BCA and M.Sc.(IT) by fsy40675


									                        Academic Calender [BCA and M.Sc.(IT)]
    DATE               DAY                                       ACTIVITY
 14/02/2008                                        Commencement of M.Sc(IT) -II Sem
 14/02/2008         Thursday
      to                to             Star Week of All Classes(sports, quizes, debates etc.)
 16/02/2008         Saturday
   6/3/2008          Thursday                              Holiday(Mahashivratri)
  15/3/2008          Saturday                    Last Working day of BCA-I, II and III year
 21/03/2008           Friday                                Holiday Good Friday
 22/03/2008          Saturday                               Holiday (Dhulandi)
 25/03/2008          Tuesday                      1st Mid Term Exam of M.Sc(IT) - II Sem
      to                to                                          and
 31/03/2008          Monday                3rd Mid Term Exam of BCA - I,II and III year classes
 21/04/2008*          Monday                    UOR Theory Exams of BCA-I, II and III year
 19/05/2008*          Monday                   UOR Practical Exams of BCA-I, II and III year
 21/05/2008        Wednesday
      to                to                          2nd Mid Term of M.Sc.(IT) - II Sem.
 23/05/2008           Friday
 23/05/2008           Friday                      Last Working Day for M.Sc.(IT) - II Sem.
 09/06/2008*          Monday                     UOR Theory Papers of M.Sc.(IT) - II Sem.
 23/06/2008*          Monday                    UOR Practical Papers of M.Sc.(IT) - II Sem.
Note: * Dates to be confirmed by University of Rajasthan

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