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Forbes Rich List released into double richest Wang


									Forbes Rich List released into double richest Wang
"Forbes" magazine announced yesterday the "2009 China
Rich List" shows that the global financial crisis does not seem
to affect China's billionaires, most of the wealth of the rich has not
shrunk, but the stock market to pick up significantly thanks to
"expansion." The richest top 40 the total assets doubled
last year.
Turn the new year, 5.5 times the net worth of the richest man

Regal in the Mainland, this year was undoubtedly the most beautiful
BYD chairman Wang. In addition to board yesterday, Forbes China rich
list released outside the top, in a recently released Hurun rich list
in China, he also come out on top. Wang crown plus body, became the
undisputed "2009 China's richest man." In the Forbes China
rich list last year, Wang is only ranked 23, when its assets was 72.1
billion yuan. A year later, his net worth has increased to 39.6
billion yuan, 5.5 times doubled.

Wang, 43, the main business of clean energy and batteries BYD, BYD is
the most promising breakthroughs in the field of new energy vehicles.
This year, BYD gained Warren Warren Buffett's investment, the stock
price be raised by 6 times.

Wang to its board yesterday, did not top the Forbes China rich list to
respond, but he had boarded the Forbes Global Rich List 2009, once
said: "My dream is to solve the energy problems facing mankind.
Dreams achieved, enormous wealth, that's for sure. But the wealth is
passing, not my pursuit! "

Total assets of the top 40 richest double

Forbes China Rich List Russell Flannery said the producers in the past
year, the Forbes top 40 list total assets of Chinese tycoons from 520
billion to 106 billion U.S. dollars, the net worth of billionaires top
40 all 10 million or more, list last year reached the threshold of the
rich and only 24 bits.
Net worth double the performance of China's richest with the global
rich in sharp contrast. By the financial crisis, Forbes released in
March this year, the global rich list, rich list, the total assets in
2008 has shrunk by nearly half the world's richest man Bill Gates this
year than last year also reduced the net worth of 18 billion dollars.

Also due to higher net worth of China's richest active Chinese stock
market. October 20, 2008 stock index closed at 1974 points, a year
later, October 20, 2009 in the main stock index closed at 3038 points.
The same time period, Shenzhen Component Index more than doubled from
6426 points, rose to 12,676 points. With soaring stock is rich with
the wealth of listed companies, Hui Wing Mau, Mr Chen Liang Wengen,
Zhang Jindong's money than last year, an increase of over 130 million,
and wealth last year, the highest amount of Yang, who also recovered
some lost ground this year.
Fell to 130 other Aspect Huang

List showed that 13 billionaires this year, fell out of the 40 strong,
which also includes 7 of the rich wealth increase. Although dropped
out of the top 40, but is still one of the nine "$ 1,000,000,000
class" the rich. Top 40 in or out of the rich, was undoubtedly
the paramount concern of Huang Guangyu, the Forbes China Rich List
2006, the rich, Forbes China rich list in 2008 second in the man,
whose name value 1.655 billion Hong Kong dollar assets frozen by the
court. Meanwhile, Bain stake in the United States, Huang and his
associates of holding a further decline to 25.3%, resulting in net
worth fell 13.24 billion yuan. Police are still investigating Huang
received the latest total assets of 49.5 billion yuan, China in this
year's Forbes 130 richest ranked.

This year, Volvo is the first time in 8 to enter the Forbes China rich
list of the top 40, including several this year thanks to strong
capital markets, the highest ranking for Liu Zhongtian (), his
aluminum products manufacturing company Zhong Wang The Group's initial
public offering in August to raise funds in the 1.3 billion. In
addition, the number 18 the controlled melting Zhang Glorious Property
Holdings Limited in October this year, has just been listed.

¡ö Comparison of Sino-US Rich List

One-quarter of China's richest assets

This year's "Forbes" magazine is also the first time the two
countries were compared with the richest, although rich in strength
between the two countries there is still a huge gap, but it is easy to
see that China's rich are stepping up the pace to catch up.

"Forbes" rich list in China 400 threshold, from 1.5 billion
yuan in 2007, fell to 1.22 billion yuan in 2008, after a rebound this
year to a record 20.5 billion yuan. In contrast, the United States
almost 400 per capita net worth of billionaires over 10 billion U.S.
dollars. Total assets of China's 400 richest 314 billion U.S. dollars
equivalent, only the United States the number of 400 richest quarter
of the total assets, Wang's net worth, can only be discharged in the
United States, No. 40.

Forward tilt the balance of wealth in China

However, due to China's rapid economic growth and the future possible
appreciation of the renminbi and other factors, the wealth of the
balance is tilted to China.

BYD at 2.3 billion investment, Buffett, for example, over the past
year in the United States lost 100 billion dollars, the average wealth
of $ 1,100,000 per hour, evaporated, and its investment in BYD, it
created more than its a huge 800% return, the new wealth of 1.9
billion; Wang Chuanfu personal wealth increased year 32.39 billion
yuan, up 3.7 million yuan per hour.
Beginning in areas of convergence of the creation of wealth

By comparison also found that most the United States and China, areas
of wealth creation is convergence, such as manufacturing, network
technology, new energy, retail, food & beverage and investment.
However, the number of China's service sector generated by the ratio
of the rich are still much lower than in the U.S., to create wealth in
this area shows great potential in China. The United States and the
largest difference is that real estate developers in the U.S. rich
list of top 40 is basically gone, and China has 154 individuals and
families in the real estate tycoons push bar 400 rich list, and growth
in the amount of wealth top 16 billionaires, there are 6 main people
involved in real estate or real estate industry, New to the list
directly into the top 100 billionaires in the 11, there are three real
estate tycoons. This is also the land of China and the United States
in different systems and different stages of development of
urbanization caused.

"Forbes" the research found that more and more wealth
creation platform for internationalization and globalization. More and
more American entrepreneurs in China is to catch the express train;
and more and more Chinese entrepreneurs in the technology and business
model innovation, business management and strategy, U.S. companies are
still learning. With the rise of Chinese entrepreneurs, Chinese and
American entrepreneurs to open up to each other in terms of the
market, or in the field to enter the third party, or to promote
industrial upgrading and innovation around the world, are both
partners and rivals to form relationships.

4 Regal Evergreen into Forbes

"Forbes" the first report on the birth of China's rich list
in 1993, at the time of the "93 richest Chinese in the
world" part of China, 19 billion net worth of the richest among
them, their business of After many years ago in 1978, ten years to
accumulate a net worth of one hundred million, 17 years later, these
people still have four still active on the Forbes list.

On the list in 1993, the Liu brothers Sichuan Hope Group (Mr Liu, Liu
Yongxing and Chen Yuxin) estimated at 6 billion of wealth ranking. Lau
family style sound, in 2009 Forbes China's richest, Liu brothers and
sisters listed in the Forbes rich list of different locations, Liu
Yongxing, ranked second in 37.55 billion yuan, to 17.75 billion yuan
Liu Yonghao ranked 17th.

17 years ago, Zhang Hongwei wealth estimated at 5 billion ranked
second, in 1994, its companies listed in Shanghai Oriental
Enterprises. Zhang Hongwei then engaged in investment business,
although its assets have shrunk in recent years, but the hands
clenched Zhang Hongwei financial assets so that it still has a place
on the list, he ranked No. 85 this year.

The other 17 years, Chinese are also evergreen ranked No. 3 this year,
the Zong and No. 383 Xi Zhang fruit. (Xinhua Gu Xiaoyu)


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