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									Favored: Huawei
?Favored: Huawei
???(Turning to Huawei long, always wanted to write something, I can
think, see, know Huawei to pay the brush, only aftereffect! And once
beyond the self, for several years hard ʹȻ...)
????Huawei is the first known thing in 2004, when the I million
Chinese Internet companies in Fuzhou work colleagues are all talking
about a newly hatched new book "out of Huawei," Huawei's
former employees Tang Shengping book, I can not wait to read the book,
is unexpected that the southern end of the motherland: the rise of
Shenzhen is a world-class best business ever since Huawei imprint in
my mind a deep impression.
????The past two years, I gradually saw several of Huawei with
relevant books, such as "coyotes escape", "Huawei
truth" and "I and the business leaders of cooperation and
conflict", "Huawei's world," and so on, are concerned,
research Huawei more and more people, and the market is still on the
books published in Huawei. Really were afraid of famous pigs afraid of
ah! Huawei has in the industry's influence in the university students,
which has the appeal are to hold a candle to other enterprises, spur
us all. In such an affair, the younger brother of the college entrance
examination in 2004, I applied for a reference to guide its UESTC of
Communication Engineering, finally as we wish.
???Si Huawei, Huawei products, I am very shocked mind! Huawei from 87
years of a registered capital of a meager 2 million trading company to
the present sales of 15 billion U.S. dollars of multinational
corporations, as an industry leader like Cisco Systems CEO John
Chambers held in Las Vegas in recent Cisco partner, said the General
Assembly is expected to Google, Microsoft, Alcatel and Huawei will be
the long-term rivals, like Cisco, Huawei, the world is watching.
???My View of Huawei, generally summarized as follows:
???A, Huawei is China's most outstanding private high-tech
enterprises. Huawei's patent application has maintained annual growth
of more than 100%, to 15.21 billion yuan for the 06 Days of software
revenue topped the fifth consecutive year, Huawei is the first time
since the software hundred rankings published more than 10 billion
revenue company. Huawei is China's highest academic level of the
company, in 1997, just graduated from Tsinghua University extension
Speaking to Zhengfei wrote a letter entitled "Trinidad Ben
Huawei," the letter pointed out that Huawei problems and
development proposals, is Ren Zhengfei to " One would think the
people who love Huawei "as an excuse to become the vice minister
directly, Huawei has a communication expert group, of course, China's
highest-paid company employees.
??Second, management of wolves in Huawei. Wider world, the wolf was
just a normal animal only, they live a social life, generally as a
group of seven, each one must be the prosperity and development for
the group to bear the responsibility. Whatever you do anything, they
always rely on the power of groups to complete. Keen powers of
observation, specific objectives, with the tacit understanding,
curiosity, patience, attention to detail and perseverance to make the
wolf always successful. Huawei's market is one such group of persons
"coyotes", Extension field at the beginning of Xinjiang has
a good sense of smell, and rapid response, the collective attack
"Lion: Transnational Corporations", "Leopard: joint
ventures," which is the team force.

Xue Lang
??Third, the militarization of management. Speaking of which, I must
mention Zhengfei President, this came with his army great
relationship. Military origin of the term, its management of the Base,
is Mao's dialectical materialism. For the core of dialectical
materialism - the unity of opposites law, that law of contradiction,
either is a profound understanding and flexible and used this
understanding of business principles and methods of objective things,
it is a feature of Huawei's culture exudes a moment kinds of
military-style culture. Mao is the study of any model, Huawei's
management based on Mao Zedong's Thought in the enterprise,
???In the course of military training employees, Huawei has had such a
provision, if a person was late, and he was close to the two team
members and team leaders should be punished. Huawei reason is that you
are a team, have the responsibility to help each other, this will work
in the future form the habit of unity and cooperation. Through this
awareness indoctrination, Huawei many employees are very strong sense
of cooperation, which is why Huawei can apply principles of good
system is one reason.
???Fourth, the strong sense of crisis. Do we IT, and can work in
Huawei is a very honorable thing, all around us that represents
Huawei's staff of highly educated, high salary. Huawei does not know
that people who work in the heavy sense of crisis every day in a state
of high-pressure operation, Huawei's "mattress culture"
resulting a long time. Ren Zhengfei as the "winter of
Huawei," said the: right now is spring, but winter is not far
off, we should be thinking about in the spring and summer, winter
issue. Can we pumping some time, discussions about how to meet the
crisis. IT industry for the winter on the other companies may not be
winter, but for Huawei may be winter. Huawei may come colder winter,
colder. We also too tender, after ten years our company has not
experienced smooth development of setbacks, without frustration, do
not know how to correct path. Suffering is an asset, and we have not
been suffering, this is our greatest weakness. We are not prepared to
adapt to non-development and skills to prepare. "
????This is Huawei's sense of crisis, also chief of this, the staff
can not it?
??. . . Huawei There are many worthy of our study was concluded. I am
glad, now working in Huawei's innovation within the enterprise, the
company's corporate culture invariably Huawei's shadow, let me know
how many more stories about Huawei. Huawei's next scheduled visit and
feel good around the corporate culture atmosphere, accept baptism of
the spirit.

???????Lai total Huawei back again

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