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									Dairy Co., Ltd. Shandong Ya Aote accelerate the pace of development
????Occasion to development, and create win-win situation, which is
Dairy Co., Ltd. Shandong Ya Aote uphold the concept over the years.
Dairy Co., Ltd. Shandong Ya Aote the Government's active promotion,
the use of market approach, relying on technological progress,
strengthen service industries to drive the implementation of the
strategy of accelerating the pace of development of dairy industry,
companies also gained rapid development. It is reported that corporate
annual processing capacity of 70,000 tons of fresh milk, the annual
output value of 160 million yuan, taxes of 1,000 million yuan. Market
coverage than a dozen cities across the province, with a fixed user
600 000.
???Base of strong milk
Dairy Co., Ltd. Shandong Ya Aote recognized in development: businesses
can not develop without the development of Cow. To this end, the
company's center on the "Milk enriching works" make an issue
of development planning, to foster and develop dairy farming and
specialized cooperative organizations, to promote industrialized
operation of agriculture, as farmers increase the degree of
organization and the important measures the competitiveness of
agricultural products issue, and has completed residential and income
breeding milk cows more than 50 points. In accordance with the laws of
development of industrialization, the establishment of a
benefit-sharing, risk sharing of the first dairy cooperatives in
Shandong Province, out of a "leading + base + farmers"
development path. Dairy cooperatives, mutual benefit, common
development, and milk farmers signed a formal purchase contract, the
cooperative supervision of companies and cattle ranchers on the
implementation of the contract, so that genuine farmers to participate
in the production and management to the company. Cooperatives to
implement the "four points of a uniform concentration", that
is unified leadership, unified planning, unified management, unified
service, household farming, focused on mechanized milking, feeding
cows through the establishment of district, the establishment of milk
stations, small loans, the establishment of minimum protection of milk
purchase price and so close a connection with the interests of dairy
farmers. Caused the establishment of cooperatives and state government
departments attach great importance to the establishment of Shandong
Province Animal Husbandry Office once the practice of dairy
cooperatives in the province to promote China Dairy Association and
the China Dairy Association to promote the company's practices.
Meanwhile, the company also gave speeches on the National Dairy
Willing to seek win-win investment
In nurturing and growth of milk cow breeding base, the company willing
to invest, make every effort to help farmers to develop dairy farming.
First, infrastructure, construction of residential, milk collection
station (milking parlor), transportation equipment, road construction
and so on. Accumulated investment of 15 million yuan the company has
completed large-scale cell with milking parlor 80. Second, the
production of funds advanced, there are two ways of expanding the
scale of operations needed to implement dairy farmers milk shall
advance; on the early development of dairy farmers to implement drag
on the balance sheet feed section, to support its development. Third,
services, companies invest more than 60 million in co-operatives set
up a dedicated technical services team, free agency man farmers
provide technical guidance, advice; annual investment of more than 120
million of the company entrance Quarantine dairy farmers subsidies.
Fourth, protection of investment risk, and the milk price supports
users signed a contract, the implementation of order-type production,
annual sales season, the company will produce more than 100 million
households purchase milk subsidies, invested a total 800 million. At
the same time, secured by the company, with banks, insurance
companies, dairy farmers on the implementation of small loans, for
base construction, purchase of cows, disease prevention and control,
reduce business risk. Fifth, supporting breeding field construction
investment is 8.00 million RMB, the existing high-yield varieties of
Chinese Holstein 550, the average annual output per cow milk 6500 kg.
Embryo Transfer breeding pit mainly particle technology and the
introduction of frozen semen for the dairy farmers for breeding,
breeding services.
????Bumper economic social benefits
Cow's development, not only to promote the rapid development of
enterprises, but also economic and social benefits brought bumper. The
company has more than 1,000 employees, including 120 senior dairy
research and development personnel, with the world's most advanced
Tetra Pak of Sweden, France Gabriel, Japan, rock wells, more than 50
dairy processing lines. Full realization of the entire production
process control and automation of computer operations, using
international advanced testing equipment dairy processing process for
the production of the Quality Control. Over the years, product quality
100% pass rate, the annual milk processing capacity of 70,000 tons,
annual output value of 160 million yuan, taxes of 1,000 million yuan.
The same time, promote the adjustment of planting structure in rural
areas and increase farmers become rich ways, it was introduced,
according to the current 43 000 cows, the annual utilization of
agricultural by-product straw 120 thousand tons, 42,000 tons of grain.
Composite milk section clearing, forage to concentrate feed, cows
natural growth of the company's dairy farmers bring in revenues of 200
million yuan. Transfer of rural labor force of 1.6 million,
accumulated income on driving farmers billion, average household
income in yuan. In addition, with the concentration of standardized
dairy farming, which greatly improved the rural environment. Intensive
farming communities, modern milking parlor, as well as local roads,
the construction of supporting facilities such as afforestation,
improve the degree of organization of dairy cattle breeding, the
family's backyard into a cell feeding, concentrated milk received; In
addition, the straw changes recycle waste, from the "straw -
burning" model of pollution into "straw - silage - feed -
cattle dung - organic fertilizer - to field" the ecological
model, significantly improved the rural environment, rural areas have
been improved significantly.

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