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									Condoms in the Ultimate Guide
A: First talk about the condom brand
??????We import to know more about, that is Durex and Jieshi Bang.
Durex is a British brand. Durex condoms in the world are sold more
than 150 countries and holds more than 40 market leading position,
Durex brand accounts for the world's four billion condom market share
of 26%, is the world's first brand of condoms. 1998 UK Group and
Qingdao Double Butterfly Group SSL jointly established Qingdao Â׶ضÅÀÙ˹
Co., Ltd., since 1999, sales of Durex China are manufactured in
Qingdao. In fact, we bought the Durex is oh domestic products. Jieshi
Bang is Ansell
??????Limited brand, is the world's second largest condom
manufacturing and marketing of multinational companies, with its
headquarters in Melbourne, Australia and the U.S. New Jersey, a sales
company in Wuhan Jie Shibang, domestic sales are generally
manufactured in Thailand. Now recognized brand of condom in the world
on these two, some three people chosen to produce a brand is nothing
but propaganda opportunity to confuse.
??????^ _ ^
??????Domestic brands became more complicated, it is no wonder that
people do not understand, because there are thousands of domestic
brands, exaggerated it, but really. In fact, only seven countries
designated plant (another way, 11), and joint-venture factory in
Qingdao Â׶ضÅÀÙ˹ Co., Ltd., China-US joint venture Guilin Heng Healthy
Products Co., Ltd..
??????Schedule as follows:
??????Production Company
??????Qingdao Durex
??????Guilin Latex Factory
??????Rubber factory in Guangzhou 11th
??????Latex Co., Ltd. Shenyang World
??????Qingdao Double Butterfly Group Co., Ltd.
??????Dalian Latex Factory
??????Shanghai Latex Factory
??????Latex Co., Ltd. Tianjin 39
??????High state,
??????Double A, The Sixth Sense brand condoms
??????World brand condoms
??????Double Butterfly brand condoms
??????Total Health Brand Condoms
??????Jin-xiang brand condoms
??????Leisure brand condoms
??????Company Status
??????Mandatory quality certification by the State certificate G000008
??????Mandatory quality certification by the State certificate G000006
??????Mandatory quality certification by the State certificate G000007
??????Mandatory quality certification by the State certificate G000003
??????Mandatory quality certification by the State certificate G000004
??????Mandatory quality certification by the State certificate G000001
??????Compulsory quality certification by the State certificate
??????Mandatory quality certification by the State certificate G000002
??????Qingdao City, Shandong Road, Taitung 103
??????6, Wushan Road, Guilin
??????Tel: (0773) 2555555
??????Industrial Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou City, North 90
??????Phone: (020) 84127159
??????Dadong District, Shenyang Liaoning, East Hope Street 9
??????Phone: (024) 88206446
??????Qingdao City, Shandong Road, Taitung 103
??????Tel: (0532) 3619205
??????Dalian Malan, Shahekou District 188 North Street
??????Tel: (0411) 4213782
??????Shanghai Huangxing 1700
??????Phone: (021) 55054125
??????Hebei District, Tianjin Road 240
??????Telephone: (022) 26278811
??????Keep an eye on large international brand (Durex, Jieshi Bang)
and the large domestic manufacturers of condoms, and choose to use the
factory produced sales of condoms, because these manufacturers to
"good" to meet their own A-class sales, bad for other
businesses OEM sales.
??????Seems too boring, to say the brand of the future. Let see how
different condom
??????2: Types of condoms
??????1. According to the thickness of condoms can be divided into
common, thin, thin. The so-called thickness, referring to the single
wall thickness of condoms, usually from 0.04 to 0.07 mm, the thinnest
of only 0.03 mm, of course, can do so only with a thin fiber, can be
considered for latex allergy, latex condoms currently can do the
thinnest 0.05mm. Jieshi Bang, fold edge music and high state of
ultra-thin set of all the 0.05mm.
??????2. Condom cylindrical shape, the specific separable - A.
Ordinary (smooth or flat type): the top with the seminal vesicles,
smooth body; B. sophisticated enlargement type; C. crunch type: the
condom body made of 1 ~ 4 Department of strangulated segment.
??????3. From the condom body surface film processing point of view, a
particle-type, screw type of points. Particle size of particles of
sub-type there. Rib-type pattern is also called ring type. This more
or less processing of condoms can increase the stimulation of the
vaginal wall to enhance the quality of sexual life. The above two
types of condoms are often referred to as shaped condom.
??????4. Lubricated condom according to different lubricants, a
silicone-based water-soluble condom condoms and divided. There were no
initial production of rubber condoms lubricants, used often caused by
excessive dryness sets of membrane rupture or damage the vaginal
mucous membrane, the first American painting in the condoms lubricant
such as glycerol and ethylene glycol, silicone oil started in 1960. My
early production of condoms with talc as lubricant release agent,
often leading to chronic cervicitis due to talcum powder and skin
allergies are eliminated. From the 80's, China began to use silicone
oil lubricant, it not only has a lubricant, and no irritation,
hygienic and apply. China's market emerged in recent years,
water-soluble lubricant condoms.
??????5. Colored condoms. Impregnated with latex condoms should be
made of the transparent colorless or light cream. At present, China
has colored condoms on the market sales. The advent of colored
condoms, on the one hand some people in order to improve the
psychological aversion to condoms, the other is to increase the
attractiveness. It can be based on color preference or the prevailing
mood of mind, choose to use different colors of condoms.
??????Six. Flavor condom. In China, it was the early 90s introduced a
variety of spices to add a condom. Add the spice types of rose flavor,
aroma, etc. osmanthus.
??????7. Drug type condoms. That is because the condom adds Nonoxinol
spermicide, anti-inflammatory drugs, sexual excitement retardants,
known as the double to help Bo agent and the insurance-based, drug
based, delay-based condom, condom-type drugs are referred to.
??????8. Under the seal of different packaging materials, divided into
paperback and hardcover condoms. Softcover condoms are packaged with
plastic film, sealing, and the dark nature of this package are poor;
hardcover condoms is two-sided or single-sided aluminum foil
packaging, this packaging and sealing performance of the dark are more
??????9. Gift type of condom - naughty condom
??????10. Limit series condom
??????Times the force of the world's only quintana music unique
luminous light set
??????3: Condom Choice
??????1: From the point of view to use
??????a: --- Super tactile optional low profile, ultra-thin. There is
some people think that condoms reduce the pleasure of sexual
intercourse, that like the raincoat. This is mostly psychological, or
else definitely is not good enough condom tried. Durex ultra-thin
packaging (gold) called with a better than not wearing, of course,
prices are expensive. Jieshi Bang is called high-quality ultra-thin
(blue) slightly cheaper. The price of domestic good brand is about
half of Durex have Gui Lin Gaobang love thin, being thin 6 delay
Guangzhou, Qingdao Double Butterfly F smell so thin.
??????b: delay function --- which was divided into two kinds: one is
the thick (mostly just the front thick), such as Durex endurance
equipment, the more expensive. Jazz Gui Lin Gaobang silver particles
Delayed; high state worry delayed-type love.
??????One is inside the condom male ejaculation time delay added to
the drug. The manufacturers of the drug use there are different and
useful natural plant extracts, such as Jieshi Bang extraordinary
persistence (golden yellow).
??????Also use Benzocaine (anesthetic), additives used anesthetic
condoms, male penis easily lead to inflammation, now makers are no
longer used.
??????c: enhancing stimulus --- that is the outer layer with particles
(also called floating point), screw type, to improve the friction
increasing pleasure the woman. Such as Durex threaded loaded (green);
Jieshi Bang passion particles; high state of the Golden Jazz, Jazz
silver particles;
??????Double Butterfly F-thread.
??????d: type --- spermicide manufacturers are named pair of
insurance, I have put it more bluntly. Added within the condom
nonoxynol spermicide.
??????According to the survey, use of condoms in sexual intercourse
10000 times, about 65-75 times that a small number of semen from the
penis overflow. Overflow of semen can cause pregnancy does not
necessarily less, but may result in sexually transmitted infections
such as AIDS. If the condom quality and reliable, using the correct
properly, the contraceptive prevalence rate is over 95%. Note not 100%
??????So manufacturers have to provide double insurance of condoms, to
ensure that the case, the selection of this. Such as high state gold
Jazz double insurance; 6 double sense of protection.
??????e: waist-type addition to give you unprecedented ---
"grip" feeling, but also enhance the incentives to prevent
loss of efficacy. Such as high waist shaped sets of state; Jieshi Bang
the dynamic three-dimensional.
??????f: --- such is the interest-based new products, increase the sex
life of special interest. Such as high state beautifully
double-balloon, sets the Department has two symmetrical body front
thread-like air bags, can increase the intensity of stimulation
contact interaction. You do not sheath the sword, you can have it both
ways, invincible. High state beautifully luminous type, add the
filling material and the natural build, with the faint glow effect. Is
like a night under the alley, hint of the quiet moonlight to guide you
happy direction.
??????g: cool and humid --- better use of modern water-soluble
lubricant, so little brother feel fresh. Such as Dulux boutique
beloved equipment; high state fresh water soluble thin.
??????h: Durex fruity flavor --- a high state Band ultra-thin women.
But most people do not want the smell, like the majority of oral sex
set Daoshi flavor.
??????i: color --- to life every day in different colors. There Jieshi
Bang Fun Colorful; high state of life colorful sets.
??????j: in particular the alternative --- people are different, we
can not ask others to share our part of the people have a special
hobby, have a different sexual orientation, to meet this special need.
Gui Lin Gaobang in 2005 introduced two alternative condom: a is
applicable to gay people's "comrades" set, another is the
"mouth" condom - female oral sex super sets.
??????"Comrade" condoms primarily for the characteristics of
male homosexuality, improved the product's tensile strength (150% more
than ordinary condoms, super-thick sets of body), no seminal vesicle,
set their own without the lubricant itself, but each Only condoms with
special lubricant. Of course, such a condom are not necessarily
limited to between comrades.
??????"I use" condom shape and size are not much different
from ordinary condom is less front-end of seminal vesicle, also less
common condom lubricant attached, but the added flavoring essence, has
already developed a banana, strawberry , melon, peach and other flavor
of the "mouth" of condoms.
??????Marked above all color is to facilitate the "grab and
??????Made of color and chaos, the main color is not obvious, is not
labeled. But a promise _ faith believe that you will choose online
shopping, because the network more convenient and affordable.
??????Had wanted to indicate the approximate price online, so that we
understand the market, by the way prominent Online Shop price
advantage. However, after searching, found the price too messy, there
are incredible prices. Haha, surely we all know what reason, and in
the back to buy some, I'll explain how to identify genuine. Not afraid
to tell you that the profits of condoms in pharmacies is generally 50%
- 100%
??????Online face of the national market competition, price
transparency, only 10% - 30% profit. Note that this 10% and 50% that
is different from the base, the pharmacy's profit is based on
wholesale price for the base, an online shop based on price at the
profit or agent for the base price. Anyone can Taobao up shop, it
seems easy, almost no cost, in fact, the battlefield is the most
intense battle. Here, there is no advantage to survive. The condom,
the success of at least provincial level agency.

??????2: Select the size of
??????Measure of condom is to be shared after it opened flat, and then
measure the width of one segment, Europe and the United States and
other countries mainstream products are generally 5.5 cm, while the
Eastern specification is 5.2 cm, circumference 10.4 cm that is, that
people rarely say medium.
??????35 mm for the large (weeks about 110MM, width 55MM), times the
power music airbag cover the export products, slightly larger than
ordinary 52mm to
??????33 mm for the medium (week about 104MM, width 52MM), times the
power music is the number most products, you can use these times
smaller power music "waist sets"
??????31 mm for the small (week about 97MM, width 49MM), Gone with the
Wind E trumpet family is the best set of
??????29 mm for the special trumpet (week about 91MM, width 46MM).
??????Measurement Methods: The thin line around the middle of the
penis after erection full circle, then measure the length of line,
that was the circumference of the penis, and then divided by 2, that
is too wide, then according to the results closest to their own data
to buy condoms.
??????Optional Method: Currently most products are medium and
packaging on the nominal width of 52 ¡À 2mm (condoms half the
circumference of the openings).
??????Most people use the medium can be, so when the first purchase,
do not know their size in the case, the first to buy the number,
according to usage and then adjust the specifications of the next
??????Differences between Eastern and Western Standard
??????In accordance with international standards, the longest condom
is 198 mm, set of film thickness of 0.06-0.07 mm thickness of only
0.03 mm thin, the average weight of 1.4 grams. Stretch should be the
original 7-fold, to use 13 kilograms of force can be torn in half
??????As to the length of both East and West are reserved for the
larger space, there is no exact standard.
??????Circumference is significant, for example, people traveling to
Europe and the United States, if you do not care to buy the local
dimension of the condom, wear them often feel dissatisfied with loose
paste, so, to "considerate" or advance purchase of safer
local specifications so the way things fell into a small evening
clothes vagina, to find a gynecologist to take out, not only
unpleasant, but also create extra problems.
??????Most people do not know if condoms are big or small, because as
we only allowed the production of national standard number (standard)
condoms, so domestic production enterprises of 7 we have no small
condoms. Because condom production of 2cm tolerance, and greater
flexibility to meet the standard condom most people's needs. But a
small part because of individual differences in reproductive organs,
on the demand for condoms of different sizes. Condom is too large,
easy to spill semen during sexual activity, which reduces the
contraceptive efficacy, and increase the likelihood of infectious
disease. In addition, the condom is too large will also affect the sex
life of feeling, hurt men's self-confidence. If regular use of condoms
too Jinzhai will make genital ischemia and poor circulation, the
penile tissue and nerve hypoxia, and thus make sponge injuries,
serious cause Peyronie, leading to impotence.
??????At present, China's people need small condom Tingzhi few years
ago, selling no packaging, no brand of condoms, called for South-East
Asia OEM's, in fact the three non-product. Plant produced small condom
is the only option is a multiple of Sino-US joint security force
Guilin Heng Music "Gone with the Wind E Family" small
condoms, Guilin Heng Paul have a "romantic poetry" tight
sets, ranging from medium between small, width of 51mm, weeks about
102mm. As the degree of ice landing in Australia, China can also buy a
large size condom.
??????Strange bar, made in China can not do, the joint venture can! Do
not ask me, I do not know.
??????4: to buy condoms
??????Learned to buy condoms
??????(A) See Package
??????State inspection standards of quality condoms into the length,
width, bursting volume and pressure, storage time, pinhole test,
packaging and signs and other aspects, but general consumers, from
packaging and signs identifying the most practical feasible.
??????1, packaging design:
??????Quality brand name condoms: In order to maintain its brand
image, are generally not very explicit or popular use patterns and
text, but as far as possible to compare the subtle or neutral look.
??????Poor quality condoms: In order to attract the attention of the
consumer, they tend to use some of the most sensational and even
pornographic packaging design.
??????2, Packaging & Printing Quality:
??????Quality brand name condoms: print beautiful, clear; a number of
international brands of condoms, such as "Jieshi Bang" in
its new package of three condoms popular with the international latest
UV, embossing and hot stamping technologies Symphony, Guilin outside
the high state security bronzing easy to pull cassette (with the same
high-grade cigarettes), not only the condom is packaged on a grade,
and these advanced packaging and printing technology is difficult to
be copied or imitated, so that consumers more easily to identify and
purchase. Poor quality condoms: packaging design, excessive
"savings", paper packaging box, or bad, or print fuzzy.
??????3, Recommended Products:
??????Quality brand name condoms: packaging are the Chinese
Association of STD & AIDS, the Chinese Family Planning Commission
recommended products, or young people to prevent AIDS fund business.
??????Poor quality condoms: not.
??????4, Packing:
??????Quality brand name condoms: condom size packaging should include
at least (such as color, cutting-edge shaped, screw type, etc.), built
the number of condoms (general domestic production of condoms per box
10, the high price of 12 species have installed the; imports condoms
per box 12), condom nominal width, manufacturers, wholesalers or
distributors name, expiration date, manufacturer's reference reference
marks (such as batch number, etc.), storage guide, condom types (be
dry type of or lubrication type, if it is lubricated, and its
spermicidal lubricant is), etc.; inferior condoms: or are not, or is
??????(B) of the shelf-life problems.
??????Some people think that a condom as more fresh food as possible,
it is not. After just produced a condom lubricant stored in the sealed
package after, this time determines the chemical properties of latex
to its relatively poor elasticity and texture. After six months to one
year general store after the emulsion breaking chemical bonds in part,
to some extent with the lubricant's physical or chemical reaction,
then the condom in terms of texture or flexibility both at their best.
In general, the factory one to two years, the most appropriate use of
condoms among the more than three years of the condom is easy brittle
hair, hair texture became slightly astringent and the internal
absorption of the added lubricant is latex or less, and lubrication
greatly reduced.
??????The way, condoms shelf life is generally five years, adding the
drug for three years.
??????(C) Note that the quality of
??????High-quality condoms is white or slightly yellow (except for
colored condoms); uniform texture; has strong elasticity and softness,
use completely without struggle, resting the body, the perfect catch
every bit intimate relations; have superior toughness and scalable,
robust to withstand the outbreak of a long and friction; feel fresh,
non-sticky non-greasy, has a good wetting, non-brittle, yellowing; no
deformation after tensile resilience.
??????Care taste condom use: condoms as fun to add other substances,
making it easier for aging become brittle. At the same time to add
substances which may cause the user's allergies. With pattern, thread,
etc. are appendages of the condom, is relatively easy to break. Type
of condom to buy grain thread be sure to select manufacturers of
quality products, quality is guaranteed.
??????Careful use of condoms double the insurance, most of them have
the addition of a spermicide, can reduce the risk of unwanted
pregnancy, but it also stimulates and mucosal damage, increased risk
of infection, not very Insurance, Ruoyin Shiyongzhelei feel condoms
discomfort, please seek medical help as soon as possible. Durex older
generation of product specifications marked: Warning: Add N-9
spermicide condoms (double insurance) use of vaginal intercourse only,
not often used multiple times in one day. But the latest Durex condoms
have been double insurance, do not use spermicide, but by increasing
the thickness and the lubricant to enhance security.
??????(D) identify the authenticity of
??????"Five to see" Identification of counterfeit condoms
??????Packaging material and process a look: General counterfeit
product packaging rough, outer layer of plastic film for the manual
packaging, loose rough, jagged; genuine packaging fine, the outer
plastic film packaging for the machine, smooth.
??????Second look at packaging and labeling text, images,
specifications: state regulations, medical device packaging and
labeling the text must be in Chinese (you can add other languages),
and the common language in line with national norms; words, symbols,
numbers, pictures, etc. should be accurate clear; prohibited packaging
used with obscenity in the name of colors, text, images, and laws and
regulations prohibit the advertising content. Otherwise, the quality
of suspicious.
??????Three to see medical device registration No: Registration No
presentation Yixie as: X1 (food) armed Drug Administration (X2) Word
XXXX3 No. X4XX5XXXX6 number. "X1" location for the
registration examination and approval departments for short, such as
the origin and its inconsistent quality of suspicious; "X2"
for the registration form, divided into "prospective, Jin, Xu,
try", "quasi": for domestic products,
"progress" for the import of products, "Xu" as
Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan products, "test": the production
of equipment for the test (2005 has been canceled); "XXXX3"
year for the approval of registration, registration certificate valid
for 4 years Yixie ("test" font size valid for 2 years), if
the production date> XXXX3 (registration year) +4 ("test"
font size +2), then the quality of suspicious; "X4" category
for the product management, condoms as Class II devices,
"X4" should be 2, or product quality, doubtful;
"XX5" code for product varieties (such as a "test"
font products, compared to the year end trial production), rubber
condom varieties encoded as "66" (August 2002 pre-registered
for the "67 "), or product quality, doubtful; XXXX6" is
a registered serial number.
??????4 see Medical Device Manufacturing Permit Number: Yixie
production license valid for 5 years, its presentation is: Y1 drug
control mechanical production Xu YYYY2YYYY3 number. "Y1" to
approve the short sector of the province; "YYYY2" for the
ratification of the year; "YYYY3" as the sequence number. If
the production date> "YYYY2" (approved year) +5, is
suspicious of the quality of products.
??????5 to see goods bar code: bar code retail goods in China are
equipped with 13-bit digital code that left the former three digital
distribution by the EAN International Article Numbering Centre of
China to the prefix code, namely "690", "691",
" 692 "," 693 "," 694 "," 695.
" If the former three non-digital, then the quality of
??????If consumers buy counterfeit condoms or can be made to the local
Drug Administration for help.
??????There is a basic national conditions of China is fake is
particularly high. Brand of condom, of course could not escape the
misfortune of being counterfeit, two months ago, dealt with a condom
with false Dulei Si and Jieshi Bang.
??????Durex way to differentiate true and false:
??????First look at packaging. Because the Durex "tree attracts
the wind", the market often fake, so agents requested Durex
packaging manufacturers in the upper right corner marked with a
special identification number, such as the Passion equipment is
"ewaz" tag, false no. The second depends on the clarity of
the text on the packaging. Genuine packaging of the word, are laser
printed, especially clear. False becomes rather vague, especially in
lower left corner of the outer small letter "R" word. The
third look gloss. Genuine aluminum foil is very bright gloss, while
the fakes are slightly dimmed.
??????Also available online Durex Passion expired installed (front and
double sun silhouette images,
??????Is obvious counterfeit products
??????) For sale, Durex in 2000, after the passion is no longer
producing red packaging equipment. Hope that the owner is on the wrong
picture. Durex also sell loose piece know how to explain think
manufacturers would do such things?
??????Domestic brands of condoms have been fake, but Gui Lin Gaobang
series has not yet found a fake, because the high state in security
terms is ahead.
??????Gui Lin Gaobang the security tag is: outer security label
stickers, labels, a black box with a unique fiber (not printing ink,
needles can be used to single out) then the texture similar to RMB
security; security number on the label are security, can dial 800 toll
free or login query.
??????Times the force of condom use music security code, using
world-class packaging design and technology, and to authorize the sale
in the online mode, the basic no fakes!
??????We look tired, the said use, and do not worry. I will first talk
about the advantages of condoms. (I promise _ and faith is not too
wordy it? Since it is of course the ultimate guide to more
comprehensive, quick-tempered can only look at the headline choice,
but not necessarily you know oh)
??????5: the advantages of using condoms
??????1. Use of condoms are only effective against sexually
transmitted diseases and AIDS, methods of contraception.
??????2. Condoms have a different shape, color, taste, texture and
size, making sex more interesting.
??????3. Adjuvant treatment of sexual dysfunction in some men: men
with premature ejaculation condoms can reduce the glans of the local
excitatory and help extend the time for sexual intercourse.
??????4. Female condoms offer more secure protection, blocking smegma
contact with the cervix, reducing the probability and risk of cervical
??????5. Condom use fresh, clean up the trouble can remove the sexual
process cleaner.
??????6. Treatment of certain immune infertility: some infertile women
are susceptible to anti-sperm antibodies. After intercourse the sperm
into the cervical mucus, which enables the sperm agglutination
antibody or braking, so they can not up into the uterine cavity,
leading to infertility. The use of a condom 3 to 6 months, can be
temporarily cut off contact with the semen, when women's body titer of
anti-sperm antibodies after falling out of condoms is expected shortly
after pregnancy.
??????7. Most condoms are coated with silicone oil lubricants, sex
will not feel dry. Women experiencing vaginal discharge less, you can
also add additional lubricant to smooth the level wipe.
??????8. Individual women are allergic to semen during intercourse
using a condom to prevent allergic reactions.
??????6: the use of condoms
??????(A): normal condom use (most people can skip)
??????1, each time having sex use a new condom.
??????2, carefully open the package, not tearing a condom, do not use
condoms had been injured.
??????3, to be worn on the penis before, do not start it in advance.
Talking about the past before I breathe with a check, and now no
longer apply, as long as when the qualifying products, the general
problem is not broken, and when packaging volume, easy to use, if used
before the open, but more so Daitao difficult.
??????4, in the erection, inserted into the vagina before the condom
should be worn on the penis. Someone is about to ejaculate when
wearing a condom, which may cause contraceptive failure. Because of
sex, will be a small amount of pre-ejaculation gland secretions, vice,
and these secretions is likely to contain sperm, the sperm enters the
vagina to reach the uterus, it is possible the egg with the forward,
leading to pregnancy.
??????5, if it is not circumcision, the foreskin back flips, front
vesicles pinch condom, wear it to the end of the penis.
??????6, base of the penis until the commencement of condoms, the
condom continues to tip those of vacuoles.
??????7, the time to see if the break in the Dai Tao, or in use are
already broken, stop off for a new one.
??????8, after ejaculation, when the penis is still erect state, those
of its root, carefully out of the penis from the vagina.
??????9, gently remove the condom, be careful not to let semen
??????Of 10, again check the cap has not broken. If broken, remedial
measures to be taken.
??????Intercourse, condom if the slip was found in the vagina, sexual
intercourse should cease immediately, and wash with two fingers gently
inserted into the vagina, to remove it, not continue to use the cover,
it is best to replace a condom and then sexual intercourse. If the
decline in the vagina after ejaculation, then, should actively take
remedial measures immediately Well woman squatted, let out of semen
from the vagina and the vagina outside the mouth of the semen washed,
and injected into the vagina contraceptive cream; for the careful
desirable, immediately after oral contraceptives such as
diethylstilbestrol 50 mg once a five days.
??????These are the most complete use, taking into account special
accidental circumstances (certainly considering the case of using
low-quality condoms). Suggest that you buy giant condom, there would
be no such accidents.
??????(B): a new use of condoms climax after another
??????1. For the love of premature ejaculation men, can take two cap.
After the completion of a cover band in the glans Office package on
the lap of toilet paper, not too thick, so an hour would not shoot,
but also particular attention must not be confused too Jin Zhai,
little brother will appear ischemia and poor blood circulation ,
leading to impotence.
??????2, prepare a cover, the cover cut off, leaving only a rubber
band, set in the turtle into the ditch, and then put on a guarantee to
make your woman climax after another, to stimulate the incomparable!
??????3, cover sets in the end, and then cut front, careful not to
hurt his younger brother, and then set one up is fun to play.
??????4, if your sexual function better, you can choose to set out
yard point lubricant, and then put on cover, very stimulating to play.
??????(C): condoms in special-purpose outdoor sports
??????Outdoor sports who often carried a condom will it not only
useful, but in exceptional circumstances can be life insurance. Do not
say exaggeration, let me tell you:
??????1, Waterproof
??????Use a condom to put on cell phones and cameras, and then hole in
one bundle, threw the water several days and nights are no problem,
you think about it, even You do not go out of small tadpoles are still
afraid of water? And phone to phone you can receive (only straight
plate) but the general effect of the call. Note: The best type of
condom is dry and no oil.
??????2, only the drug to stop bleeding
??????Condoms can reduce the toxicity artery bar the proliferation of
large wound can stop bleeding by pressure pulse method, the hand is
not an area of injury, may cover the wound to prevent infection. In
fact, inside the same home, a friend of mine refers to as the hand or
foot injury that bathing is not convenient, then wear a condom, is not
it much more convenient?
??????3, feeding
??????Survive in the wild, there is no food so I do? 3 condom use can
make a catapult, high-quality condoms are very flexible, and set in
hand, but also convenient and easy to use.
??????4, life buoy
??????Also boasting now? No ah, not to be sitting, to condom blow
enough air (quality condom you can blow good) into the clothes, or tie
them swim across the river so much easier!
??????5, fire
??????Some water poured in the condom, squeeze the oval to form a
convex lens, using sunlight ignition.
??????There are a lot of it! Condom is a must in the outdoor products.
A promise _ and trustworthy love photography, know a little, but did
not experience the wild life, welcome outdoor expert added.
??????7: the difference between domestic and imported condoms
??????In the eyes of the leadership of state-owned manufacturers, and
their condom with no gap between imports. I remember a high state
leaders say that our European brands will be able to sell condoms
paste large price, the quality of certain international brands and we
almost, almost even, was able to get a high profit. Actually, this is
the gap.
??????Quality, the domestically produced very good indeed. Since 2004,
the high state succeeded beyond many international famous enterprises,
the UN has become one the world's largest supplier of condoms; Europe
and the United States some of the brand in the high state OEM. These
can explain the quality. But Europe and the United States attaches
great importance to the brand, the provisions of the United Nations
condom procurement is not our post mark, they are willing to spend big
money on the production of condom advertising in various places.
??????Said before that only seven countries designated factory, while
the brand there are thousands more. This is inconceivable in a foreign
country, Europe and the United States all the brands are not to 30.
Our industry is such a condom? The brand is so here? In fact, the
overwhelming majority of packages on their own registered brand, then
the rubber factory purchasing bare sets, OEM sold after, of course,
difficult to guarantee quality. Why is there such a phenomenon, and
the current domestic economic order of a great relationship, such as
bull management, strict supervision, procurement Corruption
??????The gap is only one brand, there are cultural differences, the
big international brands have many years of history, a wealth of
experience and cultural stratification, do not think there is no
relationship between condom and culture, take in front of said color
that sold condoms to know that when customers buy said so? Most will
not say that I want to install it *** extraordinary persistence. The
domestic issue in recent years realized. Advertising on the disparity,
and there are few people remember the homemade condom ads? Abroad
there are many of the classic advertising condoms, some have written

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