Comprehensive analysis of life insurance companies ranked

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					Comprehensive analysis of life insurance companies ranked
Comprehensive analysis of life insurance companies ranked
In China the top 25 life insurance companies (see appendix table 3),
the top three - China Life, Ping An Life Insurance, Pacific Life - not
only in China, is listed as the first three, but before they become
one of Asia 150 insurance companies in the top ten. This shows that
China's insurance companies in Asia, strong competitiveness.
We use six test life insurance companies in China Competitiveness of
¢ñ. Market
Three old Chinese company - China Life, peace and the Pacific -
retaining its position as the top of the scale indicator. The
indicators in the market, the Chinese company far ahead. Although the
AIA, with its leading edge step into the domestic market to squeeze
into the top 10 British and Italian Life and Life is also a large
number of bank and insurance business by foreign companies in the
leading position, but with the familiar rules of the domestic market
and Chinese culture in the capital companies compared to foreign
investment in China to achieve its size, still a long time.
¢ò. Capital capacity
It is calculated that the three indicators, ranked the first major
foreign companies are small or medium-sized foreign insurance
companies. Perhaps because, as China's insurance industry has not been
sufficient funds in the case of rapid development. In net premiums and
equity ratio, AIG was ranked first.
Net debt to equity ratio, Xinhua Life Insurance, No. 1, after several
years of effort, this lack of solvency has been out of the predicament
into a steady development track. Tai Ping, Tai Ping Life also strong
capital capacity of the top 10 finalists.
¢ó. Loss reserve
In this indicator, China's ranking in Asia in general is not high, may
be attributed to rapid business expansion. It is noteworthy that China
Life and lives life not only in market size companies in the top 10
index, in loss reserve adequacy ratio of sub-indicators have also
entered the top 10, indicating their ability to control the insurance
risk more than Other Chinese-funded companies.
¢ô. Profitability
The four largest companies - China Life, Ping An Life, China Pacific
Life and Taikang Life - are ranked in the forefront of return on
assets, of which three of the highest return on capital and surplus.
This fully demonstrates the power of these companies ability to
generate profits. However, the net return on equity and profitability
of the total ranking, at the top of the China Life is relegated to
section 6, suggesting that the company improve the efficiency of
capital still takes effort.
Cost rate calculation, AIG is still ranked No. 1, only three finalists
in the top ten insurance companies, the note-funded companies are
still blind to scale the current neglect of efficiency. It is
noteworthy that AIA although the cost of the domestic life insurance
rates ranking at the top, but in Asia only in its overall ranking in
the first 116. While differences in accounting standards is one of the
causes, but the domestic market competition, so that insurance
companies have to spend a lot of marketing expenses to maintain market
share, is also an indisputable fact.
Loss ratio index in the majority in the top 10 is not long
established, business volume of small new company, which is related to
long-term life business, premium income and claims to longer
intervals, some of the new company Business has not yet entered Peifu
period of high.
¢õ. Asset Liquidity
Liquidity indicators include the rate of three: Investment assets
ratio, current liquidity, and overall liquidity.
Life in China Life and lives among the highest percentage of
investment assets, Pacific Life is in the first 4, Tai Ping Life and
Life in the 10, the description of these large companies need to
enhance asset management.
In the current liquidity position, the livelihood of the people Life,
Pacific Life While the top ten in the country, but in Asia, ranked No.
90 in the future. In addition, the overall liquidity in the domestic
life insurance ranking, Ping An Life, China Pacific Life, and Life in
the top 10.
¢ö. Operating stability
Operating stability of the test includes two indicators: net premium
income changes, changes in capital and surplus. Net premium growth
indicators, four large companies and TPL in the top 10 shows in the
control of the business-funded companies can scale taking into account
the security and development. However, changes in capital surplus
target only the top Xinhua Life Insurance, China Life and 10,
indicating that most of the capital-funded companies failed to keep
pace with rapid business expansion.
Domestic life insurance company of the top 10
First China Life Insurance Company
Ranking of life insurance companies in China, China Life market share
and profits in both the number one, the rate of loss reserve adequate
number one, liquidity and stability of the rankings, respectively 4
and 7. In view of this, although the company's capital capacity is
slightly lower than other insurance companies a competitive edge, but
the view from the comprehensive ability is still on top.
China Ping An Life Insurance Company Limited second
Ping An Life overall competitiveness rankings for the second, mainly
because of its scale in the market, ranked two, profitability, ranked
No. 3, asset liquidity is also very front, ranked No. 5. Other
indicators on the ability of its capital closer to the industry
average, ranking 10th, loss reserve adequacy and operating stability
is relatively set back in 15th place. Due to its net asset growth rate
is too low, so that the company is relatively low stability.
China Pacific Life Insurance Company, third
Pacific Life's overall competitiveness in third markets. Mainly thanks
to its strong liquidity (No. 1), market size (3rd place) and high
profitability (No. 5). But the company's performance on other
indicators are slightly inferior. Among them, the capital capacity
ranked 12, loss reserve adequacy ratio ranked 13, in particular the
operating stability of the statistics we have 25 life insurance
companies discharged to the first 24. Meanwhile, the low rate of
growth in net assets, leading to lower its overall stability.
Taiping Life Insurance Co., the fourth
Taiping Life's overall competitiveness in the country in fourth place.
Their capacity and profitability of capital, are in second place, with
high liquidity (Article 2), market size relative front (6th place),
but the management of stability and loss reserve adequacy poor
performance , is No. 19.
Tai Kang Life Insurance Co., the fifth
Taikang Life's overall competitiveness in the industry ranked fifth.
This is mainly due to its number one profitability. Additionally, the
company and capital market capabilities, are ranked No. 4. But other
indicators, such as loss reserve adequacy ratio (No. 18), liquidity
(Article 19), operating stability (No. 18) is relatively rearward.
Sixth Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
Life Life in the country ranked No. 6 overall competitiveness, thanks
to its good stability and liquidity, these two tests, both in industry
ranking 3. In addition, the company's market position No. 8. Other
indicators of the middle rank, slightly higher than the industry
average. Among them, the capital capacity ranked 10, claims reserves
ranked 12th, profitability, ranking 12th.
Seventh in Hong Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
Macro Life is the first joint venture life insurance company, its
overall competitiveness ranking in section 7. Among them, the business
came in the first two stability and asset liquidity ranked No. 6 and
profitability came in the 7th place ranking 8th loss reserve. Two
other indicators - market size and capital capacity - more rearward
position, respectively, for the first 17 and 15.
Eighth Xinhua Life Insurance Company
Xinhua Life Insurance, as a large national insurance company, its
overall competitiveness ranking in the first eight. The advantage of
Xinhua Life Insurance, market size (No. 5), business stability (No. 8)
and profitability (No. 9), but its capital capacity (No. 20), mobility
(No. 17), compensation reserve (No. 24) is relatively rearward.
Pacific-Aetna Life Insurance Company, the ninth
Pacific Antai Life Insurance Company by China Pacific Insurance Group
and Aetna insurance joint venture, its overall competitiveness ranking
9th. Prominent expression in their stability (section 6), loss reserve
adequacy ratio (No. 6); performance is still good and above average is
the profitability (No. 11) and liquidity (No. 12); However, in the
capital capacity (No. 19), market size (No. 20) and so is weaker.
10th American International Assurance Company Limited
As the only one allowed to carry on insurance business in China,
foreign-owned life insurance companies, AIA's competitiveness comes
mainly from its capital, capacity, profitability and market size, the
more prominent performance in the capital capacity (No. 1),
profitability (the first 5), market size (No. 7). Stability (No. 10)
and liquidity (Article 13) also performed well. The lack of adequate
compensation rate mainly in the lower-ranked (No. 25).