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									European tourist visa Insurance
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"October" Golden Week is approaching, plans to tour European
countries to pay special attention to the people, according to the
provisions of the EU Council, apply for Schengen visa need to purchase
not less than 3 million euros, and has a rescue function outside the
accident medical insurance. For some insurers do not meet the
requirements for the Consulate refused to be examples of insurance
experts made the following four suggestions.

Suggested one: look at whether the insurance contract the two meet
visa requirements

1, must be a global emergency rescue function with the insurance.

2, the amount of outside health insurance not less than 3 million
euros, 30 million Yuan or more generally.

"Italian foreign travel accident insurance and emergency medical
insurance" is consistent with the Schengen visa requirements for
overseas accident medical insurance scheme. Customers buy the
insurance if the accidental injury suffered abroad or acute disease,
can call for free assistance 24-hour hotline, emergency contact
superior general global Corporation (Europ Assistance), which will
arrange for emergency rescue, treatment and other services.
Recommendation II: full understanding of the specific content of
emergency services and rescue companies providing services outside the
standard of service

Life for the Italian rescue services to provide superior general
outside world in the global scope of emergency are equipped with 23
subsidiaries and 34 international emergency alarm centers, more than
40 million service agency that provides free assistance 24-hour
hotline service.

Recommendation III: a clear buy their own insurance is provided by the
"early advanced" or "ex post facto claims"

The so-called "ex post facto claims" refers to the case of
an accident, the first by customers pay for their own medical
expenses, and then returned to the insurance company claims, to
reimbursement. Thus, if the customer unfortunately caused an accident
outside the hospital and other expenses, financial issues need to be
resolved, there must be sufficient funds to pay the full cost of
accidents caused. And "early advanced" means if the customer
after the tragic accident, hospitalization costs according to the
contract by the insurance company directly bear the insurance amount,
which does not require customers to finance the bustle in a foreign
country, very close and convenient.

"Italian foreign travel accident insurance and emergency medical
insurance", it is ahead of advance medical expenses insurance.
Life among the intended customers traveling outside the unfortunate
event of accident or acute disease, simply call excellent Free S &
P relief hotline 24 hours, rescue workers will immediately assess the
client's condition and provide professional medical advice, and
contact and arranging the most appropriate hospital stay local, global
emergency by the superior general accordance with the contract the
company needed to take patients to hospital and treatment costs. If 15
years of age (including 15 years of age) hospitalized children,
accompanied by a parent can accompany hospitalization, the costs are
from the excellent global emergency relief companies under general
contract commitment. Like this rescue by a simple and convenient
telephone, you can get timely assistance and professional treatment
services, no longer bear any costs of customers of insurance, exempt
from the customer to worry about really.

Recommendation IV: should fully consider the protection of term
insurance, according to the required number of days the insured amount
and the insurance

Travel at different times according to the customer and the security
needs of different insurance companies have a variety of options can
also be determined based on the date the visa policy effective date
and duration of protection, and truly user-friendly travel visa and to
provide effective insurance protection.
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