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                                                                                                              April           6
Creative Nudge or Juicy Jolt?... Let Creativity Boost Your Business!
CREATIVITY is not only for                            7    Create an office that is truly a    CREATIVE NUDGE Coaching
arts and culture. Creativity,                              reflection of you                   and Consulting Services is
innovation, imagination, the                                                                   owned by Brenda Johima, and is
ability to invent and to think                        7    Improve interpersonal               based in the beautiful Comox
creatively is crucial for your                             communications through the          Valley, on Denman Island, just
business to thrive. Creating the                           expressive and creative arts        off Vancouver Island, British
business we dream of, requires                                                                 Columbia, Canada.
imagination and creative                              7    Inspire and encourage artistic
thinking, along with the courage                           expression and creativity in your   Brenda comments…“Our rural
to take the action required to                             work place                          and ocean side lifestyle brings a
reach our goals. During this                                                                   unique perspective to you. We
presentation we will look at                          7    How to open your mind to more       live rural and think city! Most
ways in which to:                                          possibilities with creative         consulting companies are based
                                                           thinking                            in the big cities, and we believe
7      Remove limiting beliefs and                                                             that by living the quiet, peaceful,
       barriers that stop creativity                  7    "Sell without selling"              rural life, we actually have
       and innovation in the work                                                              something very different to bring
       place                                          Creative Nudge or Juicy Jolt? will       to you.”
7      Create a business in which                     be an experiential and interactive
       you encourage and support                      presentation. The evening will close     Join us at the next Women’s
       your own creative ideas and                    with 3 important tips that everyone      Business Network where
       talents                                        can take away with them, and             Brenda Johima will be our
                                                      immediately put to practice in their     guest speaker.

                             Next Meeting
                           April 13, 2006
                       Coast Westerly Hotel 6pm

     Reservations for the dinner meeting on Thursday April 13th at
    6pm at the Coast Westerly Hotel may be made by phone 898-0244
      by Monday March 6th. Please inform us of any special dietary
              requirements when making your reservation.
                               Members $22.00
                             Non-members $27.00
     If you make a reservation and do not attend, the WBN will be charged for
    your meal, therefore, if you have not cancelled by the Monday preceding the
                meeting, you will be invoiced for the missed meeting.
        President’s Message                                                               WBN Goals
                                                                                  3Network with a new person at
                                                                                     each meeting
                           “I never realized we had all these businesses in       3Talk with everyone at your
                           the Valley!” Those were the words of one of our
                           mayors at the Women in Business Showcase. The
                           showcase was a success as numerous businesses          3Do business with members
                           were represented. The energy and enthusiasm of          whenever you can
                           our members was contagious. The level of               3Exchange tips and good ideas
                           professionalism was evident at every table. Public      with each other
                           feedback has been very positive. One comment
                           during the event was “from all the fun you are
                                                                                  3Share the WBN experience
                           having it is obvious you all get along and enjoy        with a guest
                           each other’s company.”                                 3Get involved - it does make a
                                                                                   difference, and it’s fun!
The showcase could not have been the success it was without the effort of the
participants and the organizing committee. Thank you to Audrey Stewart,

Robbie Rusk, Sandra Windsor, Janet Campbell and Wendy Craig for their


At our March dinner meeting, Julia Simpson of Clear Message presented
skills for Building Better Relationships. Through humour, Julia encouraged
us to look within to recognize patterns and change the scripts we have written     Promote your business and start
for ourselves. Although this can be scary, Julia made it easier through the        networking with these great
interactive portion of her presentation. She shared her expertise in changing      advertising rates: business card size
this dynamic, which led to a lot of “ah” moments.                                  for $10/issue or $50/ 6issues. Your
                                                                                   advertising also supports the
Speaking of ah moments...the prestigious Minerva Award will be presented at        publication of this newsletter.
the May meeting. Your nominations for this outstanding award are now being
taken. This is an annual event and your chance to nominate a woman that you
think deserves to be honoured. Check out the newsletter for further
information and nomination forms.

Remember you need to reserve your tickets for June wrap ahead of time.
Transportation is on first come first served basis. Tickets are going fast!
                                                                                      The Link
                                                                                 The Link is published monthly by
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Back to …April coming in fast and furious we have more growth and
building to offer. As we start to move outside, work on our gardens and             ABC Printing of Courtenay
watch what we have planted begin to grow, we should also look back on this
year of growth for the WBN. We have had a bountiful year and it is all             Editor & Board Representative
because of the outstanding contribution of our members. Keep up the good                  Sally Fenneman
work and your efforts will continue to be rewarded.                                    (250) 338-6019 or email

                                 Marita Sanchez


                            In the Spotlight
                                                                                 Business card size - $10/issue or $50/6 issues
                                                                                 Payment to the WBN is required in advance.

                                                                                 Digital artwork/advertising copy must be
                                     April Meeting                               received by Emma Payton before the 15th of
                                                                                 the month preceding publication.
                                  Dawn McRae
                                  Custom Gourment                                     Publisher’s Contact Details
                                 Personal Chef Services                            Emma Payton - Payton Hughes Consulting
                                                                                               (250) 334-1554

2                               Comox Valley Women’s Business Network • The Link                                     April 2006
                                       Member Profiles
Beverley Howden
                                             The story begins in January 1993. My life had     inner child...
                                             crashed down around me and I left my job on
                                             a medical leave due to stress.                    I am passionate about human potential! As
                                                                                               well as having earned a Masters Degree in
                                             In February that year, I picked up a Hollyhock    Counseling Psychology, I am an enthusiastic
                                             brochure and read about a program with Dr.        lifelong Learner. My extensive knowledge,
                                             Jean Houston called “Exploring Extraordinary      skills and resources are available to you.
                                             Human Capacities”. This two week program
                                             was described as intellectually vigorous,         In practical ways, as a Personal Life Coach, I
                                             psychologically challenging, spiritually          support you in listening to that inner voice, in
                                             demanding and exhilarating. It required a         expressing your unique talents, in living your
                                             commitment to be open and available to the        dream and in sharing your unique gift with the
                                             deep inner self. I felt compelled to be there!    world.

                                             During one of Jean's many experiential            “The journey of a thousand miles begins with
                                             exercises, “The Imp” popped into my mind          a single step.” Start! With baby steps.
                                             and refused to leave. Humans take nine            Lainie Laughlin says, “It's been so helpful to
                                             months from conception to birth. The Imp          have support defining small, do-able goals.”
                                             took nine years! Artist, Povis Law, was finally   We agreed that one does not want to feel
Beverley Howden                                                                                overwhelmed by big goals that don't seem do-
                                             able to capture the essence of that little
Author & Personal Life Coach                 character with her delightful illustrations for   able.
                                             my book, “The Imp” Journal: Guided                What can be big is the vision! Keep            Journal Writing for Personal Empowerment,         remembering why you are taking the baby
                                             Volume 1.                                         steps. That's motivation.
                                             Who is “The Imp” really? An Inner                 Are you ready to live a life of Inspiration,              Magnificent Presence within YOU! (Within          Magic and Passion? Take The Imp's Quick
                                             each of us.) Your Inspiration, Motivation and     Quiz and apply for a complementary 40
                                             Passion. Your Innocent Magical, Playful           minute coaching session by telephone.

The Balancing Act
                                                                                               different industry; all were owners of their
                                             Sharon was living in Southern California          company and involved in many others non-
                                             when she and a friend decided to join forces      profit, retail, manufacturing, rental properties
                                             to provide busy executives with part-time         and management, auto dealership, and venture
                                             bookkeeping and secretarial services, in what     capitalist.
                                             is now referred to as an Administrative
                                             Assistant's position.                             While living in Duncan Sharon contacted
                                                                                               Malaspina College, to instruct adults in a
                                             Born in Vancouver, British Columbia,              bookkeeping course for entrepreneurs, to
                                             Sharon's parents moved the family to              which they replied that what they really
                                             Southern California when she was 12 years         needed was someone to teach manual
                                             old. In high school she excelled in business      bookkeeping to individuals and small business
                                             studies, and continued working towards her        owners. She taught for 5 years at night
                                             degree in accounting in college while             school, starting with the basics, then adding
                                             employed full-time. Before completion,            intermediate training, and even a few
                                             however, Sharon moved back to Canada this         advanced courses.
                                             time to Alberta. Two years later her employer
                                             there semi-retired to Vancouver Island,           In July 2004 Sharon and Sue Pyper opened up
Sharon Anderson                              bringing his office and Sharon along. In 1999     offices together, each with their own
Owner                                        Sharon and her husband moved to Arizona,          businesses, and for the first time, The
                                             staying 4-1/2 years before returning to           Balancing Act was a full-time job. Sharon
                                             Vancouver Island, making their home in            continues to offer part-time bookkeeping
Unit 1B, 2426 Rosewall Crescent                                                                services to individuals and small business,
                                             Union Bay in November 2004.
Courtenay, BC                                                                                  working in her own office, or yours. She also
(250) 334-1080                               Although the number of employers has been         trains in the manual method or the                             few, the learning experiences have been many      QuickBooks accounting program.
                                             and varied. Each employer has been in a

April 2006                          Comox Valley Women’s Business Network • The Link                                                          3
                                            Network News
In House Bursary
In keeping with the Comox Valley
Women's Business Network motto "In
                                             Minerva Award
                                             What do these women have in common?
                                             > Marcia Allardice
pursuit of Excellence”, the WBN
membership offers an "In-house" bursary
                                             > Donna Stevenson
                                             > Cindy Steuart                                   Grape
                                             > Linda Oprica
valued up to $500.00 The WBN "In-
house Bursary" is offered to encourage       > Audrey Stewart
and support any WBN member who               > Barb Greenwood
wishes to enhance her current skills and     > Deb Dewar
assist in her professional development.
                                             Each has been awarded the prestigious
The course must be from an accredited        WBN Minerva award for their                       Send your
institution, Professionally recognized       outstanding contributions to our network          experiences to Karen McKinnon at
Group or Association. The member must        over the years. Know anyone within the   and
be in good standing for one year, and not    WBN you would like seen added to this             you will be entered to win a free business
have been awarded the bursary in the past    distinguished list? Cast you ballot for the       card-sized ad in the newsletter.
two years or at the Board's discretion.      Minerva and see it happen.                                         _______
The successful applicant must be
prepared to participate in the bursary
application process for the following two

The application deadline is March 31,
2006 and the bursary will be awarded at
the May Dinner Meeting. If you are
interest and want an application or have
further questions contact: Sabre
Anderson at 250-897-5617 or
250-339-1847 evenings & weekends

June Wind-Up Meeting
To be held at the luxurious Coastal Trek
Health and Fitness Resort On Forbidden
Plateau June 8th, 2006, Cocktails at
5pm. This spectacular event will include:
an extravagant dinner, hot tub and steam
room, cash bar, fireworks (weather
permitting), transportation to and from
the event. Go to the WBN website at for more details.

                                            2005/2006 Board Members
Marita Sanchez, President & Newsletter                                   Sally Fenneman, Past President & Newsletter                        

Lara Austin, Vice President & Programming                                Sabre Anderson, Bursary & Minerva                                            

Liz Tribe, Membership                                                    Wendy Craig, Facilities                                            

Emma Payton, Treasurer                                                   Brenda Kelm, Policies & Publicity                                          

Sue Davies, Front Door & Phone Committee                                 Karen McKinnon, Secretary & In The Spotlight                                            
Robbie Rusk, Appointed                                                   Audrey Stewart, Appointed                                             

4                                   Comox Valley Women’s Business Network • The Link                                          April 2006
Grand Opening
                                               Member News
                                                    attracting the fabulous partner you              Donated Door Prizes
Jennifer Strong is delighted to announce the        deserve” and “What Your Mama Can’t or            Donating a door prize is a nice way to
opening of her new clinic, Guthrie                  Won’t Teach You: Grown women’s                   connect with other members, showcase
Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine                  stories of their teen years”                     your products or services and give back to
Clinic. Joanie Chestnut, registered massage                                                          the organization. The following businesses
therapist, has worked in the Valley for a           For more information, go to
number of years, and has joined her and is                              donated door prizes at the last WBN dinner
happy to again be providing massage and                                _____
Somatics treatment.
                                                    On the Move                                      Clear Message - Julia Simpson
Self-care is an integral part of their practice     Graphic and web design company,                  I Tole, You Sew - Donna Clairmont
styles, and in an effort to help patients help      Emagination design (250) 334-9927 and            Jo-Bird Music - Joanna Finch
themselves, Jennifer will be offering Sheng         bookkeepers, The Balancing Act (250) 334-
Zhen Chi Gong classes as well as classes in         1080 are pleased to announce their expansion     Realtor - Charlene Rowlandson
nutrition based on Oriental traditions. This        into new premises.                               Lynn Brandon
type of nutritional practice adjusts for climate,   They are now based at Unit 1B, 2426              Jessiah Lagarde
individual syndrome diagnosis and locally           Rosewall Crescent Courtenay, BC                  Natural Pastures Cheese
grown foods. She looks forward to providing                                                          Sally Carlton
an evening introduction at the Comox                You can visit and
Recreation Centre on April 19th. Joanie will                                 Cortez Sourdough Bakery
be teaching Somatics therapy classes.                                  _____                         Custom Gourmet - Dawn McRae
                                                    More Moves                                       Lainie Laughlin
Jennifer sends heartfelt gratitude to many of       Portal to Vital Health is announcing that they   InsuranCentre - Wendy Craig
you who have lent your support,                     have moved into the Comox Wellness Center
encouragement and hands-on help in bringing         at 141C Nordin Street in Comox. Their Grand
the clinic into reality.
                                                    Opening will be on Saturday 8th April, 2006
                                                    from 12:00 - 4:00pm. The ribbon cutting will
                                                    be at 1pm.
Upcoming Workshops                                                       _____
Join Esther Kane for two of her sell-out
workshops which are part of another "8              New Grandma !
Weeks to Women's Wellness" series. Call             Congratulations to Sue Johnson of South
Courtenay Recreation at 338-5371 to                 Country Feed. Her daughter recently
register for: “Why Diets Don’t Work”                gave birth to a girl. This is Sue’s fifth
(March 27) and “How to improve your                 grandchild!
mood without food” (April 3).                                          _____
Also, two of Esther's new e-books are
about to be released at a special
introductory price. The books are titled:
“Dump That Chump”: A Seven-Step Plan
to ditching the loser you’re with and

  Buy your tickets for the June Wind Up Meeting!
   Tickets will be available at the April and May meetings. $39.00.
                     See poster for more details.

April 2006                               Comox Valley Women’s Business Network • The Link                                                   5
 Minerva Award
In Roman mythology Minerva was worshiped as the goddess of wisdom and of crafts, namely weaving and spinning. She was considered a wise and
prudent advisor. Nine years ago the WBN membership felt it important to recognize a member who has supports the network and its members. To
recognize, a member amongst us who gives freely of her experience, time and energy to the organization and to our members. A member who has
demonstrated the wisdom of Minerva.

Over the past eight years the women who have been awarded the WBN Minerva have been exceptional. They are:
          Marcia Allardice 1998                                         Audrey Stewart 2003
          Donna Stevenson 1999                                          Barb Greenwood 2004
          Cindy Steuart 2000                                            Deb Dewar 2005
          Linda Oprica 2001/2002

Each unique. Each has been a catalyst for excellence. Our network has benefited greatly by their contributions and their membership over the years.

It the privilege of the WBN members to nominate another member who they feel is deserving of this recognition. The nomination is collected by the
Minerva committee, reviewed and awarded at the AGM in May. The 2006 Minerva Committee comprises of past two recipients: Deb Dewar and
Barb Greenwood with the Board Representative Sabre Anderson.

2006 is our ninth year for the WBN Minerva, over the course of the next several meeting the Minerva Committee would like you to consider if there
is someone who stands out, someone you would like to nominate for the Comox Valley Women's Business Network 2006 Minerva Award.

If you have any question please feel free to contact any of member of the Committee.

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