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					Easter on books and reading techniques
Reprinted from "Economic Journal" on: tseng
Easter long weekend, a friend brought five books, hide in mountains,
before leaving said to me: endless not come out. Is the freelance dry,
can have such benefits, other people, only resented teeth itch in
envy. No time to carefully read and talk about are better than
nothing, I and everyone today, "Storytelling."
We all know that some of the most ancient text, is carved on a bone
above, and Diego together, they become a "book." Later,
people wrote on wood or bamboo, and with the rope to string together,
easy to carry; it is a very important technology revolution, but
nevertheless, a very heavy books or something. According to a study of
zero bamboo expert Lee said, "The Analects," a book the
earliest version of the octagonal gallery in Hebei Dingzhou Western
Han Dynasty, and the 620 bamboo strips, each 16.2 cm long piece; book
16,000 words, six words per piece Bamboo 20. Here, I roughly figured
as "The Analects" like a small book, less space around the
4.5 liter; today Fangjian the most common book, 80,000 words down, is
"The Analects" five times If written on bamboo slips, volume
more than 20 liters, with five friends into the mountains, as the
book, have to use wooden carts or even non-car transportation. Warring
States scholar, master Hui Shi go traveling, not with five books, is
written with five cars, so future generations will use the
"learning-rich five-car" to describe the learned person; In
fact, Hui Shih, the five car books, probably only quite Today the
dozens. Described the books as many idioms "herculean
proportions," it can make a similar understanding.
Western Han Dynasty more books made with bamboo, at that time there
papermaking; in 1959, the second century BC unearthed in Xi'an Baqiao
ancient manufacture of paper, archaeologists call "Baqiao
paper." Element around the first three centuries, Egypt has also
appeared in similar "papyrus" (papyrus), which is inside the
stem and cut into thin sedge flooding, after cross-paved floor piece
by piece, and then directly above the shop floor, then wood hammer
beat, after a dry paper. English paper the word comes from papyrus,
the latter is said to have originated the ancient Egyptian pa-per-aa,
meaning "Pharaoh's property" can be seen when the paper is
unique to the Emperor. This is almost the history of China. Han Cai
Lun Paper, Tsai is one of Emperor Zhang of Han palace eunuchs to
oversee the production of goods palace, at the time on the basis of
papermaking to create new technology, principle in use ever since (he
not only understands technology, government affairs, also dedicated
have repeatedly committed Yen plain speaking of the record; ancient
father's father capable than modern big pride). Cai Lun, after a
thousand years, Huozi Ban Bi Sheng invented the printing, the books on
the modern meaning of meaning then appears. "Cai Bi
technology" made another thousand years after the book world is
the only solution, it again created a new book technology.
Second Millennium March, the dotcom crash, most people think that IT
technology come to an end, but in fact the stock market events, and
soft and hard behind the development of high technology, has little to
do. Previously, the so-called e-books have emerged. 1971, American
Michael S. Hart Founder "Gutenberg" (Project Gutenberg),
began to move into the Internet's predecessor, the contents of books.
Initially, he was virtually alone with a keyboard input, from the
first of the "American Declaration of Independence"
beginning, spent 16 years with amazing perseverance to complete 313
classic works of digital. The late eighties, image scanners and
character conversion technology as the emergence of "Project
Gutenberg" digital books only accelerated. Popularity of digital
publishing, the book in digital form instead of the first, and then
printed on paper.
¡ð five years, Sony launched e-book reader LIBRI¨¦, the first time
high-tech hardware and software completely replaced by "Cai
completion technology." Before there has been a variety of small
readers, but are based on the LCD display technology, disadvantage is
reflective screen surface, reading angle narrow, large power. LIBRI¨¦ A
new "electronic paper technology" to avoid all the
shortcomings of LCD monitors. Electronic paper technology principle
was first proposed by XEROX, developed, one thousand ¡ð; e-paper black
and white pixels by the combination of a later, very much like
ordinary paper, as reflected by the natural light show, no need to use
power to maintain the most appropriate time to read . (LCD display
image after, needed to maintain power supply.) These new electronic
book reader the more the more refined, in March this year, Fuji
introduced color reader, technical heights. ¡ð ÆßÄê, the Tianjin Nankai
Tianjin Branch has introduced Chinese e-book reader,
"Imperial," a variety of models, functional addition to
memory and download methods, can be comparable to similar products in
foreign countries, the latest Hanlin v3, more than foreign body
advanced models of light a quarter. It appears that the Chinese
proverb said, "voluminous," "learning rich five
cars," so soon into the languages of the museum had to.
In February this year, Amazon launched KINDLE 2, further, the weight
pocket size and a standard, as only one-third of an inch thick, and a
pencil or less the same could not be smashed off the floor, a
four-hour charge can be read two consecutive week or 8000 (a book 300
operators, that is, 26); it's another advantage of 3G to download
books by flashlight message, not the Internet, do not look for
"hot spots", do not have to pay a monthly fee a best-selling
book do not need a minute to download, the price is only one-third of
hard copy, is now available for download Amazon purchase has more than
260,000 kinds of books, a lot of classic books to download more free.
You can reader counterfeitproof features Angular, search, place
bookmarks ... ... However, the most incredible, is its capacity: 300
one text-based book, its 2GB memory can handle 1800, quite a big
private library! My friends, if with a full load of KINDLE 2 plus a
solar panel into the mountains, this life do not have to come out.
Declaration of interests: The authors and the Amazon and other
companies related to it. KINDLE 2 is not launched in Hong Kong, there
are sub-standard problems.
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