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					                                                                                            Student Information                                                                                               1

Hum an Performance Centre (HPC) has become a Registered                   Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)                                  counselling or advisory services, we will make initial contact
Training Organisation through an application and audit process                                                                                 with an appropriate external body if requested by the student.
with the Queensland Government. The benefit to you, the client,           Sometimes people enrol in a course and soon find that they
is an assurance that we have a documented quality system                  have done the training before. All students have the right to        No matter how big or small you think the issue may be, come
covering all training, assessment and servic es we offer you.             apply for recognition of prior learning or RPL. RPL is an            and talk to any staff members and we will help.
                                                                          assessment process where partial or full credit can be
You are also guaranteed that successful completion of one of our          granted for learning previously done through structured or           Complaints and Appeals
accredited training courses w ill give you a nationally recognised        unstructured training, work experience or by some other
qualification that have equal worth in all states and territories (       means. Of course, you must be able to show, through an               If you have a complaint about any thing we do or any of the
individual licensing authorities set different requirements for their     assessment process, that the knowledge and skills you have           people w ho work for HPC, please notify a member of staff. If
ow n states /territories).                                                are current and can be applied at the time you apply.                you do not feel comfortable with doing so, you may contact the
                                                                                                                                               Department of Education Training and the Arts at their head
                                                                          HPC has a documented policy on RPL and a process whic h              office in Brisbane.
                                                                          will help any application less complicated. Application forms
                                                                          and the policy are on our website. Again please call if you          Appeals are grievances regarding assessment outcomes
                                                                          cannot access these or have any questions.                           (sometimes called academic appeals). HPC has a documented
Student Inform ation                                                                                                                           process for re-evaluating assessment outcomes involving
                                                                          Credit Transfer                                                      independent people. Please contact the program coordinator if
The follow ing list of items is for information to prospective                                                                                 you are unhappy w ith an assessment outcome.
students. It provides a brief overview of some of the policies and        Not unlike RPL is a process called credit transfer. If you
procedures adopted by HPC. The information w ill be recapped              have completed structured training which had modules or              Any compliant or appeal w ill be properly dealt w ith and you will
during the course induction phase on the first day of training.           units w ith content identical to the ones you are enrolling in,      receiv e a written reply regarding the outcome.
Contained in our documented quality management system, are                you may be eligible for a credit transfer. There is no cost
the full policies and procedures that all students are free to            involved in a credit transfer. Information and an application        Flexible Learning and Assessment procedures
peruse at any time.                                                       form is on the website.
                                                                                                                                               Our courses are delivered as in class lectures with set
Legal Requirements                                                        National Recognition                                                 timeframes. If necessary and with some flexibility, the program
                                                                                                                                               can be adjusted to accommodate some diverse learning
There are a number of laws whic h relate to everyone in a                 Mentioned earlier, w hen you undertake nationally                    arrangements. If you have a situation which requires some
workplace or training environment. In Queensland one standard             recognis ed training, your qualif ication is valued equally          delivery or assessment methods to be modified to suit your
law is the Workplace Health and Safety Act 1995. In brief,                throughout Australia. This is because all RTOs in Australia          circumstances, please discuss these with the administration
sections 28 and 36 of the Act place responsibilities on the people        agree to nationally recognise all awards issued by any other         officer of trainer. All reasonable adjustments w ill be considered
in charge of places, to ensure the safety of all people at that           RTO in the country.                                                  by HPC.
place. Equally, people at a workplace must abide by the rules
set, use equipment supplied properly and not place any other              Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN)                                Rules of the house
person at risk. A full copy of the requirements of the Workplace
Health and Safety Act is in the HPC policies and procedures               In order for students to complete training, some level of            There are a number of basic rules to be observed whilst
manual.                                                                   English language comprehension, literacy (ability to write           training w ith HPC.
                                                                          effectively ) and numeracy skills are required. These levels
We also abide by the provisions of the national Privacy Act, the          vary for different courses and training programs. We are not             All students w ill comply with all reasonable requests and
Anti-Discrimination Act and the Vocational Education Training             experts in the diagnosis of learning needs and rely on your               requirements made by staff of HPC
and Employment Act to name a few.                                         honesty to inform your trainer if you believe you may have               No student w ill attend any class whilst under the influence
                                                                          difficulties studying material. We rely on you being able to              of alcohol or any drugs
We have fact sheets about all forms of discrimination and                 read this and complete the enrolment form. If we do                      Any from of discrimination (sexual, racial etc), bullying,
workplace bullying. You will be provided with copies when you             how ever encounter some problems during the course, our                   any form of harassment or any excessive obscene,
start your training with us.                                              trainers will spend some one on one time w ith you to help                offensive or insulting language or behaviour, will not be
                                                                          you achieve a positive outcome.                                           tolerated
Course Fees                                                                                                                                        Please be courteous to co-students, staff and public at all
                                                                          Student Support and Welfare Services                                      times.
All course fees are contained in a booklet page to this                                                                                            Disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated.
information.                                                              If at any time during your training at HPC you require any
                                                                          assis tance w ith a welf are issue or requir e professional

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                                                                                             Student Information                                                                                              2

    Any breaking of any state or federal law w ill be reported to
     the relevant authority (eg. Stealing, damaging property,              Job help                                                                       Basic principles of running your own business
     assault etc.)                                                         GC Employment Support Service – 55919199                                       Human anatomy and physiology
    Treat all equipment as if it was yours                                Job Placement limited - 38078333                                               Strength and conditioning
    If you don’t know -ASK                                                                                                                               Boxing techniques & instruction
                                                                           If you are having a problem w ith anything, please talk to us.                 Group fitness
Access and Equity                                                          We can help.                                                                   Speed and agility
                                                                                                                                                          Elite athletes training
Put simply, access and equity in training is about making sure             Enrolment                                                                      Developing and w riting fitness programs
that no person or group is disadvantaged in accessing training                                                                                            Using fitness equipment
because of things like their age, race, religion, sex, marital status      You can complete the enrolment form once you have read                         Sports psychology
etc. Staff of HPC have developed all policies and procedures               this student information and acknow ledge having done so by                    Dietetics - Diet and eating for peak performance
keeping in mind the principles of access and equity. These                 signing the enrolment form. If there is anything in this
include enrolment and recruiting / selection standards.                    information package or on the enrolment f orm that you do             Finding out more
Equally important is the view that no student training at HPC w ill        not understand, please ask one of the HPC staff.
act in any discriminatory manner towards any other student or                                                                                    If you need any more information about our services, please
staff member. HPC has developed a list of legislative (legal)                                                                                    contact one of our friendly staff for assistance.
requirements which outline that discrimination of any kind,                Refund Policy
harassment, w orkplace bullying and vic timisation, are against the                                                                              We can be contacted by -
law . If detected at HPC, the appropriate authorities will be
contacted.                                                                 If all course fees have been paid (by any method) and the             Phone :      55 260183
HPC has a policy to provide timely access to student records.              student withdraws from the course w ithin 7 days of the               Fax:         55 751347
                                                                           commencement date, the deposit amount of $250 and if pay
                                                                           smart is being utilised deposit of $500.00 will be retained for       Email :
                                                                           administrative costs excluding any course materials
                                                                           provided whic h will be charged for.                                  Gym address and postal -: 39 Hillcrest Parade, Miami Q 4220
                                                                           (unless medical or extreme personal hardship is accepted
                                                                           and at the discretion of HPC).                                        You have chosen a career as a personal fitness trainer and
Privacy and Confidentiality
                                                                                                                                                 you will be training w ith the best in the business.
                                                                           If a student w ithdraws from the course before it has
Staff at HPC w ill ensure that the strict security provisions relating     commenced, the administrative charge of $250 will be
to your personal details, are not compromised. As a result your                                                                                  Finally, enjoy your training experience with us. You are in good
                                                                           retained w ith remaining fees refunded.                               hands.
privacy is assured and any communications between you and                  If a student w ithdraws from the course after these dates
our staff, w ill be held in the utmost of confidence.                      HPC w ill retain all administrative fees as detailed above and
                                                                           determine a pro rata costing structure as to ascertain a fair
External Support (local Gold Coast area)                                   and reasonable cost for training delivery and course
                                                                           materials till that date.
Personal Counselling

Aust Counselling Association – 1300 784 333 Relationships                  If Human Performance Centre decides to cancel or
Australia – 1300 364 277                                                   postpone a course, all monies w ill be refunded in full.

Drug and Alcohol
Alcoholics Anonymous - 55912062                                            Overview of the courses
Drug Counselling - 55207900
Gold Coast Drug Council – 55351254                                         A complete breakdow n of the content of the courses is
                                                                           available on the website and the Information Pack.
General                                                                    Remember that there is the opportunity to select study units
Lifeline - 131114                                                          whic h are important to you personally. We have some scope
Gambling help line – 1800 222 050                                          to adjust the program of training to suit you. Please talk to
GC Family Support - 55640655                                               the trainers about what suits you and you career aspirations.

                                                                           Some of the topics to be covered by the course include:
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