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Records of the First Emperor of the 6th century: II and Zhao Gao Mou
said: "I was young, first came to the throne, Qian Shou did not
set attached. Xiandi patrolling the county, to show a strong suit at
home and prestige. This Yanran not patrolling, that is, see the weak,
no Chen livestock to the world. "spring II eastbound counties,
Lisi from. To Tateishi, and the sea, south Huiji, and carved the First
Emperor is once every stone, stone next to the minister from those who
were, in order to successfully Shengde Yan Zhang Xian Di:
Emperor (Emperor Qin Hu Hai) said: "The Emperor Gold stone is
also possible. This hit the golden stone address number is not known
before the emperor, as its old heir whom were also not successful
Sidley said." Prime minister and minister here, Chen to illness,
death of royal doctor Chen De Mei Yan: "I have a moment please
edict Stele, due to understand the carry on. Chen Mei death,
please." the system said: "You." Suizhi Liaodong and
Family Instructions. Documentary evidence Posts: open Huang years (AD
582 in the Sui Dynasty) in May, Chang Chun Man of Iron, said to dig
right next to the copper coated Juan Ming 2. One is said: "Nian
Liu, the emperor and the world to do and princes, Qian Shou Da, Li
number for the emperor, the prime minister is like Chao, York, France
One suspects not measure are all One of the Ming." Where the 40
The pieces of printed text (60 words) with the following somewhat
One of the expression: "the first year of the system Chao
chancellor here, to disease, methods measure the best of Emperor whom,
there are inscriptions Yan. This passage numbers and inscriptions not
call Emperor, its old also, as heirs to whom who do not call success
Sidley, carved this Chao ¡õ left, so no doubt. "


October Guichou 30 years, the First Emperor travel. Left prime
minister from Sri Lanka, Youcheng quite different diseases keep.
Minority carrier Hu Hai love from the upper and accepted. In November,
to visit the Yunmeng, Wang Si Shun in Jiuyi mountain.
Qin Shi Huang Di Chu and the world, with the prime minister Li Si Nai
Zou, Wen Qin stop its cooperation with those who do not. Sri Lanka as
"CJ article," the government to make trips in the car high
as "Yuan Li chapter," Hu not Taishiling King as
"learned articles."

This document is the right of the Qin iron. Weighs about 550 grams.
Cast of 60 characters.
It seems like a seal. Rather like the Qin Dynasty unified weights and
measures weights .... Do not know whether with this relevant?
The figure found by the breakage of the surface of the piece like a
layer of metal plating.

Warring States weighing device right shapes can be divided into two,
one is the right ring, and the other was a hemispherical nose and the
top button, which the high-Nu Wo Qin stone copper power, copper Sanjin
Sima Wo stone right, Chu Mu Heng, copper ring has a right to
representation by the measured projections, catty weight were 250
grams. The right to see the Qin Qin, three, 40, to the right of the
majority of copper, each piece is engraved on 40 word edict, were
unearthed in Liaoning, Jilin, Hebei, Shandong, Jiangsu and other
places, the basic value unity, weighing about 250 grams per catty. Qing Hua measuring
instrument Co., Ltd.
Qin Dynasty unified the country for the balance system standards
issued by the official scales. Warring States period to Qin Guoheng
system as standard, including added engraved Qin unified the Warring
States and Qin edict re-issued right. The rod is actually the weight
days. Qin handed down today except the right things, Xianyang,
Shaanxi, Xi'an, Lintong, Baoji, Gansu Qin'an, Shandong Wendeng, Xuyi
Jiangsu, Shanxi Zuoyun, Hebei paddock, and Aohanqi Chifeng, have had
unearthed. This shows that the implementation of the Qin Dynasty
unified the whole country does troy. Qin's balance system is: 1 stone
= 4-Jun = 120 kg, 1 kg = 16, 2, 1 2 = 4, Zi = 24 baht.
Sima Qian in "Records of First Emperor of this century" has
this text: "the world's affairs, not the size of all depends on
the. On to in order to balance rock volume books, day and night there
was not in was not rest." Said the emperor autocratic arbitrary,
administrative decision both personally trivial events, and even
"value for Stone" computing instrument, a clear day, the
fixed, fixed shall not complete the rest. "Heng Stone", the
Tang Dynasty scholar Pei Yin "Historical Annals" of the
explanation is: "Stone, hundred and ten pounds." Zhang feast
"Historical justice," said: "scale, weighing scale
also. Unspeakable ¼ã memorialized, scales take a stone, a way of day
and night, dissatisfaction does not rest. "balance, weight was
the device, the form, as was the balance. We often see the Qin dynasty
the right copper, iron right, in fact, for "balance rock
volume" of. This "right" can not be misunderstood as
weights of. They actually like to balance the weight.
"Value" of the use of form, is similar to the scales.
Emperor daily instrument "was" or "process" that
is fixed, according to Zhang feast "Historical justice," the
understanding of the "scale to take a stone." Later, most
people agree with this analysis. Mr. Fan Wenlan, wrote this:
"First Emperor provides a day to see Zhangzou (Bamboo) 120 pounds
(this half-jin Qin pound together), do not read do not break. Even
under the" scale to take one stone "understanding,"
Stone , hundred and ten pounds. "Qin pound power unit value at
250 grams (Wu Hung:" Right of Qin "," Palace Museum
"in 1979, 4), can indeed be described as" co-Qin pound this
semi-Jin. "historians based on a measurement of weight of the
Inscriptions of the Qin kind of measured data, that an average of 257
Taiyanxiansheng will inherit 30 Azeta passed to his two sons, because
after the Sino-Japanese War, the liberation war, have not been home
two sons, Yuhang, nor ran a land owned by the public after the
liberation of the land reform.

I do not factor in the preferred device to play. However, the Qin a
bronze tiger one better, do a version of a Chao Qin, Qin iron right
three, Shao version of the letter to the real ear. Porcelain objects
are common, but clearly the system yellow to blue flower bottle, is a
gift XU Zhong Sun, Ming system of Buddha, is a gift from Chang-white,
depending on the difference between a old-fashioned. Jade deposits are
numerous, but two Cong best, they won one of those is the Yuan and the
like, are also more than Chinese material, Chi Hu 1, is also Tang
material. Old coins quite motley, but Wang Mang six springs, 10 cloth,
bad enough expansive was Koizumi who in a Sichuan columns in about 60,
also goes to more than better ear. Yan in this last remaining one.
Other device, less than outlines. Above all things, the two men may
also choose their love. However, Longquan kiln 1, yes Kiln Song
dynasty Triumph the camp, should return the sacrificial utensils.

Round-the Republic of China in July, Tai Yan mind, when he was 68.

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