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									Financial Planner

National financial planner network! Name: National Financial Planners
Network Address: Feng Hui South Road, Xi'an Hi-tech Zone Crystal
Island 10602 38 high-tech room .... Welcome to the national financial
planner network, where we will provide you with the most professional
and authoritative knowledge of financial management and investment
Financial Planner forum - the great debate professional financial
planner into the most attractive new jobs internally - Shenyang
financial planner training - pre-employment. Financial planner
employment prospects Ministry of Labor and Social Security the
authority of professional certification
; Ws820421, 1 / 803, 2007-12-6 13:35:21
China Association of Financial Planner certified financial planner
financial planning certificate details. * Private equity funds rely on
the use of social security funds outside of financial derivatives
hedging financial planners registered in China Finance Association,
called Father of the Euro Mondale Ho Sai Hong
2009 net financial planning examinations, financial planning
questions, the answer financial planning, financial planning
application, financial planning software financial planning exams::
2009 National Financial Planner (II, III) Examination Collection
software; * - financial planning examinations. ... May 2008 two
financial planners, "Theory of Knowledge," National
Vocational Qualification Examination questions and answers
Tianjin financial planner financial planners _ _ _ Human Resources
Public exams _ nutritionist pilot pilot education Education - the
authority of Beijing and Tianjin areas of vocational training
institutions to provide financial planner courses, financial planner
exam, Division of Public nutritionist courses, public Dietician, high
gold content of the certificate of international logistics specialist
courses and training system.
MDRT to China - to help agents carry out the "Internet insurance
marketing" free construction of the China Insurance Insurance
Marketing MDRT Web site is the most brand value of the insurance
marketing site web, insurance, financial planner alliance.
Construction of the insurance free of charge to insurance agent
websites, network insurance marketing; create Chinese brand of
insurance agents, insurance agents increase
National Financial Planner Examination: Examination 2009 online
counseling financial planner financial planners are Rezhao training
costs: Assistant Financial Planner training costs 1,500 yuan,
financial planners training costs 2,000 yuan (which was reported to
help the division level and division-level financial planning
presented the basics of financial planning courses)

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