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                     Electronic Reservati on Sli p

   This E-Ticket Will only be valid along with an ID pr oof. If found traveling without ID Proof, Passenger
    will be treated as without ticket and charged as per extant Railway rules

    Warangal-Chennai one-way (PNR: 2110595616)
    Journey details

    Transaction ID                   0249790124                        Cleartrip Trip ID        1009088790

    Train No & Name                  2622 / Tamil Nadu Exp             Date of journey          15 Sep, 2010

    Class                            Sleeper (SL)                      Date of boarding         15 Sep, 2010

    From                             Warangal (WL)                     To                       Chennai Central (MAS)

    Boarding                         Warangal (WL)                     Reservation upto         Chennai Central (MAS)

    Scheduled Departure              20:50 *                           Total Fare               Rs. 277

    Distance                         639 km                            Quota                    General

    Adults                           1                                 Children                 0
    Date of Booking                  08 Sep, 2010                      Time of Booking          21:15

    * Departure time printed on the ERS is liable to change. New time table from 01-07-2010

    Passenger details
    S. No.    Name                    Age      Sex    Concession Code              Coach No/Seat No/Status          Berth

    1         Rajashekar Rao          22       Male   BLANK                        S4/ 19/ Confirmed                Upper
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