Difficult process of restoration of historical truth by fdjerue7eeu


									Difficult process of restoration of historical truth
Sessions of the CPC, I have involved in "Concise Encyclopaedia
Britannica," Chinese, "Chinese encyclopedia" military
volume and the "Chinese Military Encyclopedia," the
editorial work, which lasted 10 years. During this period, China's
historians of "emancipating the mind and seeking truth from
facts" under the guidance of the ideological line, in order out
of chaos, has made many achievements in historical truth. Now I am
involved in the editing work, witnessed, heard about a few things
written, and ask for advice about academics and readers, but also as a
commemoration of the 30th anniversary of reform and opening up.

Sino-US co-published a "Concise Encyclopaedia Britannica"

1979, the famous scholar Jiang Chun-fang, from Qincheng come out of
prison soon after the preparation of the Central Committee,
"Encyclopedia of China" proposal. Encyclopedia known as the
"university without walls." Early modern Western countries
began publishing in the encyclopedia 200 years ago, but China has not
been published. After the Third Plenary Session of reform and open,
emancipation of the mind Chunchao surging, Chun-Fang Jiang's proposal
quickly the central focus. Deng Xiaoping's decision to publish the
first American translation of "Encyclopedia Britannica," the
Chinese version. News came out, first of all a lot of discussions in
the theoretical world: U.S. imperialism has always been our enemies,
and their point of view we accept this? Is how to handle the entry
ideology? The two sides can agree on it? Through these discussions
reflected Xiaoping Hu Qiaomu there, but Xiaoping unmoved, determined
to change. According to his instructions, in November 1979, China
Encyclopedia Publishing House and the Encyclopedia Britannica company
representatives began talks on co-publishing. Deng Xiaoping, the
company has received Encyclopedia Britannica Editorial Board vice
chairman and president of Swanson Gibney. He said: "The whole
world knows" Encyclopedia Britannica "in the authoritative
position within the academic field. We Chinese scientific workers to
your encyclopedia translated, derive lessons learned, this is a good
thing. "Encyclopedia of the first edition of this 1768 first in
Edinburgh, Scotland, after the edition published in London and
Cambridge. Early 20th century, the book copyright transfer to the
United States. 1974 14th edition has been published. Since 1960, the
company's innovations in the original style of the book took 15 years,
organized more than 4,000 national experts to write, in 1974 the 15th
edition compiled new look. August 12, 1980, China reached an agreement
with the United States, the provisions of section 15 of the U.S. side
has provided the latest revised edition; China's commitment to
translation (translation do not change the original text only),
publishing and other tasks, and is responsible for writing is purely
China's entry ; the establishment of China-US Joint Committee is
responsible for pipeline work pipeline and negotiations to resolve the
problems in compiling.

Chairman of the Committee of the Chinese joint pipeline is Liu Zunqi,
he is an old party members joined the party in 1931. 1939 Zeng Yi
Central News Agency of identity, and the "mop newspaper",
"New newspaper" reporter visited with Mao Zedong in Yan'an.
1949 was the Information Agency Deputy Secretary for International
News, Foreign Languages Press editor. 1957 was labeled as
"rightist," and later suffered many years of prison, is
released after the Third Plenum of. The two Chinese members, one was
the famous "right" chang, the other a translator Zhou

Agreement to re-write the so-called China is China's entry, mainly
refers to a kind of social science, especially with our history,
military history-related items. Most of these entries by the Party
Literature Research Center and the Central Party History Research
Office of the comrades to write, is the military aspect, the PLA
General Political Department and the Military Academy to write.
General Department of Politics at the compilation of my study room in
the work, so involved in this work. According to the views of
discussion, in accordance with the requirements of both sides can
accept, made some specific provisions, such as Mao Zedong and other
leaders of the entry does not use "great" the word;
character entry in accordance with the practice of the British
encyclopedia, each Marriage and children are writing personal
situation, "Deng Xiaoping" wrote the entry "and Zhuo
Lin epigenetic married with two sons and three daughters." Debate
on these specific issues are not big problems involve the evaluation
of certain characters.

Correct the one-sided assessment of Xiang Ying

Under the agreement, the existing entry for the original book, only to
rise, such as Ten Marshals, the original book, incompletely received,
we padded up. "Xiang Ying" is the original entry, need to
re-write. Comrade Military Academy wrote a first draft. A total of 7
800 words, light entry error on the British wrote 300 words. Because
the past regulations, all the central files on the central file by the
caliber of writing, the drafting of the comrades are based on January
15, 1941 drafted by Mao Zedong, "the CPC Central Committee on the
item, Yuan wrong decision" to write. At this time (January 1982),
the Central Archives series "South Anhui Incident"
compilations, just published by the Central Party School, the book
collection of the South Anhui Incident telegrams were 201, I read from
start to finish again, the key telegram read it several times. I am:
January 15, 1941 Central Yuan wrong decision on the item, there was no
in-depth investigation hastily made. Fourth Army Incident occurred on
January 6, 1941 night, both sides fighting to 14, down negotiations
Yeting commander detained. New Fourth Army and the central radio
contact on the 12th in the interruption, on the 15th day of the
Central and Southern Anhui Incident that all the leaders have not made
contact, in which case the decision, apparently in haste.

The decision to responsibility for the failure of South Anhui
Incident, completely onto Xiang Ying who is unfair and untrue.
Although the entry of anti-British conspiracy against the Kuomintang
diehards lack of vigilance and mismanagement in South Anhui Incident,
on the New Fourth Army, responsible for the loss suffered, but a
series of telegrams to see, Mao Zedong was too optimistic estimate of
the situation, the lack of vigilance. October 1940, the New Fourth
Army in the north of the yellow bridge made counter Hande Qin battle
after the victory, Feng Zhou Enlai in Chongqing to our attention by
Chiang Kai-shek's anti-communist conspiracy. November 13, 1940, letter
to Zhou Enlai, Mao Zedong's telegram said: Chiang Kai-shek, "only
scary one law, Japan is scared, scared for us, apart from the rogue
means, he is totally unable to deal. ... ... Feng estimates is not
correct, so anxious that he would provoke skin Cookin decorum, which
is being intimidated by rogue Chiang of the words. In fact, Jiang is
good at calculation, his rogue is not only used to scare the decision
policy. "the same days, in the cause Ye Ting, Xiang Ying telegram
said: "Northern action is not innocuous ... ... care (I wish the
same) Korea (Deloitte) will be Jiaoji Sheng, and you half-hearted
about the general trend would be finished ... ... to judge Jiang Gu is
not difficult for you, now move in batches, transfer completed by the
end of December is not too late. "November 15, 1940, Mao Zedong's
instructions:" Request other side to ensure cessation of action
and central army, that we withdraw when the other side Anhui force the
exchange to me. "November 21, 1940, the Central to the Ye Ting,
Xiang Ying's instructions said:" You can drag one month to two
months (to be seed money to start, to stop Jiangbei attack).
"That is to say, I am the New Fourth Army north is conditional,
you do not stop Jiangbei offensive, not to give seed money to start
not to go. But the KMT refused to agree to these conditions, the two
sides deadlocked. If you drag a month is December 21, dragging for two
months is January 21, 1941 a. December 25, 1940, that is northward in
the week before the New Fourth Army, Mao Zedong also communications,
said: "Chiang Kai-shek inside and outside the situation can only
get offensive defense, great attack and blowing, it is appropriate
complex power to delay, drag the end of January to say . Chiang did
not surrender ... ... as long as a massive attack is not possible,
always a big blow, but just a small fight. "Although the next day
(December 26), Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai received a call from
Chongqing, the attitude that after Chiang Kai-shek Central to the
Fourth Army made a strictly north of the telegram, the British entry
received after the desperate power directed by the central authorities
immediately north of the decision, but it's too late. Therefore, the
responsibility for delay in moving north, onto the British entry is
very unfair.

On the item, Yuan wrong decision, to the item, Yuan cook a lot of
charges, such as "loss of the position of party members",
"anti-Communist policy for the KMT has never led the struggle,
the spirit of the KMT had been captured" , "the instructions
of the Central consistent face, all to accommodate the Kuomintang,
oppose the development and to the north, behind enemy lines, opposing
expansion of the New Fourth Army, oppose the establishment of base
areas, adhere to their own opportunist line", "embarked on a
similar mistake with Zhang Guo ", etc.; the key English devoid of
any merit, these two denies the revolutionary achievements.

There is a problem on the item, Yuan wrong decision states: "The
senior cadres in the Party within the armed forces that the Central
decision, Kaizhan counter items, Yuan's struggle, but for now can not
communicate to his staff, in particular, may not announced to the
outside. "Last one is written:" the item, Yuan error to
submit the party's seven representatives to discuss the proposed
Department, the General Assembly. "However, until after the
party's seven previous party congress, the right item, Yuan errors are
not carried out the proposed office . Well, then the decision to
fairly count?

Over these issues, the drafting of "Xiang Ying" entry
comrades think that is worth studying. But these views were not
endorsed by the majority of comrades, more difficult to get some
authoritative institution. Thus, in a discussion of the spring 1982
"Concise Encyclopedia Britannica," the issue of the meeting,
I chaired the meeting, Comrade Hu Sheng was the problem. I remember
the Literature Research Center Director, Li Qi, deputy director of the
Central Party History Research Lung and Jiang Liao Chun-fang cover,
Liu Zunqi, etc. More than 20 comrades attended the meeting. Army
Military Academy Hu Lanzhi have, Jiang Fengbo and I participated in
three. I thought, "Xiang Ying" entries to write is not easy
to solve the problem, but than I expected, with Comrade Hu Sheng
experienced only a few words put this problem solved. He said:
"We are not edited," Concise Encyclopedia Britannica,
"right? It simple little bar, behind which is not to write a
paragraph." Is to error on the items deleted by the British. I am
pleased to adopt this program, participants did not oppose the other
comrades of the views, even if such reforms should be adopted.

But the British entry, and does not solve the problem. Soon, we then
made "Encyclopedia of China." Xiang Ying ago in the party,
the military has been the very important job. Liu Shaoqi, he worked as
chairman of the National Federation of Trade Unions; in Zhu worked as
the Central Revolutionary Military Committee; in Mao Zedong was
elected before the CPC Central Committee and the Standing Committee,
in "Encyclopedia of China" in the indispensable "items
of Britain" entry. This time is not "simple" enough, in
the end the British how to write items do? Division of labor by then,
the Department of General Political cadres responsible for the
preparation of editing and studying the room, "the PLA
People" entry, I was the associate editor of branches; the
Nanjing Military Region Office responsible for the preparation of
editing and studying the "New Fourth Military History"
entry, Fu-first "military History of "branch is associate
editor. His research on the New Fourth Army in greater depth than I, I
discussed with the editor of weeks, invite him as "Chinese
encyclopedia" written "Xiang Ying," the article. Fu-an
is not only readily agreed, and from a headlong into the study on key
United Kingdom, and later he wrote 48 million words, "Xiang Ying
Chuan," British lives on the item to make a fair assessment, by
the New Fourth Army many old comrades and readers praise.

Wang Fu a written "Xiang Ying" entry, affirmed the British
in the Revolution period items, the Agrarian Revolutionary War and the
Anti-Japanese War made a significant contribution, noting that his
lack of vigilance in Southern Anhui Incident, mismanaged, the loss of
the New Fourth Army negative responsibility. The evaluation and the
decision of the year vary widely, as a precautionary measure, we have
sent to the central leading comrades of the review. Served as General
Secretary Hu Yaobang, the entry of each section of the instructions
are written certainly his side on the comments section of South Anhui
Incident: "This assessment appears to be." He read then
transferred to Hu Sheng, ask him again "carefully
deliberate", Hu Sheng called the comrades of the Central Party
History Research Office, the saying "it is written in a generally
appropriate." At the same time, Yang Shangkun, I fall in, also
agreed to this entry. However, after 1987, Hu Yaobang resigned as
General Secretary, Hu Yaobang, some people came out that the
instructions are wrong. One well-known writer, also wrote a book
"South Anhui Incident" novel, followed the decision in tone,
and a number of fictional plot in Britain who poured a lot of items of
sewage. The novel in Beijing and Shanghai also published and widely
distributed, many old comrades rise to the anger of the New Fourth
Army. Although at one time under the pressure of public opinion to
stop selling, but Shanghai is still winning.

May 13, 1998, the PLA General Political Department, the Central Party
History Research Center, held in Beijing's Great Hall commemorating
the 100th anniversary of the British entry, Wu Bangguo, Zeng Qinghong,
Zhang Zhen, attended the meeting, the Central Political Bureau and
chairman of the Central CMC Vice Chairman Chi speech, spoke highly of
the British entry for the Chinese People's Liberation to establish the
cause of the historical achievements, singing "The key British
comrades is an outstanding proletarian revolutionary and labor
movements of the well-known activists, party leaders and the Red Army
in early one, the New Fourth's founder and one of the main leaders,
"" War is one of the star. " Chi made the remarks on
behalf of organizations, this item should say just the British have a
realistic assessment. However that was not the end. After shooting the
"New Fourth Army" and other TV series, one-sided decision to
remain at current, distorted and derogatory items of the British. Wang
Fu and I always reflect the views of the Central Propaganda Department
and the Administration of Radio, listen to the views of the comrades
stand a very good, but the "New Fourth Army" and other TV
series are still intact, continued to play; "South Anhui
Incident" novel also continues to reprint.

Red Army generals to be Cuosha biography

Editor "Encyclopedia of China" military character entry, the
first problem is how to determine the standard income people. After
many comments, repeated discussions, the last set a standard, that is,
the initial income of the armed uprising and army building and the
main leaders of the revolutionary base areas, and various historical
periods of People's Liberation Army's senior commanders, which will be
awarded after the liberation of the rank and duties of the above
significant figure. We have invited dozens of experts, after many
discussions, layers of review, and finally selected 199.

In our party and the army's history, has Cuosha many senior generals.
Some more well known, has been formally rehabilitated; some have long
been Cuosha, long buried, well there are no official decision
vindicated. However, in the early founding, have been very important
to assume the duties and have made very important contributions. We
based the principle of seeking truth from facts, strictly in
accordance with the standards, selected from 199 people were Cuosha 25
senior generals. They are (at the expense of chronological order):
participated in the Nanchang Uprising, uprising Jute Southeast of Red
Army and the Revolutionary Base Area of virtual human Xu (1906-1929);
in 1926 to join the party, involved in starting Ninggang riots, the
first to create Jinggangshan Revolution Base Yuan Wen (1889-1930); and
Yuan Wen together to create Jinggangshan Revolutionary Base Zuo
(1888-1930); has Whampoa Military Academy, took part in the Nanchang
Uprising, Guangzhou Uprising in Anhui Revolutionary Base Area of the
Red Army and the people Bai-Chuang Shyu (1901-1931); in 1924 joined
the Communist Party of China, the uprising has been a leader in the
Southeast of the South and the revolutionary base areas the Red Army
founder Zhou Weijiong (1908-1931); was acclaimed as the Northern
Expedition in the "tiger", and Deng Xiaoping and other
leaders Bose and Long Uprising, led his troops fought thousands of
miles to the Red Army in Jiangxi and rejuvenating the country and
joined the Red Army commander Li Mingrui 7 (1896-1931): participated
in the Northern Expedition and Shanghai, three armed uprisings, in
1925 the Red Army and joined the party in Anhui Revolutionary Base
founder Jiang Mirror Hall (1902-1931); in 1921 to join the league in
1924 to join the party, Whampoa Military Academy a school in the
Northern Expeditionary Army headed in the first army commander,
following Xu Shen (1901-1931); in 1926 to join the party who led the
uprising after jute border of Hubei, Henan Red Army and the
Revolutionary Base founder Caoxue Kai (1898-1931); in 1921 to join the
league in 1926 to join the party, who studied in Japan, led the
uprising in Anhui six Huo Red Army and the leaders of the
revolutionary base areas Shuchuan Xian (1899-1931); in 1926 to join
the party, led in 1927 to participate in the jute farmers armed
uprising revolutionary base area of Hubei, Henan side Peng Xu, who
created (1903-1932); in 1927 to join the party, who led the East to
create solid revolutionary base areas, and actively coordinate Fourth
Red Army to southern Jiangxi, western Fujian Jiangxi into the Soviet
Red Army and the founder of the South, Red 20 military commander,
political commissar had Ping-Chun (1901-1932); in 1926 to join the
party, took part in the Nanchang Uprising, had to actively coordinate
the red Si-jun to southern Jiangxi, western Fujian Jiangxi into the
Soviet Red Army and the founder of the South Wen-lin (1900-1932); in
1924 to join the party, a graduation Whampoa Military Academy, an
independent group in the Ye Ting's Hong Sanjun had been a battalion
chief of staff of Sun Deqing (1904 -1,932); in 1924 to join the league
in 1925 to join the party, who led the uprising of Hubei, Henan, jute
and revolutionary base side of the Red Army founder Daike Min
(1906-1932); West Hubei and Hunan in 1924 to join the party and the
Soviet Red Army leader, Hong Sanjun political commissar of the 10 000
Tao (1904-1932); in 1924 to join the party, long engaged in the
peasant movement, a former director of the Political Department of the
Red Army, Red Army political commissar of six straight Liu Xun
(1898-1932); early work-study program in France in 1922 join the party
in 1923 after returning to the leadership of the peasant movement in
northern Hubei Province, and the revolutionary armed struggle in
Northern Hubei and the base to create one-way armed Kesheng
(1893-1932); in 1925 to join the party, the Whampoa Military Academy
graduate, the Northern Expedition in any division political
department, has been introduced Peng joined the party section of the
Red Army 6th Corps Johnson (1904-1933); in 1926 to join the party, a
former Red Army commander 6, Fourth Red Army commander, Red 25 Army
commander of the mine Ji Xun (1895 - 1933); in 1926 to join the party,
a former Red Army commander 28, Red 25, deputy commander of the
military, Liao Yung-kun (1903-1933); participated in the Nanchang
Uprising in Hunan, Hubei, and the revolutionary base side of the Red
Army founder Wang Bingna (1892 -1,933); early in any of Feng Yuxiang's
Northwest Army commander, led the famous uprising rather have the
season he served as commander of Fifth Army group vibration with
(1901-1934); graduated from Whampoa Military Academy, participated in
the Northern Expedition, returned from the Soviet Union after learning
served Henan, Anhui Revolutionary Armed Services Committee, the Fourth
Red Army political commissar of the students had (1900-1935); long
persist in Henan, Anhui Soviet struggle, the Chinese Soviet Republic
was chosen as the central executive committee members, leading Red 20
extremely difficult eight years military experience of guerrilla
warfare detachment commander of the New Fourth Fourth Gaojing Ting

Of the 25 senior generals were Cuosha, in "Encyclopedia of
China," an entry in each set, although many words, but many
people is the first time national, authoritative book published their
biography . Our preparation work is not the end of the PLA Publishing
House under our proposed list of 199 people, invite all interested
parties to write richer, longer words, "People's Liberation Army
generals Biography", a total of a dozen out of a total of about
four five million words. Some little-known figure in the country of
origin, their dependents received from the local government's
preferential treatment, care, history, Annals sector came for them to
write the book.

In order to prepare these people entry, we collected a large amount of
data. These historical records, reflecting the extreme
"leftist" ideology in the history of our party caused very
serious consequences. In the past we only know that Zhang Guo in
Henan, Anhui, Xia Xi revolutionaries in Western Hubei and slaughtered
many people, in fact, people in the Central Soviet Area Cuosha more
time earlier. 1930, began the struggle against AB group, in less than
4 million people in the Red Army, the actually captured more than 4400
AB group elements.

This struggle was the main leaders of the General Front Committee
personally initiated and led. As the former Red Army general assigned
to the Red Army out Purges 20 people, arrested 20 cadres of the army
group, 20 as part of the military were forced to launch the
"Futian Incident." At that time, there are two different
point of view of the delegation from Jiangxi to Shanghai has reported
the matter to the Central Committee, asked the central position. Far
East Bureau of the Communist International in Shanghai responsible
Rylski that "do not write lines and the fact that correctness is
more appropriate because the message can not make judgments based on
the surface." MIF in Shanghai at that time, held the opposite
opinion. January 1931 entry, after the British arrived the Central
Soviet Area, after preliminary investigation, on January 16 issued a
"Notice Soviet Central Bureau II", in criticizing the
"Futian Incident" at the same time, stressed the need to
correct the shortcomings in the anti-AB group error. February 19,
Xiang Ying in Circular No. XI of more specific and said: "can not
come to a conclusion idealism, sure that that is the AB group Futian
Incident cancel school riots." However, the CPC Central Committee
Political Bureau, 3 28 made on the "Futian Incident" of the
resolution to recognize the "Futian Incident" is a
"counter-revolutionary and"; "in Zedong, Comrade
General Front Committee under the leadership of the enemy's line,
firmly opposed to the class is essentially correct." "In
addition to the resolution outside the central issue of Jiangxi, and
distributed to all soviet." In this direction, the Central Soviet
struggle against AB group were more frenzied, 20 Red Army cadres at
and above all, vice platoon disarmed and detained, most were killed;
Southwestern Jiangxi more than 90 percent of local cadres have been
killed or imprisonment was dismissed. We are in the "Encyclopedia
of China" in charge only in the anti-AB group was Cuosha of
Wenlin, Bing Chun had two people, there are a large number of senior
cadres were killed did not go out. Recorders such as the Southwestern
Jiangxi secretary Huai, he served as military commander of the Xiao
Taiming 20, a former commissar of the Chen 20 winter, 20 military
political department Xiehan Chang, Jiangxi Province, Standing
Committee and the Soviet military Minister Jin Wanbang, few of the
Southwestern Jiangxi Recorders secretary of the Standing Committee of
Jiangxi Province in paragraph Ryosuke Action Committee, Southwestern
Jiangxi Recorders Secretary-General Li Baifang so. Henan, Anhui and
Hunan West revolutionaries, after the resolution is carried out in the
central up.

In the past we used to say, our party of revolutionaries expansion, is
affected by large-scale Purges of the Soviet Union. But after reading
a large number of historical archives, we found that large-scale
Purges Soviet Union until after 1934 began, Zinoviev, Kamenev,
Bukharin, Rykov, are all in 1934 before being Cuosha, the Soviet Union
and other high-ranking marshal Tukhachevski Cuosha, a few years later.
Our anti-AB group as early as 1930 began. The above-mentioned Cuosha
25 senior generals, 22 people were previously Cuosha of 1933. And we
engage in the revolutionaries, not the Comintern or the Soviet Union's
instructions, is our own initiative. Far East Bureau of the Communist
International Gailis military leader, in December 3, 1930 letter
quoted Mao Zedong October 14, 1930 the contents of a letter: "In
this letter he spoke of Jiangxi Party of the crisis, half-secret
counter-revolutionary terrorist organizations 'AB groups' members not
only got into the grass-roots organizations, but also got into the
party's leading body, the party organizations at the rich peasants,
landlords and the landlords under the influence, relying on local
forces to improve the party is extremely difficult, should be sent
from Shanghai to go. "can see from the Comintern archives: June
1930 Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee held its second plenary
session, the" no talking to strengthen Soviet but occupation of
large cities say. Mao against this line. He thus wrote to the plenary
session, confirmed that the line is wrong. He suggested that the first
removal of all Soviet counter-revolutionary organizations, and
suggested that the masses of peasants involved in these things. He
said, now go to great cities, will become non-consolidation of the
existing base. "

On one occasion, Xiao Ke comrades to tell us that he witnessed the
struggle against AB group situation. He pointed to a cup on the table,
if this table has a cup, you say 10, can be said to be enlarged; if
one does not, what magnification? He told us to write to write a good
comrades who have been this penalty, so that future generations never
forget the lives of comrades in exchange for use of these historical

End Code "Encyclopedia of China", we continued to
"Chinese Military Encyclopedia", army figures and brings
income. We developed a list to give to all the leaders for advice.
Hong Xuezhi to see the list, has called me to his office. He
highlighted the 1923 enrolled and in 1924 joined the party, after
returning from the former Soviet Union to learn Red Fourth Army Chief
of Staff Lee special, and the former Soviet Area, the Government and
the Central Military Commission, the Secretary-General, Fifth Army
political commissar of Huang Chao's case . They both participated in
the West Route of hard fighting, arrived in Xinjiang, but soon
disappeared after a few years before people know they are Cuosha's.
Hong Xuezhi that these two martyrs income should be "Chinese
Military Encyclopedia" at home. Later approved by the Central
Military Commission, made a formal rehabilitation documents, Lee Point
and yellow overloading into the "Chinese Military
Encyclopedia" at home.
Write an objective history of the progress and limitations

As the "leftist" thinking, a long time in the history books,
the characters and events of many comments, there is a big
one-sidedness. For example, people can not say that the great
shortcomings, mistakes, and mistakes, have problems of people can not
say good words, almost become the rule. After plenary, in the
"seek truth from facts" ideological line under the guidance
of historians comrades are trying to make progress in this regard, the
total number to see progress, but the resistance is not small.

In the "Encyclopedia of China" military paper, the
"Mao" is a specialty section, full text of more than 7,000
words. Otherwise an error in which to write his views are
inconsistent. At that time the "Cultural Revolution" ended
shortly, the central question of history in a number of resolutions
were written by Mao Zedong launched the Cultural Revolution of the
error, the majority of comrades that the entry should be written.
However, there are many comrades against. Hu Qiaomu changes hands
after the final to retain the 75 words, that: "In 1966, the
mistake to launch 'Cultural Revolution', this 'revolution' it was Lin
Biao and Jiang Qing counter-revolutionary groups use the two to the
party, state and since the founding of the people was the most serious
setbacks and losses. People's Liberation Army in this disaster also
severely damaged. "went on to explain:" He created indelible
Chinese revolution far outweigh his mistakes. "famous 10 sixth
tactic, used to say that Mao's creation. In the preparation of
"Encyclopedia of China" when writing "Zhu De"
entry in the Literature Research Center, "Zhu De" Chen, head
of Friends groups and other comrades, there are noted in the root put
forward, Zhu De in 1925 when studying in the Soviet Union proposed
"win hit, can not win the left, "" necessary, drag the
team up the mountain "of war, summed up in Jinggangshan period
set by leaders of formula. "Mao Zedong" group has come up
with memories of old comrades, that formula is set by leaders Mao
summed up. After repeated discussions in the "Mao Zedong"
entry reads: "In the struggle to uphold the Jinggangshan, with
Zhu De, summed up the experience of guerrilla war, summed up 'the
enemy advances, we retreat, the enemy harass the enemy tires, we
attack the enemy retreats, we pursue 'the basic principles of
guerrilla warfare. "on" Mao Zedong "entry of summary
reviews, and the" Concise Encyclopedia Britannica, "the
same, no use" great "terms, it should be said to be an
improvement, though still limited step.

Mistakes or problems for the characters, in the past usually do not
accept even the name are allowed. I have seen 50 years of the 20th
century prepared a history of warfare, because someone made a mistake
in the sequence table with his name are vacant. We write "Chinese
Encyclopedia", the cast away the past some of the unreasonable
restrictions, included in the "Lin Biao", "Gao
Gang" entry. Because they are influential figures in the history
of the PLA, but also contribute to the revolution did. However, their
achievements in the history of writing do not write, how to write,
there are some different views. Chen Yun was first in August 9, 1983
had said: "Lin Biao as the commander of the fieldwork, the right
place at the time, we do not have to deny." We write in
accordance with this spirit, "Lin Biao and the" entry of the
first draft, together with other important items, gave some old
comrades for advice.

Huang Kecheng read "Lin Biao and the" Explanations after
entry, called the secretary called to say come to us to talk face to
face. 21 February 1985, I and the same week, Comrade Yao husband to
Yuquan Mountain, Taoist warmly received us. He said: "You write
Figures, to learn Sima Qian, Records of the Historian, he wrote a
large number of historical figures. You now use the historical point
of view, with the attitude of historians to judging people. Do not use
the last party will struggle to fight the kind of excessive to open
the language, ferret out a man put his historical contribution
foreclose. can not just look at one side, to look at both sides, it is
to fully observe, to make a comprehensive evaluation, to write the
true history face. ... 10 years ... Lin Biao died, and his view of
historical materialism have to write his historical. ... ... his party
and the army in the history of the development of combat capability,
played an active role in ; the other hand, he was the party, the state
and the army was severely damaged, resulting in extremely serious
consequences. "paragraph by paragraph, paragraph by paragraph of
Huang also talked about his views.

Taoism's views to be enlightening, we strive to spirit as he said, to
write historical figures. However, we deeply feel, Sima Qian is not so
easy to learn, and truly comprehensive observation, is not easy to
make a comprehensive evaluation. First of all, to have courage to
break the limitations, the courage to dare to face history, also need
to allow full observation, a comprehensive evaluation of the
atmosphere. In commemoration of the 30th anniversary of reform and
opening up Looking back on history, I thought from the real to
"emancipate the mind, seeking truth from facts" requirement,
is still a long way.
??????????????????????????????????????????????????- "Yanhuang
Spring" 11, 2008
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