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									Focus on the government work report Premier Wen Jiabao
(2009-05-07 20:09:04)
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The task of improving people's livelihood
Continue to raise the basic pension for enterprise retirees
According to Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, March 5 - Premier Wen Jiabao
on March 5 at the Second Session of the Eleventh National People's
Congress to make the government work report that this year we will
concentrate on a number of much-needed economic and social
development, the vital interests of the masses The major practical, so
that the people get more benefits.
Wen Jiabao proposed to do everything possible to promote employment.
Full service, labor-intensive industries, small and medium
enterprises, non-public economy in creating jobs in the role.
Implement a more active employment policy, the central government will
allocate 42 billion yuan of funds. The first is to promote the
employment of college graduates in a prominent position. Second, open
up employment opportunities of migrant workers and stability in their
existing jobs. The third is to help urban employment difficulties,
zero employment families and disaster workers employment. Fourth,
support their own businesses, self-employment, to promote
entrepreneurship to create jobs. Their own businesses, migrant workers
return home business to further lower the barrier to give greater
support. Fifth, to further improve the employment of public service.
Wen said that to improve the social security system. First, promote
institution building. Improve the basic old-age insurance system, set
up the implementation of pension insurance for migrant workers. Pilot
the new rural social pension insurance will cover about 10% of the
counties (cities). Transferring pension introduced continuation
approach. The second is to expand social security coverage. Employees
focus on doing the non-public economy, migrant workers, landless
farmers, flexible employment and insurance freelance work. Third,
increase social security benefits. Next two years continue to raise
the basic pension for enterprise retirees, the per capita annual
growth of 10%. Continue to improve unemployment insurance and
industrial injury insurance allowance. Further improve the urban and
rural low, the beneficiaries and other support, raise pensions and
living allowances for entitled groups.
Wen Jiabao stressed the need to give priority to education. During the
year should focus on five aspects: First, to promote educational
equity. Implement the policy of free compulsory education in urban and
rural areas. The primary, junior high school students, respectively,
per capita public spending increased to 300 yuan and 500 yuan.
Gradually solve the input to children of migrant workers to free
compulsory education. Second, optimize the educational structure.
Vigorously develop vocational education, in particular, focus on
supporting rural secondary vocational education. The progressive
introduction of free secondary vocational education. The third is to
strengthen the teacher ranks. Implementation of compulsory education
teacher performance pay system. Fourth, to promote quality education.
Fifth, the implementation of the national primary and secondary
schools are safe and promote standardization of primary and secondary
schools in rural areas.
Wen said that to promote the development of pharmaceutical and health
care reform. Beginning this year, focus on the following five tasks:
to promote basic medical security system; establishment of a national
essential drug system; improve primary health care and health service
system; the promotion of basic public health services equalization;
promote reform of public hospitals.
Beginning this year, implementation of hospital delivery in rural
subsidy policy, do regular prenatal care and maternal postpartum
visits for infants and toddlers under 3 years growth and development
checks. We need to improve grassroots self-government mechanism to
expand the scope of grassroots self-government, improve the management
system of grassroots democracy. Depth activities to build peace,
strengthen the comprehensive management of social order.
Scientific decision-making tasks
Must not engage in costly "image projects"
According to Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, March 5 - Premier Wen Jiabao
on March 5 at the Second Session of the Eleventh National People's
Congress to make the government work report, said that over the past
year, the Government Reform and construction has made new
achievements, but expectations of the people there and not a small
gap. Transformation of government functions is not in place,
administrative efficiency to be improved, formalism, bureaucracy and
more prominent, corruption in some localities, departments and areas
serious. Tremendous effort is needed to resolve these issues. Should
focus on economic growth, ensuring the people's livelihood and
maintaining stability, strengthening governance.
Adhere to the rule of law. Standardize administrative actions in
implementing the Administrative Licensing Law, continue to promote the
reform of administrative examination and approval system to reduce the
administrative licensing and approval, particularly to reduce the
investment approval, project approval, and implementation of corporate
investment decisions. Promote fair competition, eliminate regional
barriers, break the industry monopoly. Create a favorable environment
for development, enhance the confidence of investors and enhance
consumer confidence in society, and enhance people's confidence in
national development.
Scientific and democratic decision-making. The decisions we make,
according to standardized procedures, the process of democratic
openness, the results of scientific and equitable. Government
formation and implementation of major policy decisions should
strengthen investigation and research, so heed people their opinions,
wisdom, and respect the objective laws, improve the predictability of
decision-making, scientific and effective. To promote openness in
government affairs, increase transparency. The government is investing
this year, a large, new projects and more, to ensure proper oversight,
must not engage in costly "image projects" and divorced from
reality "achievement projects" and never allow the use of
public spending for units and individuals for personal gain.
Governments at all levels should consciously accept supervision by the
NPC and CPPCC democratic supervision, so run to where the executive
power, and supervision on the implementation of go, where the use of
financial resources, where the audit to follow up.
Strengthening of good governance and anti-corruption work. System to
regulate and restrict the exercise of power, for corruption prone
areas and links, preventing corruption from the source. Resolutely
investigate and prosecute corruption cases, according to punish
corrupt elements.
The task of structural adjustment
20 billion yuan of special funds to support technological upgrading of
According to Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, March 5 - Premier Wen Jiabao
on March 5 at the Second Session of the Eleventh National People's
Congress to make the government work report said that to speed up the
transformation of development and energetically push forward strategic
economic restructuring.
Wen said this year should focus on industrial restructuring. First,
earnestly implement the auto, steel, shipbuilding, petrochemical,
light industry, textile, non-ferrous metals, equipment manufacturing,
electronic information, modern logistics, industrial restructuring and
revitalization plan. Second, to vigorously promote enterprise
organizational restructuring and mergers and acquisitions. Third, take
more effective measures to support SME development. Step up financial
support policies to increase the size of loans. Fourth, to actively
support the enterprises to speed up technological innovation and
building innovation-oriented enterprises. The central government will
allocate 20 billion yuan of special funds, mainly in interest
subsidies to support technological upgrading of enterprises. Five is
to accelerate the development of modern service industry.
Wen Jiabao put forward, we should vigorously promote technological
innovation. The central government invested 146.1 billion yuan
technology, an increase of 25.6%. A long-term science and technology
to accelerate the implementation of the National Development Plan, in
particular, major science and technology. Second, we must deepen the
science and technology system, enterprises play the main role of
technological innovation. Three to do bigger and stronger equipment
manufacturing industry. Integration of equipment manufacturing
industry to improve innovation and domestic levels. Fourth, we should
support and promote new energy, biology, medicine, third generation
mobile communication, network convergence (enterprise network, local
network, the Chinese interpersonal network), energy saving and
environmental protection technology development and industrialization.
Fifth, we must continue to implement the technology and education
strategy, this strategy and intellectual property strategy.
Wen Jiabao stressed the need to work tirelessly to energy saving and
eco-environmental protection. First, give prominence to industrial,
transport, building three major areas of energy, continue to promote
the ten key energy conservation projects. The second is to develop
recycling economy and clean energy. Actively develop nuclear power,
wind power, solar power and other clean energy sources. Third, improve
the energy-saving environmental protection policies, in accordance
with the energy saving index system, evaluation system, monitoring
system, pay close attention to implementation. Fourth is to expand
national energy-saving and emissions reduction, state organs, public
enterprises and institutions should play an exemplary role. Five is to
continue to strengthen the focus on watershed, regional pollution
prevention and control, enhance desertification, desertification
control, the implementation of key shelter forests, natural forest
protection, and Beijing and Tianjin sandstorm source control and other
ecological projects. Sixth, the implementation of national programs to
address climate change and improve the response to climate change.
Wen said the country this year to rectify and standardize market order
and the special action, "Quality and Safety Year"
activities. Further strengthen the supervision of safety in key
industries. Depth food and drug safety, and improve and strictly
implement the product quality and safety standards. Strict market
access rules and product traceability and recall systems.
Wen Jiabao put forward to encourage the country in response to
external shocks in the new path for development. The eastern region
should focus on the development of advanced manufacturing, modern
services and hi-tech industries, accelerating industrial upgrading and
institutional innovation. Further support to the Midwest and Northeast
regions expand infrastructure, ecological construction and
environmental protection investment, new construction such as
transportation, water conservancy key projects, accelerate the
construction of a number of food, energy and raw materials, equipment
manufacturing industry base and other advantages and characteristics
of industrial base. We will promptly formulate industries to relocate
to central and western regions of specific policies. Develop and
implement a national zones. Vigorously support old revolutionary base
areas, ethnic minority areas, border areas and poor areas.
Deepen the reform tasks
Support of private capital in state-owned enterprise reform
According to Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, March 5 - Premier Wen Jiabao
on March 5 at the Second Session of the Eleventh National People's
Congress to make the government work report that we will unswervingly
pursue reform and opening, break through the deepening of reform
development challenges, in further opening up opportunities to win.
Wen said that to promote the price reform of resource products.
Continue to deepen the price reform and gradually improve the
electricity price, electricity transmission and distribution and sale
of electricity price formation mechanism, straighten out the coal
price relationships in due course. Actively promote the reform of
water prices, water conservancy projects and gradually increase the
price for non-agricultural water use, improve the management of water
resources fee collection system. Accelerate the establishment of a
sound system of paid use of mineral resources and the ecological
compensation mechanism, actively carry out pilot emissions trading.
Reforms of the taxation system. Full implementation of the VAT reform.
To foreign enterprises and urban construction tax and education
surcharge and other systems. Reform of resource tax system. Of
promoting the real estate tax reform. Continue to clean up
administrative fees and government funds. Deepening the reform of the
budget system, to achieve the government's public budget, the
state-owned capital operation budget, the Government fund the budget
and social security budget programs and vigorously promote the budget
public. Improve the fiscal transfer payment system. Promote the direct
control of the county financial management reform.
Promote the financial system. Steady development of small and medium
sized financial enterprises of various ownership and the new rural
financial institutions. Actively encourage the healthy development of
financing. Promote capital market reforms, stabilize stock markets.
Develop and standardize the bond market. Steadily develop the futures
market. Deepen the reform of the insurance industry. Promote the
interest rate reform. Maintain the RMB exchange rate basically stable
at an adaptive and equilibrium level. Improve the financial regulatory
coordination mechanisms.
Advance the state-owned enterprise reform and support the non-public
economic development. Speed up the railways, electricity, salt and
other business reforms. Improve the civil aviation, telecommunications
management system, development of regulatory policies supporting the
introduction of telecommunications reform. Encourage, support and
guide non-public economic development. Implement policies that relax
market access, and actively support the participation of private
capital of state-owned enterprise reform, access to infrastructure,
public utilities, financial services and the social sector.
Strive to maintain steady growth of foreign trade. The first full use
of fiscal and taxation policies to support internationally accepted
export; moderate expansion of the scale of foreign trade development
fund, focusing on small and medium enterprises to explore
international markets and foster the export brand. The second is to
improve the import and export of financial services. Encourage
financial institutions to the development of export credit. Third,
steady progress in upgrading of processing trade. Prohibited from
Processing Trade adjustment and the restricted category; encourage
export processing industries to central and western regions. Fourth,
pay close attention to improve the policies and measures to encourage
trade in services; to develop international service outsourcing.
Fifth, efforts to expand imports. Focusing on introducing advanced
technology and equipment, increase the critical spare parts and
components, and important energy resources and raw materials. Sixth,
improve trade facilitation. Seventh, create a favorable international
trade environment.
Further clean up and standardize the administrative charges for
foreign investment and inspection matters. Enhance the level of
development and national development zones in central and western
border openness. Support all kinds of enterprises to invest and
conduct cross-border mergers and acquisitions.
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