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Am a former colleagues in my office to chat, I just site back and
watch the progress of rigid, the mood is very depressing, actually
can, he said, "One thing has always puzzled me, probably are not
understand the death." Me and my one was more depressed than I,
to the spirits, said, "You and detailed." He said roughly
one, two, three, four, I heard foggy, perhaps he has become accustomed
lie about their vulnerability before and after a few obvious
statements ignored, then I also do not point it Chuan He, Kan In his
depression's sake.
I was invited to listen to him talk he is the number of times he
thought about my affinity strong enough and I enough mentally. When
there is little sympathy for him, after all, he has been comparable to
the age of my father, my attitude on his outside in the cold tolerance
and the elderly who Duoliaoyifen along with passing no longer have
confidence in the youth and lack of Although due to the laws of nature
are still very difficult to accept the sad. Watched him from the high
gas Aung Toe, insufferably arrogant to today's fawning, actually could
not bear, and yet several people can be guaranteed to have head to
front his own life did not decline the day? I think I put aside other
work has been able to get down to listen to his resistance to stinking
long, contradictory feelings are mostly because of this crisis and
psychological sense of self-protection.
Another friend, as he generally older, his situation is more tragic
than some, at least he thinks so. Original high above, mass response,
the following per capita following the lead of his. Today, business
has been hit hard, almost no chances. He lived in a mansion close to
600 square meters of air in the capital city has a dozen commercial
center of office, retail and apartment property. Initially, I asked if
he could put some cash to support his investment in fixed assets of
another career, and he said no, where enough money to start? A friend
asked him to manage a factory, open to the 20,000 monthly salary, he
did not want, say that the factory had nothing to do, but a foot on
the field of family on, say, that his income is not enough luxury
property management fees and the cost of living expenditure. I am
speechless, he was disgusted with the hypocrisy of tiger leaves the
mountainsHowever also hat and no cattle and even he is not like Dali.
He has another job, and indeed in another industry-related companies
prior to their seeking to a senior management position. His daily
morning 7:00 time from home, just to be able to arrive at work hours
before the company's punch card. Occasionally one or two late, even by
a small staff manager criticized not also a force mouth. He said to me
these, my heart is like to be claw clutching a while, like a burst of
pain. What makes a so anything they want, the male chauvinist who
trampled upon the arrival of people reduced to the point? Was first
heard, he said, "so long, I finally figured out. Now what people
call me I can roar, I can speak more freely of my low self-esteem is
very low, because I know that when you are not When a location, in
addition to your loved ones and yourself, no one will remember or
re-think highly of you. "
Read a good many other stories, all around me, like a scene change,
happening. I wake up every day another anti-reflection, calm and cool,
just hope that if some day, luck let me try the pain God made man, at
that time, I was able to use the little knowledge I learned today,
calm peace deal can be rich can be mediocre, so I had to live down my
pride, at least I do not like them, let their dignity trampled
Child heard the fairy tale Snow White. The most profound memory was
not her and the Seven Dwarfs and the legendary Frog Prince, sleep in
10 of her quilts stacked bedding on the bottom Chuangban Shang also
felt stood in a soybean. Childish mind think that the Princess really
delicate Yeah, it can feel, see how proud she normally.
Suddenly thought of this story is that in the district Recently I
always walk to middle of small lake bridge cried. I think I was hard,
can it hard and around the pain of other people, it seems worth
mentioning, or at other people's eyes, I should have suspected
happiness boundless. Some pet, loved and always someone around when
necessary, be the cause of small victories, car and house I have young
parents unencumbered, what else can make me pain?
But I really uncomfortable, the pain may be 10 under a sand layer of
well-being, but it has been smooth sailing for me, enough so that I
would toss the sleep. Career, emotional, family disputes between, say
it is simple, easy and done it extremely hard to endure. To give up
some, get some, it is difficult to judge right and wrong, the future
is lost along with the constant expectation and disappointment of the
huge gap. Body and Soul in the air separation, reason and emotion in
the balance of both ends of the swing, thinking and sometimes
confusing, or even a precursor to schizophrenia.
I was silent and accepted the fate of the guide some of the things,
without the slightest resistance, I can not think of what can make me
wild with joy, or overwhelmed with grief. I want an empty life and
feelings of loneliness may be the greatest misfortune in life. Someone
advised me sincerely, advise I treasure that can be applied the words
of Anne Baby has said: "Some things can be forgotten, some things
can be commemorated, some things can willingly, and some things have
been powerless."
Live on such a day, but fortunately, have a career, a good thing I can
work in the face of emerging problems can be brought out into the work
full of passion. I put in unscrupulous make their cause known as a
strong woman, or even be mistaken for belligerent, and for now I want
to resolve the ideological contradictions, there are sustenance of
life than to stay in the fantasy and unrealistic thinking of more
true. Difficult to imagine if one day I can give up the cause, then
see through the earth, I may have, or have nothing worthy of nostalgia
I go.
I always wanted to come to a profound and difficult travel, the sign
of the large post-accident insurance policy, in language and culture,
horses are no longer connected panic disorder may be soldiers of the
Third World countries will complete their own exile. In the future all
unknown, the experience from the origin of life needs and shock,
rather than staying still enjoy the surface of consciousness,
Degradation and down to earth in the struggle.
Fortunately I found a good son-parents. I have enough reasons and
confident that, in my case of any accident, he could be my parents
regarded as a natural, long-Xiao remaining years.
Friends around the city of ginkgo red, into a film, can be beautiful.
I was fascinated. Friends say go, go look at ginkgo forest. Suddenly,
not the spirits of flowers to see King to see the world, not with the
eyes, but with the mind, if my heart is dead, probably no King can
live up to my eyes, but what is so romantic and beautiful mine place,
only reminiscent of some of the feelings gone.
Not long ago I heard a colleague was Naozhuo divorce, while listening
to her Yueqi Guo, fault is not in her. But, after all, the husband and
wife over a decade, and once isolated, presumably also painful. She
had been patient, after all, not just to young, in the patient's
condition may remain for some kindness and a complete marital home,
but, after all the other impatient, and many years of profound
feelings smaller than a moment of heart, men think that segment of his
life feeling is only lifetime.
Standing in my position, ideas to solve what I should be on which side
to help people speak, the feelings of the best is no reason why there
is no right or wrong, if that is wrong, only one side against the
moral and legal constraints, but for human nature, humanity and
feeling, I admire a man of courage is, at least for a man to give up
the feelings of responsibility and social morality, is a very easy
Occasionally, when watching television turned to see a file library
program, called "truth." That program is doing an
extramarital affair on the theme of hero met a woman, dying to live in
love, we must divorce with his wife, that in his eyes, the woman
behind the event is the most most suitable for their own good
beautiful. Festival at the end of a paragraph host said so, did not
specify the origin of the story.
"There was once a scholar marriage met a close friend, and would
like to divorce his wife and marries another woman, but facing such a
life choice, after all under some heart center, then went to a temple
monk for help. Monks placed a candle before his eyes three , asked
what support do you think the brightest. scholar, A, are generally
bright. monk out of which one, placed in front of the scholar, what do
you look Behold support the brightest. scholar bewildered, of course,
is part of this brightest. complex in turn the candle back into the
three monks, the words, you support all that just now the brightest,
because he in your face, you put your heart to see it, so it is the
brightest. but when you put it back , you will find all the candles
are usually lit only distinction you heart. you even the brightest
candle which have trouble telling people apart, how can we judge which
are most suitable for you? that scholars suddenly realized most
beautiful has been at his side. "
After hearing these words, I almost took to break down the TV remote
control. If the story right, it should be understood and tell a story
that host low level. I can not think of the candles and what
commonalities between marriage, you were thrown into a sea of people,
naturally impossible to separate Zaichou Yin-mao, a human being should
we not carefully, you can say that this world, people are generally
beautiful or general for you? The ancients also goes "eye of the
beholder," so naturally to reason. Host at the end of this time
by example can not explain the inside story of extra-marital and
marital differences and should be a choice.
The reason why modern inclusive enough affair, but also for the return
of human nature itself, there are many ethnic minorities to retain
marriage customs, which should be here. But people living known to the
world, naturally have a certain social nature, Bu Neng do whatever
they want, the reason why You Falv have ethical and moral, but also
because the community can Hexie together with Guilv, this is common
ground. So we have a small feeling little sad, but also as far as
possible to avoid this common ground and weakened, and other common
view and understanding.

Write all this, just felt like, maybe I will look to Japan's weakness
that pen. But now I, but true by these troubled, I do not want to
transcend age and grow old very quickly, after all, not a people,
Delightful things. I just want to stay in the process of growing
number of imprinting, as proof of my real life too. Every day continue
to get older each year, some feeling and something to accompany us,
with plenty of room in our blood, so that time and space, died in the

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