Five GDI business legitimacy by fdjerue7eeu


									Five GDI business legitimacy
According to "Internet Law", no country has the power of
interference. State promulgated the "Regulations on Direct
Selling Administration," and "Prohibition of Pyramid Selling
Regulations" in the management of domestic coverage is some of
the traditional direct marketing companies, and the United States
there is no relationship between GDI. Both the same domestic
regulations on foreign direct selling companies have no legal effect,
the introduction of these two laws the day, a reporter asked
specifically to the text, the headquarters for a number of foreign
companies and domestic Chinese sales network customers to buy products
are also belong to "international illegal "within the scope
of direct sales law specialist, said Hu Yuanjiang, which belongs to
the range of internal coordination of the company, not the law of the
management areas.

1, a member of the United States only GDI users to buy the domain
address space, any person may apply for international added.
2, United States GDI domain website users to pay 10 dollars a month
rent domain space, complete absence of buying imported goods customs
taxation. (China customs regulations for imported products in the £¤
1000 yuan only need to pay customs duties)
3, the U.S. online GDI is the global Internet, can immediately develop
the international market. This is a personal act, the Government has
no power to shut down foreign companies, and has no authority and no
power to interfere with foreign companies allowed you to buy the
domain address space. (domain address space of all well-known foreign
companies, like almost all. com, etc.)

4, Direct Legal: China issued a direct method, we must first recognize
the direct marketing. Any one thing, there is reasonable. People's
Daily reporter Li Yan article makes three points: direct marketing is
a legitimate career, direct marketing is that everyone can for the
industry, direct marketing is the future employment trends.

5, the legitimate policy: We are WTO members, under international law.
Our participation in the Internet, the Internet knows no borders.
American GDI are e-commerce, according to Internet law, no right to
interfere in any country, it is transnational not taxed, China has
joined WTO, the Government will not intervene unless China quit WTO.
GDI just entered the U.S. market is growing rapidly in Asia,
e-commerce is a major trend in today's world, electronic composite
will be the future commercial development direction.

Opportunity only to people who are visionary, friends, and there are
American GDI as the basic conditions: as long as you have a national
ID number (the ghost of the population on the planet is unable to
participate in the Oh! ^_^), Deduction must be approved by way of GDI,
GDI's by an American members as your referees. American joined GDI and
7 days free trial for 7 days rental site domain space $ 10 monthly
service fee, are not satisfied you can withdraw at any time and cancel
the account.

American GDI is not like other direct selling companies as the start
of the annual fee required to pay large sums of products with the
purchase, when you find yourself not too late for this work, the money
to get it back. The American GDI you not satisfied at any time
withdraw, there is no breach of contract issues will not have losses.

GDI does not exist in the American problem of direct sales system only
ones who enjoy the issue, because everyone is a consumer (user) and
operator, so 10 dollars is a domain name leased space for their own
consumption amount, and then recommend other people to use their own
to use (we should have described the experience of each other), when
the company made money, and then profit, according to those
recommended (= operator) the amount brought by consumers, split to the
operators, this is only the company's business strategy, a company
willing to operate in this way, the profit sharing to all consumers,
this mode of operation is far-sighted selfish boss did not do it, but
also the development of the company to stable and rapid growth of the
To and most of the chain stores, restaurants, etc. (such as 7 - 11),
as consumer spending to buy things, the money is earned the company
the first to go, the company earnings, then the profit according to
the shop and give to the shop operator, and In chain stores, the
operators only the manager or a franchisee, just as single-layer
American GDI system like insurance companies, from the lowest level of
business - Director - Manager - Area Manager - General Manager, which
is layers of layers of a performance incentive of a.

GDI in the American, each consumer is also the operator (as long as
you are willing to devote their time), so are supposed to get the
bonus, because you pay to help companies make money, companies are
willing to profit sharing bonus to you (in general introduce you to
the store to spend more employers who will not give you a dividend), I
think no one should ask why the company to give me money now, work or
shop is not just to make money? For companies with what system the
money, this is just a way to direct not only does not exist the
so-called direct problem.

As for China's illegal pyramid scheme, in fact, we all know, that is
only a poll to find the entrance fee to pay large sums to buy
expensive with a small number of products and the majority of
assembly, the most important gathering of the majority of people this
is a real breach of law , GDI is a very inter-American network of a
single commodity, not only in their own needs, and no improper
assembly, and no large entry fee of deceptive practices, with the
Government of the Act does not directly conflict.

Of course not every work for everyone, but more about a new industry
with an insight with the growth of affairs is, it is important to
understand the company with their own understanding, to understand
their wishes, their ideals and goals in life

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