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									Family plan life worry
Family plan life worry
--- Were distinguished for wealth, you design Ronghua Zhang
????China Life to become the world top 500 enterprises, the more
attention to providing customers a full range of services. With the
second half of the "national ten" the promulgation of China
Life in response to the promulgation of this policy, our customers
feedback, China Life recently launched the "Jin Caiming day"
bonus-type insurance, which can meet the needs of pension investment,
and protect both function, once the insurance would be "pension,
investments, life support" triple care.
????In order to enable you and your family can have a clear
understanding of product benefits Jin Caiming days, specially designed
for you to make copies of the interests of this statement:
0-year-old boy, into the 61,920 yuan per year, co-existence 3 years,
the total deposit 185,760 yuan;
First, before the age of 65 benefit analysis:
I fixed return: 3,000 yuan per year, three years of 9000, the total
received 195,000 yuan;
Ii full of gold: survival to 65 years of age, to receive 100,000 yuan;
Iii Bonus: 65 years of age is expected to dividend: 951,104 yuan;
Total income at age 65: 1,246,104 yuan
Iv life support: Paul a lose three, such as the risk of access to
300,000 yuan Peifu.
Analysis: Paying a very short period, the optimal earnings, the
highest protection for rare domestic life insurance products over the
same period; and in the principal amount has been returned, received a
high income, you also continue to enjoy free access to the following
Second, 65 to 80 years of age benefit analysis:
V fixed return: three-year collect and receive up to 80 years of age,
the total receive 45,000 yuan;
Vi full of birthday gold: healthy living to 80 years of age, to
receive 180,000 yuan;
Vii accumulated dividends: 15-year cumulative dividend: 222,915 yuan;
Income of 447,915 yuan 80 years of age;
Viii life support: a compensable Paul II, such as the risk of 200,000
yuan Peifu available.
Third, the consolidated revenue for the age of 65 years of age and 80
income Total income: 1,694,019 yuan;
Fourth, value-added analysis:
u short-term pay, long-term benefit, some within a short period of
capital accumulation;
u is to protect assets, but also take into account the security;
reasonable transfer of assets, tax-avoidance;
u step by step, enjoying the country life organizations operating
profit results, increasing the value of;
u can enjoy long-term investment plan worry-free life, life, health
problems or in case of accidents, not to families are in trouble;
u give full play to the role of personal funds, not only to achieve an
annual return, but also a substantial amount of pension reserve funds,
to the dignity of both time and money the old;
u plan to parent their children Rong Zigui win at the starting line;
u need cash 80% of the value of each loan according to the policy, the
loan period, all the proceeds will not be affected;
?Shenyang Branch of China Life Insurance Company
???????????Insurance Consultant: Qiu Jun
???????Phone :024 -88,871,117

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