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					Forbes richest man in China is easy to open the main list
??Hengda Real Estate listing in Hong Kong and India net worth soared
Xu, Wang beyond into the new richest man
????Yesterday, Forbes China rich list released in 2009, the domestic
capital market in recent years, water from the wind BYD Wang to have
39.6 billion of wealth as a new Section champion, got the throne of
China's richest man. But it is interesting, because Hengda Real Estate
listing in Hong Kong yesterday to the stock's closing price of 4.7
Hong Kong dollars, the Chairman of the Board and his wife, Xu India
net worth up to 47.949 billion Hong Kong dollars (about 42.2 billion
yuan), have gone far beyond Wang's wealth. Regal Fortune list released
on the day already "outdated", which quite a number of
dramatic color.
BYD Wang as the richest man
????Latest Forbes China Rich List, last year ranked at 23 BYD has only
7.21 billion yuan Wang wealth transformed this year, up 39.6 billion
wealth, has become one of China's new richest man.
????He rose to this consumer, China's richest man by Forbes last year,
Liu Yongxing East Hope Group, the wealth of this year than last year,
although more than 100 billion yuan, reaching 37.55 billion yuan, but
still relegated to second place. This is the third overall pick in
this year's list ranked No. 16 last year, the Wahaha Zong, whose net
assets increased from last year's 8.84 billion yuan to 32.77 billion
yuan today.
India and the sudden emergence of Hengda Xu
????Wang had just boarded the richest man yesterday BYD top spot to
hit Indian emperor to abdicate Evergrande Xu. Day, listed in Hong Kong
because of Hengda Real Estate, Xu moment India soared to 42.2 billion
net worth, 2.6 billion more than the Wang.
????Yesterday morning, Hengda Real Estate officially listed in the
Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and eventually to 4.7 Hong Kong dollars
closed. To the closing price, as the Chairman of the Board Hengda Xu
India has a wealth of up to 47.9494 billion Hong Kong dollars,
equivalent to RMB 42.2 billion yuan. Morning compared Forbes China
rich list released, Xu beyond just landed on China and India a net
worth of the richest man on the throne to become China's new richest
man, Wang. Earlier in the day, Xu printed on the Forbes ranking
standings for the first 86, with wealth of 62.8 billion, compared to
two early in the morning one night of their net worth rose 35.92
billion yuan.
Net worth doubled in the top 40 richest
????China's top 40 billionaires did not seem to be the global
financial crisis. In the past year, their total assets doubled from 52
billion U.S. dollars to 106 billion U.S. dollars, thanks to active
Chinese stock market. Top 40 richest in the entire net worth to 10
billion U.S. dollars, while last year, only 24 bits.
????Tycoon has 13 ranking in this year's list fell out of the Top 40,
including seven of the rich wealth increase. Although dropped out of
the top 40, but the 9 is still the richest one billion U.S. dollars
level. Striking is Huang Guangyu, ranked second last year, he was the
founder of Gome, is still under investigation, is said to involve the
manipulation of stock and other crimes. Huang Guangyu, ranked second
only to the 130.
China's richest man in the United States ranked only 40
????Regal China, a net worth of call, but compared to America's
wealthiest, are still quite weak. Yesterday, Forbes released the first
U.S. rich contrast to the situation said the richest man in China BYD
Wang rich such as participation in the United States ranked only 40th
????Forbes said the United States before the 400 richest net worth
almost everyone over 10 billion U.S. dollars, while China's former
richest threshold of 400 only 3 million. China's former richest of the
total assets of 400 about 314 billion U.S. dollars, equivalent to only
the rich United States the total assets of the former 400 1 / 4. In
addition to the difference between the number of wealth, the rich
countries there are differences in the field together. In the U.S.,
real estate in top 40 rich list has disappeared, while China has 154
individual and family real estate tycoons on the list. In addition
there are 41 billionaires from the U.S. media industry, and China this
proportion is very low.
????Forbes said the United States and China to create wealth, although
in most areas of convergence, but China's rich have the proportion of
service sector is still much lower than the United States, showing in
this area has great potential to create wealth in China. Given China's
rapid economic growth, and future possible appreciation of the
renminbi and other factors, the wealth of Forbes that the balance is
tilted to China.
?2009 Forbes China Rich List top 10
????Rank Name wealth (billion yuan) Company
????1 396.0 BYD Wang
????Liu Yongxing 375.5 2 East Hope Group
????Zong 327.7 Wahaha Group 3
????279.9 4 Lv Xiangyang Jie financial investment, BYD
????Yang Yan 266.3 Country Garden 5
????6 Hui Wing Mau 262.9 Shimao Group
????7 Tencent Ma 259.4
????Wang Zhong Liu Zhongtian Group 8 258.8
????Zhang Jindong, Suning 9 252.6
????Wang Jianlin 239.0 10 Dalian Wanda Group Family
2009 Hurun China Rich List top 10
????Rank Name wealth (million)
????Wang 350 1
????2 Yin family 330
????3 Family 320 Hui Wing Mau
????Yang Yan family 310 4
????5 Huang Wei, Li Ping, 300 couples
????Liu Yongxing family 300 5
????5 300 Lu Zhiqiang
????300 Chu Mang Yee family of 5
????Wang Jianlin 290 9 *
????Liu Zhongtian family 280 10