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Yesterday, the Evening News reprinted the "Life Journal"
entitled "to the big spenders from not afford to eat noodles -
Yunnan Coal boss black life" article. Lo, hide their faces, alas,
little thoughts, it is worth remember.
I get down about reports of these coal bosses "big spenders"
life description. "At 9:00 on July 14, reporters at the Fort
Avenue Xuanwei Dragon King saw the owner of a tea room, and his road
rage value of 65 million of the Toyota sport utility vehicle parked in
the tea room door. He is very familiar to the waiter, to Longjing 380
pot. "" 10:30, mine called to say there is a need to
entertain friends in the past two days to the mine, and to King Boss
'dot' it. hang up the phone, the boss immediately Wang open the phone
book, the relevant officers agreed on the phone a famous hotel in
Xuanwei dinner. 11:30 he first booked the hotel rooms, sitting there
waiting for the guests arrive. during which 9 people drank 5 bottles
of Wuliangye , checkout, the reporter looked at the bill, which has
4,500 tons of food dollars spent. He said, received thousands of
dollars these people nothing to eat a meal, and once he invited
friends to dinner a unit and then to Kunming to entertainment, once
spent over 70,000 yuan. "... ... ... ... ... ...
We look at the king boss decoration. He bought a set of 12 million
suit, shoes 14,000 yuan, more than 70,000 yuan for a gold Rolex watch
which the owner of these get rich some people are born poor, working
hard on their own only have a mine. Some of them even before can not
afford to eat a bowl of noodles. However, after the sudden wealth, but
it is big spenders.
However, coal bosses in them where some of these western provinces,
and some children can not afford school fees because of poverty at
home. It is understood that, in the western provinces, will be able to
support a high school student 200 yuan a year in fees. 200 yuan which
is only coal bosses who "play money" in a very small part of
the fills, but it can fulfill a child's reading western dream. What a
Read the entire report, there are three thoughts:
First, the poverty gap of shock and sorrow. Coal bosses who spend a
few thousand on a million a day is not unusual for a very common
thing, but they drink a pot of tea of money able to support almost a
year of two Western children to school tuition. Shocked ah. The gap
between rich and poor, this is clearly demonstrated. Eating the bosses
went to the hundreds of Western children's school fees a year.
Secondly, is not money fast, which means "become" the
"money slaves" the greater the chance? Even a bowl of
noodles before the person can not afford, and now is faced with 45,000
yuan for meals eyes blink it. This is how corruption and corruption? ?
? An interview with Liu boss told reporters that he did not want to
always carry high-end consumer sites, but he felt that in order to
integrate into the coal bosses of this world, to be out of these
places, and want to drive a good car. Alas, ah! Is a "willing
to" become a "money slave" of the people. In recent
years, with economic growth increased the demand for coal, many coal
bosses overnight riches. Those of coal mining, all became a coal-gold.
Money too fast, too easy. After coming too easy to make money did not
experience the hard (as hard the coal miners), so this money will not
the money. They are the coal bosses in the "sharp increase in
bank overnight deposits" become thoroughly before the
"Miser." This time, they do not command the money, but money
and commanding them, directing their access to high-end consumer sites
(because of their status as prominent noble); command of their
"big spenders", because that can only display the the "
generous and wealthy. " Sadly, the "money slaves"! ! !
Third, the growing wealth of coal boss behind the tears and the
bitterness of mine workers. Some black heart of the coal bosses and
interests in the money driven, regardless of coal miners alive, as
much as possible underpayment of wages, as much as possible to avoid
the higher part of the inspection and punishment, as much as possible
to reduce the production cost of the mine , that is to reduce the
security of facilities and equipment. So, mine happened. Our ears to
hear those who vaguely mine and the miners were buried underground
cries, and the families of the miners piercing cries. Why the coal
bosses to riches overnight? Their wealth is the result of miners
toiling; what to make out that high consumption of coal bosses place
to "spend money like water?" Miners their hands to support
them. Coal bosses, your access to high-end consumer sites in the time,
in your "big spenders, Deal or No Deal", think of it, those
laboring in a mine the miners hard. There is no God, and without them,
how cool your life?
Mine the frequency of occurrence of exposed areas of our country in a
series of safety problems. Is to us, "Rectifying difficult"
time. Miners can not let sweat and tears bleeding. Coal is also the
original face, we do not bloody coal mine. The process of governance
in the coal mine, I believe that, in shutting down and some small coal
mines, and to enhance security awareness, security check, we must
improve the coal industry, barriers to entry. We can learn from the
banking industry in the "reserve system", to be levied on
the coal industry, coal production of reserves by the State
Administration of Work Safety of the unified management and operation
funds. To include the provision of personal insurance payments gold
miners environmental costs of gold, gold, and urban environmental
sustainability. At the same time, we must establish the relevant
incentive mechanism does not meet the safety standards for coal mining
enterprises must not only shut down for rectification, but also from
the reserve has been paid in the production of a deduction; according
to the severity of mine happened to give different amount of
deductions related to coal mining enterprises production reserves. The
other, for those able to achieve safe production of coal mining
enterprises, should be given appropriate financial incentives.
Miners can be happy wishes for peace, but also sincerely hope that the
message will disappear forever mine! Whom let us pray together!
At the end, made a few photos and let our grief and remember the
suffering of it! ! !