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In fact, efficiency is a meaningless question. As we all know, life's
most important function is to reproduce. Reproduce the next generation
of efficient division of bacteria than human is not a high concept. An
average of 20 minutes multiplied generation. Human to a pregnant
woman, but also education, raising to 18 years of age only have the
ability to work, that in order to enhance efficiency, I put you down
into 100 billion cells in a try, you are willing to do that!

In this world, on the survival of the most important thing is not
efficiency, but the capacity. Life and death, To be or not to be, this
is the crucial issue. African savannahs, grazing zebra every minute,
it seems efficient; lion lazily lying in the sun, it seems inefficient
but I harvest you!

Efficiency is higher than the mainland of Singapore, Singapore to the
mainland side, run over it every minute of the mainland; the
efficiency of energy use in Japan than the United States recognized
around the world, with the result how, is not every day the United
States dry asshole? Efficiency, effectiveness ass!
Talking about efficiency, a lot of people always say, inefficient
state enterprises, private enterprises and efficient, I do not agree
with this view.
I graduated 11 years, in public institutions, state-owned enterprises,
private enterprises have done it. State-owned lending rates lower than
private enterprises is the latest I know of. State-owned enterprises
to borrow money from the bank's interest rate is 3%, private
enterprises, at least 6% -7%, and even as high as ten per cent. But
this is not more efficient than state-owned enterprises as private
enterprises with high basis.

In fact, low income state-owned book at least the following reasons:

1, a large amount of funds. Relatively small amount of general
financing private enterprises, also millions, tens of millions,
especially the central state-owned enterprises is generally the amount
of annual funding for more than a few hundred on the 100 billion. As
we all know, under-capacity in certain markets, of course, the bigger
win back their money amount of money more difficult, for example,
stocks, funds you 100 million technology and luck, making a 34 million
one year is not too difficult, but the 1,200 billion No matter what,
if a hard year and would like to double, if the trillions of
investment, a year is simply not possible to double the task of
maintaining a 5% a year rate of return can be a very. Difficult to
support small water fish is the truth.

Two, and more to invest in the people's livelihood sectors. Private
enterprises like speculation, investment shoes, garlic, stock, real
estate or the like, these industries is characterized by its high rate
of return of funds. The state-owned enterprises have invested a large
amount of money heating water, iron-based infrastructure of public
sector funds in these sectors have been the rate of return is not
high, it is assumed the social stability and economic development a
major role. Essentially private enterprises in these industries can
not afford to vote, not vote, is directed at huge profits to
investment, such as Nanjing, Panva Gas and causing many social

3, employee benefits high. In fact, by comparison, is to reduce the
polarization, played the role of buffer allocation is conducive to
social harmony and stability. For example, I have a monthly salary of
a private company in 8000, but five different insurance companies for
a payment under the 1500-2500 base pay only on the company to pay the
Housing Fund I 2,3 100 dollars a month, plus I paid Only 4,500;
Instead, I head in the zone, when a monthly salary of 12,000 a month,
the deduction in 2000, but the fund a month the company had paid with
my own 2000-3000, just the peace prize to director level and above 500
yuan / month, year 6000, car completion report, other do not have to
4, less tax evasion. Contributed to the country. Ibid, personal income
tax in the private company My company basically gave me free, and it
is the company's active, you do not agree does not work, love usually
used in negative, the key is the company you do not want to pay
housing fund. I am in the state-owned enterprises, a tax on monthly
pay more than 1000, but also Cuizhao your company's financial
reporting annual income over 120,000, according to state regulations
are high-income groups. The company's own tax evasion on more, and was
just astronomical. And the relative state-owned enterprises in this
regard would be much better.

5, this two-year yield lower overall environmental impact of large,
private enterprises yields faster, Do not you see the South Pearl
River Delta, Yangtze River Delta a lot of private entrepreneurs to
engage in industry, the situation looked bad on the relevant stock
factory real estate speculators to a large number of workers being
laid off to bring great social instability. The state-owned
enterprises can not do this have to bite the bullet and lose a boil.

6, the last weak weak ask those in Europe and other Western countries,
their state-owned enterprises is also lower than the carrying rate of
return of private enterprises, why they have to bite the bullet and
carry out nationalization? Especially the United States recently able
to nationalized AIG.

In addition, there is a clique state-owned enterprises, nepotism,
overstaffing, and complex interpersonal problems, as there is private
enterprise, or even worse!

Conscience to say: Overall, the efficiency of China's state-owned
enterprises is higher than private enterprises!

To say something, then today's Chinese state-owned enterprises to all,
social harmony has long been.