poverty, backwardness, superstition,
desolate scene, Xianglinsao him tied up "regime, clan, religious
right, the husband," the four ropes, tortured death.
"Home," "Blessing" two texts reflect the reality
of rural society before liberation, the human misery.
Look at the old China city bar, secondary school textbooks selected
"bonded labor", describing the Shanghai cotton mill workers
cheated when the old society, the story of bonded labor, bonded labor
doing menial jobs, pigs and dogs eat food, ready to be foreman beaten,
tortured into "Lu wood stick, "cruelty and inhumanity of the
end wrote:" This must be squeezed in the middle of the bonded
labor, no light, no heat, no warmth, no hope no humanity, here, some
are 20th century technology, machinery, system , and faithful service
to this system, the 16th century feudal slaves. " School
textbooks still "under the hot sun and rain," Mr. Lao She,
"Camel" in an excerpt out of, description of the old society
Shoko Beijing rickshaw pulling hard in the car under heavy rain the
sun tortured, then the old dilapidated social Beijing , scraping the
Wind "launched into how much dust sidewalk ... ... form a vicious
gray dust, burning pedestrians face," When it rains, "the
ground water with the flow ... ... a water world", and people
shiver as wind and rain in the leaves.
Through the above study and review of textbooks, we know how the old
society, poverty and backwardness, dark, decadent, tragic suffering of
people's lives. The People's Republic of China was established in
1949, working people are the masters, getting emancipated, urban and
rural areas for a human, after 60 years of construction, see eras look
at urban and rural areas across the country, everywhere thriving,
living happiness.
Look at the countryside, the founding of the Party and the government
very seriously, "Three Rural Issues", focus on land reform,
cooperatives, land reform, many documents issued by the Central New
Year 1, building a big way in rural areas, introduced a series of
policies to enrich the current rural a gratifying scene. On Lu Xun
wrote "desolate Deserted" invisible, "Xianglinsao"
sisters from the community for future generations the top half of the
sky, I believe that Lu Xun deceased will very gratified. It is worth
mentioning that the Jiangyin Huaxi Village, concentration changes of
the new China and the glorious countryside.
Hundred counties nationwide the first phalanx of Wujiang City, the
countryside has undergone enormous changes, and new buildings every
family, every village changed Fortis road, the elderly live in homes
for the elderly, children at the nursery, rural health care front
door, it was concluded Wujiang Ten changes have taken place in rural
areas: first, rural road changes "smooth" a; Second, farmers
of residential change "open" a; third form of management
changes "live" a; Fourth, increase channel change
"width" of the; Fifth, growth way change
"excellent" a; Sixth ideas become the "new" a;
seven job changes are "more" of; 8 is the quality of life
become "high" a; nine social security change is
"complete"; 10 is a human Habitat change
"America," the. Farmers really big change, old and new
community for the world.
Look at cities, the rapid development of Chinese cities. Shanghai
Bonded Labour's future generations enjoy higher education, community
health and pension insurance, become masters of old Shanghai "Ten
foreign market" has become an international metropolis, erected
4000 River Bank skyscraper, the Oriental Pearl Tower, Trade Tower,
World Financial Center , is the world-famous high-rise buildings,
night, brightly early release, neon flashing lights flowing, the whole
city of great beauty, heaven and earth blend is really paradise on
earth ah. 2010 Shanghai World Expo will be more brilliant. Rickshaw
Beijing lived to become the capital of the Republic, six years,
Beijing build each year and a scale several times, expanding ring road
Ring, Ring, Ring, rings, the road is no longer a pull cart Xiangzi
walk the Road, a broad flat green landscaping lighting, the Forbidden
City Tiananmen Square and other old buildings were refurbished, the
Great Hall, State Opera, Olin Center sports stadiums, beautiful modern
architectural fashion. In 2008, the 29th Olympics, athletes and
international friends are all over the world acclaim, and has been
driving the offspring Xiangzi "BMW", "Audi" and so
forth in the Beijing city cars, rickshaws into the museum.
Construction on the Wujiang city, the Wujiang Economic Development
Zone, Wujiang Fen Hu Economic Development Zone, China Oriental Silk
Market, on-line supervision of the construction area most embodies the
characteristics Wujiang.
As long as we come to inspect the traffic facilities, remain in the
building, the attachment in the green, the stop at the lights on, hang
around in public facilities, the pause in the contiguous plant on the
River City will appreciate the evolution of an era of style, is it
really worth the Imagination, applaud, praise worthy, the founding six
years for the world.
Second, the founding six decades, glorious achievements
Founding six years, the motherland great triumphs and great changes,
is hard to talk about in the classroom full time, here, let the great
achievements attracting worldwide attention with out a way to
1, economic development: the founding six years after China's economic
construction, "11" Five-Year plan, particularly since reform
and opening large-scale development by leaps and bounds, in 2008 GDP
exceeded 23 trillion yuan, average annual growth rate of more than 8%,
the national economic output after the United States, Japan, the
world's third jump. Grain, cotton, meat, steel, coal, chemical
fertilizer, cement and other major agricultural and industrial output
ranked first in the world, China has truly become a "world
1980 National People's Congress approved the establishment of Shenzhen
Special Economic Zone started in 1992 from the coastal city to the
border city, to the inland capital city of 15 fully open, the overall
pattern of China's reform and opening up the formation. With the
advance of economic opening up, foreign trade have been expanding in
2001, China officially joined the World Trade Organization, in 2008
China's total imports and exports more than 2.5 trillion U.S. dollars,
an increase of 18%, 17 consecutive years among developing countries
first, as the world's third largest trading nation, while the quality
of large-scale use of foreign trade increased throughout the year
2008, more than 90 billion U.S. dollars of foreign investment, foreign
direct investment in science and technology increased, the
multinational companies to invest more. 2007 Breakthrough 1.4 trillion
foreign exchange reserves in China, located in the world.
Founding six years, with constant price exchange rates, China's
economy from 19.7 billion U.S. dollars in 1950 to 3.3 trillion U.S.
dollars in 2007, an increase of 167 times, China's GDP in 13 years to
10 trillion yuan level across the state power were significantly
Market demand and under the guidance of national macro adjustment
policies, the great development of basic industries of agriculture,
Yuan Longping and his super 800 kg of rice per mu Chao, attracted
worldwide attention; electronic information technology, and energy
industries for the rapid development of high-tech industries Galaxy
super computer, integrated circuits, intelligent robotics, laser
technology, and nuclear power, wind hydro and solar energy into the
applications, transforming traditional industries industries.
Key national construction projects made significant achievements,
Capital Airport and Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Nantong
Yangtze River Bridge and Hangzhou Bay Bridge, the Southern Xinjiang
Railway and the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, the Three Gorges water
conservancy projects, cross-country "natural gas" Qinshan,
Zhejiang, Guangdong Daya Bay, Jiangsu Tianwan nuclear power
engineering, to management and also covers the lakes, seaports,
railways, highways, airports create, urban renewal, energy,
construction of various sections, these projects have far reaching
effects of major, will included in the development history of China
and the world.
2, politics: the founding six years, the Chinese people to rid itself
of the status of oppression and exploitation, and truly become the
masters of the country. NPC and CPPCC sessions system to ensure that
the people are the masters of power, the total liberation of Chinese
women become half of the sky, the Chinese Communist Party to serve the
people adhere to the "Three Represents" as the people loved
to serve the people support the ruling party.
National 56 National Unity, a pro-Chinese people, ethnic minorities to
achieve autonomous, embodied the socialist family. It is worth
mentioning that the peaceful liberation of Tibet in 1951, the final
overthrow of serfdom in Tibet, the Tibetan people have stood up.
Founding six years, China's international status is rising and in
1971, China resumed the legitimate seat at the United Nations to
become a permanent member of UN Security Council to carry out
all-round diplomacy, international affairs and play an increasing
role. The proper response to the financial crisis, the 911 incident, a
series of international crises played the role of responsible power,
China established diplomatic relations than 171 countries, regions,
and actively promote Asia-Pacific, Europe and Pacific region dialogue
and cooperation, safeguarding world peace and promoting common
Political and economic diplomacy to promote reunification of the
motherland, safeguard state sovereignty and national dignity. Are
proud to seize Hong Kong and Macao imperialism, return to its
motherland, Hong Kong's return 97 years, 99 years Macao, so hundreds
of years by the humiliation the Chinese nation stand tall and set foot
on the great journey of rejuvenation.
3, science and technology culture: the founding six years, science and
technology are primary productive forces become the driving force
behind the construction of advanced culture.
China's space industry "bombs and one satellite" has made
great progress, October 16, 1964 China successfully detonated its
first atomic bomb in 1967, China successfully detonated its first
hydrogen bomb, this is the famous "two bombs." 1970, China's
first man-made earth satellite "Dongfanghong" into orbit,
announced the Chinese into the aviation age. Bombs and one satellite
to remember. After 10 years of effort, according to space needs, China
has successfully developed the "Long One," "Long
II," "Long Route" "Long IV" the four rockets,
and later development of nine types of rockets. 1999,
"Shenzhou" spacecraft was successfully launched manned space
flight experiment in 2003, "Shenzhou V" ride Yang Liwei,
China's space to create a new era in 2005, the "Shenzhou VI"
will Fei Junlong and Nie Haisheng two astronauts into space . 2008,
Zhai Zhigang, Liu Boming, Jing Haipeng set by the three astronauts,
"Shenzhou VII" successful completion of space missions, has
taken the first step in the Chinese spacewalk, China became the world
following the Soviet Union and the United States to send a third human
the space of the country. "Chang'e One" is another feat of
space industry in 2007, China's first lunar probe satellite
"Chang'e I" successfully launched a new milestone in China's
space industry.
China entered the Internet age is a great social changes, Chinese
scientists in 1986 started the Chinese Academic Network in 1994 with
the international network of our full-featured connection, to become a
member of the international Internet community, the Chinese society
into the information age, in 1998 China's information Ministry of
Industry was established in 2005 the total number of Internet users in
China passed the one million mark, ranking second in the world.
Everyone can access e-mail, video exchanges, access to information,
online transactions can have a blog and personal web pages, and
China's Internet and information society have made remarkable
Education, health and culture of the great achievements of the country
to implement in. National popularize nine-year compulsory education,
to develop high school education, basic structural integrity of the
formation of professional and complete a vocational education system.
Higher Education's launch of the "211 Project", a
comprehensive education reform to promote the establishment of a set
of awards, loans, to help make up for "relief" top student
funding policy of helping the vulnerable system. In recent years,
institutions of higher learning of this, specialized school students
of 2000 people in more than 170 times in 1949. In 2008 reached 550
million college graduates, more than 110 million school graduate, was
transported to the expertise of modern construction.
After the founding of new China, the party and the government to give
top priority to people's health and safety. The national average life
expectancy increased more than 35 years before liberation to 72 years,
nearly 1.3 billion people, the health level of developed countries,
the basic medical insurance system to establish and launch the new
rural cooperative medical system in the country towns and villages
have emerged a large number of health, medical and health facilities
improved. China has basically solved the world's most populous country
health problems. World Health Organization report that the Chinese
people in general health in the forefront of developing countries.
Meanwhile, China has become the modern world's most populous and radio
and television coverage, comprehensive coverage of up to 94% of the
population, covering more than 1.2 billion population.
Sports day by day, into the physical powers. National implementation
of the "comprehensive Fitness Program" and "Olympic
Glory Program" in 2001 bid for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games a
success. Implementation Olympics, a hundred years dreams. Let the
world feel the improvement of China's soft power, China has
successfully held the 2008 Olympic Games, the world cheers for China,
the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Chinese athletes were 51 gold, 21
silver, 28 bronze, ranking first in medals table, the China's athletes
won 120 world champions, 11 were two teams record 16 of 16 world
Third, the founding six years off people's livelihood.
Founding six years, the solution of the 1.3 billion people out of
poverty, with six years of time to reduce poverty from 200 million to
2,000 million, largely well-off to achieve the people's livelihood.
According to World Bank figures released show that nearly 25 years to
achieve poverty reduction and achievement of all mankind, 67% should
be attributed to China, this is our country's contribution to the New
World did much ah.
Since reform and opening, urban and rural incomes continued to
increase in 1998 to 2007, per capita disposable income of urban
residents increased from the 343.4 yuan to 13,786 yuan, rural per
capita net income was 133.6 yuan to 4,140 yuan, in 2008 per capita
disposable income of urban residents by 14.5%, 8.4% real growth. Per
capita net income of rural residents increased by 15%, real growth of
8%. Steady growth in consumer spending, household property, including
the rapid growth of financial assets, the Chinese people's life took a
radical change, no longer "The sun, at sunset," the
traditional way of life. We can from the people's "clothing,
food, housing and the" four well in terms of people's livelihood.
1, housing: just when the founding of the urban residential area is
small, simple facilities, tenements north, the south is the garret,
crowded messy, so-called "Four Generations in a 10 square meters,
the Five family home shabby homes," adobe house in rural areas in
the north, south grass shed more dilapidated, mixed livestock, poor
sanitary conditions. Founding six years, much improved living
environment, living area, large living conditions improve. Out of
urban residents without kitchen, bathroom, no drainage of the old
house, moved into the new building, live in beautiful living area.
High-level residential, duplex buildings, there are Garden District,
there are characteristics of a single gate single villa homes. More
rapid development in rural areas, live in tile-roofed house seven
eighties, nineties living building, live in the new century villa
rooms, air conditioning, color TV, washing machines, refrigerators and
other modern appliances ranging. 60's residents can not do without
"watches, sewing machines, radios, bicycles," the fourth
eldest pieces, 80 years into a color television sets, recorders,
washing machines, motorcycles, have been computers, home theater,
digital cameras, new cars replace the four pieces on the Wu River, the
78 9 square meters per capita housing area to the area now has reached
45.5 square meters per capita.
2, line: the founding of six years, improved traffic conditions,
highway is the main symbol of modernization, by the end of 2007,
China's highway mileage more than 53,600 km, forming a "connect
the capital of capital, provincial connected, connected mainly cities,
counties and cities covering important "the expressway network,
in 2008 the country has 168 030 000 motor vehicles, private motor
vehicles 127 680 000, of which 40,180,000 private car and private
motorcycle 87,220,000, Wujiang 1 per 6 people car. Railway is the main
artery of traffic. Completed in 1995, the Beijing-Kowloon railway,
across the nine provinces and cities, connecting Hong Kong and
Beijing. Qinghai-Tibet Railway completed in 2008, created several
"world's most" Tibetan people are referred to as Tin Road,
EMU, high-speed railway construction for the convenience of the people
to bring traffic. And the daily lives of the people closely linked to
public transport, bus, taxi, subway, light rail and other new and
efficient means of transport, domestic air travel, overseas travel,
tourism and leisure resort, the enjoyment, people greatly increase the
radius of the activities.
3, food: just the founding, the people living in poverty, do not eat
the abdomen, bread and water, adequate food and clothing in rural
areas have not, then the supply of the national implementation plan,
made all kinds of tickets, food, cooking oil, poultry, eggs, meat, soy
products are limit supply. Since the reform and opening up, not only
solve the problem of food and clothing, you can also eat,
nutritionally balanced, thick with, pay attention to green, and today
a great wealth of material life, farms, supermarkets, hypermarkets
dazzling food everything, large circulation can buy the national
market around the food, and hotels, restaurants, hotels, hot pot city
like a mushroom, all kinds of cuisine to meet the demand, people are
increasingly demanding food, increasingly rich diet and healthy
lifestyle for today's fashion.
4 clothing: just the founding, people with muslin, cheesecloth
material for the clothing, home sewn up, and rarely purchase new
clothes, the so-called "new three-year, three years old, stitched
up a further three years", dressed simply monotonous and
stereotyped. Since reform and opening, with the wealthy family times,
people wear more and more rich, diversified color style, fashion
models brought fashion whirlwind popular team, a well-off life,
thinking people's minds, people dress rapid change, the pursuit of
individual variable , school uniforms, factory wear, work clothes,
sportswear, leisure wear, gift apparel like disguises nowadays.
Clothing, shoes, hats, clothing brand stores in full bloom, and
economic development of technological progress, all kinds of clothing
fabric leather, wool, silk, cotton, nanotechnology utilized so that
flowers are blooming apparel, clothing become a sign of improved
quality of life .
Wu Jiang, the people's life quality has improved significantly, there
is leisure for leisure and cultural plaza and park, there is a library
for lifelong learning, there are recreational facilities for young ---
youth activity center, a physical fitness Wujiang Stadium artistic
appreciation of cinema and theater, digital television popularity of
Wujiang beautiful scenery and pleasant climate, is a Southern famous
"Water City Green" is a National Civilized City, National
Sanitary City, National Excellent Tourism City, is the National Urban
Environment Management Excellent city.
In rural areas, for example, villages highway, village complete power
grids, a post office, village there are radio and television, and
village schools within 3 km, 8 km from secondary schools, 47.1% of
village nursery and kindergarten, 65.7% of village Fitness Centers,
34.7% of village library and cultural center. 100 rural people are
147.1 color TV sets, telephones 93.5, 154.3 mobile phones, computer
29.7 Taiwan 88.6 motorcycles, automobiles 10.3, farmers Juzhumianji
203 square meters per household, 99.35% have their dwelling houses.
In summary, six years of glory, without the party leadership, is
inseparable from the socialist road with Chinese characteristics,
reform and opening up can not be separated. To this end, we need more
love for the Chinese Communist Party, socialism more love, more love
of reform and opening up, and more loving people of all nationalities,
and more loving of our great motherland.

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