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1: the company headquarters where? Web site is how many? When the
company opened branches in China?
???Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company, a leading U.S.
financial services company headquartered in close Calvo Angeles.
???Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company Web site:
???The company will in May 2010 Nanjing West Road in Shanghai, China
set up an office established in China by 2012 eight branches.
2: Why is not open branches?
???All foreign insurance companies entering China, to set up offices
in two years to set up a company.
3: The company is not a direct selling company? Have no direct sales
license? Company has no power?
???We are insurance companies, "direct" and
"insurance" are two concepts, we do not need direct sales
Our company is one of the largest U.S. life insurance company, in 2008
we ranked the world's 500 374, do you think the company has no power?
4: Why should not the company branch in China when the introduction of
online insurance products?
???Our goal is to open China branch in preparation for talent and good
advertising, the 21st century is the century of talent, Wal-Mart began
in China in 1982 to train people in 1997 was formally entered China,
opened in Shenzhen Honghu first store. Today, the majority of our
people for the insurance and direct sales in China, industry, and our
web-based insurance model for the Chinese market to lay a solid
foundation of talent, better and faster development of the China
5: What is the product of our types of products?
???Our product is specifically designed to entering the Chinese
market, expert design-based policies online banking product.
6: Our products are so well? The company will not lose money?
???If the loss from the product itself is certainly a loss, but we are
happy to lose money, because our purpose is to open branches in China,
preparations for human resources and advertising ...... well say all
banks and insurance companies in the financial products are losing
money, for example, you deposit 10,000 dollars to the banks, after 1
year you 10,500 dollars, the banks not to lose money out? Of course,
we are pioneering companies in the mainland market a few years ago,
planning to invest a large sum of money, equivalent to pre-promotion,
product and business model it was so good, shopping centers such as
the battlefield, or we so how have market share of mainland competing?
7: product so well, can I buy 1 million or more much?
???The company requires that each ID card could only buy 30.
8: the company's products and frequent changes will promote the model?
???Before the open office will not change, and opened a branch
certainly after adjustment. Adjust the plan we will advance the six
moon notice.
9: I received a commission how long it will to my bank card account?
???Normal working day is 24 hours, except holidays.
10: each mention fees and taxes are deducted 50 how to understand?
??100 if you mention is actually made 50. If you mention is 3,000
yuan, 2,950 yuan real hair.
??If you mention is 10,000 yuan, 9,950 yuan real hair.
11: I Can not talk now electronic commission and transfer to policy
processing point?
??Yes, and transferred to the point of the policy process without
deduction of any charges.
12: The company has no phone in the mainland, we have problems and
companies how to communicate?
??Mainland China does not yet call, our office has had a good advisory
services calls. Now If you have any questions, please give us the
platform unified message, we will first give you an answer.
??On the commission issues
13: sales commission of 25% available to district performance
commission, why so high? Direct selling companies are generally only
10% of this company will collapse?
???Management of two additional members of each department, available
to a small sector of performance 25% commission, for example: Today
you are a small department into a license reserve manager 3,000
"10", you can have 750 yuan commission. If it is a small
department into two concession reserve manager, the commission was
1,500 yuan, the maximum daily limit is 3,000 yuan.
??Our sales commission has been able to achieve 25% of the reason is
that we are not direct sales company, mutual insurance companies are.
Consortium as a strong financial background, have strong capital as
inside information, and relying on a strong capital consortium scale
investment in the world of high-potential high-return investment
projects generous profit duplication; company early access to Greater
China market with the aim of preparation people, to seize the market
and do a good job advertising ... such a commission system is a global
direct selling companies have copied any that can not be! ! ! Of
course, as the world's leading finance operations, the company also
has a group of leading actuaries, so we set up a commission cap is
relatively low, the company's financial system has been done strictly
actuarial, distribution ratio of full compliance with the company's
plan policy and objectives of the steps, this can rest assured!
14: Excellence Award for registration within 20 days of starting a
successful evaluation recommended the shares as how to understand?
???20 days is an assessment of our time, you recommended 20 days, how
many policies, the future can be obtained according to the company's
standard commission. For example: 20 days, pushing the 15 can get
recommendation system 1 --- 9 generations of <on bonuses, sales
commission and the commission> 7%, if 20 days were directly
recommended 4 is only able to take recommended system 1 --- 7
generation of 5% to a maximum of 20 days recommended a 18, after the
recommendation system 1 can take 8% --- 10 passages. Refer to specific
15th: If I have not registered within 20 days of starting successful
referral, 20 days later that I recommend, I have no great prize?
???There is no outstanding Award. The company provides a 20-day
evaluation of our time.
16: Awards are not capped?
???Excellence is no cap, you have the ability to take as much as you.
?For example: you 20 days of the 18 policy recommendations, you can
get recommendation system 1 --- 10 generations of <on bonuses,
sales commission and the commission> 8%
???You are 1 --- 10 generations if the average commission of 1000 was
200 yuan each, the date of Excellence is your 1000X200X8% = 16000 Ôª.
If the average commission is 2,000 yuan, there is 160 000.
???You are 1 --- 10 generations if a license reserve manager 1000 to
3,000 yuan, "10", your day is 1000X30 Excellence Award on
bonus X8% = 2400 Ôª
???You are 1 --- 10 generations, if there are 10 online policy
processing point, each handle point-line policy commission 1,000 yuan
a day, do you have to Excellence 10X1000X8% = 800 Ôª.
In short Excellence Award by members of the scope of your system
<on bonuses, sales commission and commissions>! ! !

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