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Heat-resistant crucible material requirements, more robust, but not
easy at a high temperature chemical reaction. Ceramic crucible for the
production of traditional, modern useful to graphite, platinum,
nickel, chromium and other metals. Some of the same materials crucible
lid. ...

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Crucible deep end of a ceramic bowl container. When a solid when
heated to in order to fire, you must use the crucible. Because it is
better able to withstand high temperatures than glass containers.
Crucible crucible will be used often on the crucible lid on skew in
order to prevent heat things jump out, and ...

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To the furnace, furnace tube, sagger, crucible and other-oriented and
provide for a variety of kilns 200-1700 degrees in a variety of sagger
and kiln material. The kiln is a refractory and professional supplier,
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