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					Cited high prices due to corrupt officials, from the Government's
As everyone knows, China's deformity with high prices and profiteering
property developers and local financial interests, is now also have to
admit the fact: the high prices is more concerned with corrupt
officials. China to curb corruption, if not live, so the overall
collapse of the Chinese economy will certainly not far away. High
prices boosting the bubble economy, mortgage crisis is actually a
prelude to the U.S. Second, it is the principal culprits create wealth
disparity is one reason causing social instability. Punishing
corruption measures without a fundamental and undesirable means of
corruption in China will not fundamentally be governed. Like China not
to destroy the hands of these corrupt officials.
[See story below] Zhejiang land system 67 year accused of boosting
prices at Lok Ma corruption
Fan Yue-hong Dong green water reporter
Dec. 25, 2009, found guilty of accepting bribes, Zhejiang Hangzhou
Xiaoshan Economic and Technological Development Land Planning and
Construction Bureau Liyou Xiang, former director of the first trial,
was sentenced to twelve years and six months. Court recognized, Li
Xiaoshan Economic and Technological Development Zone, serving as Land
Planning and Construction Bureau deputy director and he took advantage
of his office, as head of real estate companies, construction
contractors and others in project management, acceptance, money
payment and the land Project construction approval to seek benefits
such as illegally accepted money and a total value of RMB 110 million
According to statistics, in January 2009 to November, Zhejiang
province, prosecutors of the Investigation Land system corruption,
bribery, dereliction and infringement cases has reached 61, 67, of
which 15 are, the Deputy Secretary.
One prosecutor said that in recent years, soaring house prices around,
a hot property market, high prices make many people buy their own
homes, in denouncing the high prices, many people tend to blame the
developer in making profits, does not know , is extremely high housing
prices, there are corrupt officials in a "credit."
"Price of the house includes the cost of corruption."
Prosecutors said, developers are smart businessmen, they will not pay
the price for their bribes, the bribe of expenditures into the cost
will be passed onto the buyers. Thus, buyers are trading the payment
of money and taken advantage of.
The chain of custody has the figures of corrupt officials
Lishui City in Zhejiang Province Bureau of Land Resources Land Use
Department Director Min former case, the local well-known real estate
company involved in almost all. He not only received all kinds of
bribes, but also raise funds by holding interest rates to help real
estate owners to sell the real estate company changed hands make the
difference cheap reservation, real estate companies and investment
Following the vote, Hangzhou City Construction Co., Ltd. Jing, vice
president of pre-Xixi wetlands in the project five million yuan in
bribes was sentenced, West Lake District Construction Bureau, deputy
director of the original Wu Shaowen, due to successful unit works
together with others to bribe 9.884 million yuan , was sentenced to
death suspended for two years the first instance, the December 22,
2009, and thus involved former vice mayor of Hangzhou, a step never
been formally transferred Xu, Zhejiang Province, People's
Procuratorate. Allegedly promised amount or more than 100 million yuan
involved, which involved more than real estate enterprises in
"In fact, prosecutors from the current investigation of Zhejiang
Province has been finalized Cases of corruption involving real estate,
from land, planning, loans to the sales, real estate development of
the various regulatory aspects find that corrupt officials can
figure." Zhejiang people Procuratorate Anti-Corruption Bureau, a
prosecutor said.
Taizhou City in the investigation and Land Bureau, Liu Changchun,
former director of the case, prosecutors from Taizhou City, a local
real estate companies suspected of starting the clues, in addition to
successively investigated and Land Bureau, Taizhou Economic
Development Zone Branch of the former Secretary Wang Shangyou ,
Taizhou Bridge Branch, former director of the Land Bureau Jia Li,
former deputy director of Guobing Tao, Wenling City, former Secretary
of Homeland Wuzong Bin, Yang Wenbin, deputy director of the original
such as bribery case, the prosecution also the interests of real
estate development chain from starting, the filing investigated and
dealt with the original branch of China Construction Bank President
Jiang Dajiang Taizhou, Taizhou road and bridge district committee,
former deputy secretary Zheng Minhua, etc. 8 9 bribery cases involving
real estate.
The economy is not developed, but the price almost equal to the
developed city Yeosu, except Yejie Yao, former director of the Urban
Land Authority, Min, former Director of Land Use Department,
prosecutors from the land between the system and the real estate and
trading power in the , has dealt with a two-term land Jingning County
Secretary Chen Shoulin, Yongming, Lishui City Land Bureau Liandu Xing
Wei, deputy director of the original branch and other 13 13 bribery
cases, and Lishui corruption Woan Land Survey Institute. Including
November 27, 2009 was the first trial sentenced to 19 years of Lishui
City Land Surveying and Planning Institute survey of corruption 2.25
million former president of Zheng Hongfeng, bribery 1.5 million yuan,
involving a record high of Lishui history, known as "The first
case of Lishui corruption."
Have been investigated in Zhejiang's been "real estate" the
temptation of corruption officials, there are some parts of the main
leaders. December 18, 2009, Huang Anbo was Dongtou People's Court
sentenced 10 year and six months. Before Huang Pingyang County,
Zhejiang Province, the identity is, he served as deputy secretary of
Pingyang County, Commission for Discipline Inspection, Pingyang County
during the advantages of his pre-arranged for others the new plant in
the plot, change the design of housing projects and land transfer
payment of back and so on abuse of power to seek benefits for others,
accepting cash 74 million yuan. Previously, the county determined the
former Deputy Mayor Xu Kam also found guilty of taking bribes, abusing
power while the court sentence was twelve years six months.
In 2005, the new Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Hong Xu
Xiao-West boss became public, implicating the former deputy secretary
of Zhejiang Xinchang Liu Deqiu Committee, former Deputy County
Xinchang Yao banners, Xinchang Wang Minyong, former director of the
Land Bureau, Xinchang County Finance Bureau, former deputy Secretary
Chen Jianjun, Shaoxing Municipal Organization Department, former vice
minister An Analysis Based boat, Shaoxing City, former deputy
secretary Fan Snow Hom and other officials; in May 2008, with Fan Snow
Hom partner of Shaoxing city party committee secretary Feng Shunqiao
also capsized drowning.
According to reports, in Zhejiang in 2009 for investigation of 61
crimes committed in the territory system, there Jinsan Cheng involving
land officials and disputes between the interests of real estate
companies. Bribery crimes, more than half of the bribery officials and
real estate land have different interests intersection.
In fact, according to statistics, not only of Zhejiang, in recent
years, many corrupt officials are dismissed from their posts under the
rules of the real estate potential corruption in the Ministry of
Finance Zhu Zhigang, vice minister of the former Beijing vice mayor
Liu Zhihua, former, former deputy secretary of the Shandong Provincial
Party Committee and Qingdao Du Shicheng, former secretary of Municipal
Committee, Law Committee, former deputy secretary of Tianjin, Tianjin
People's Procuratorate, the former Attorney-Journal of Rare and former
Party secretary of Chenzhou City Li Dalun, former vice governor of
Anhui Province Xu Min Ho, former director of the Kunming City Planning
Bureau has been China, the Shanghai Housing to former Deputy Secretary
Bureau Yin Guo-yuan, Jiangsu Province, Suzhou City, Jiangrenjie former
vice mayor, former director of the Chongqing Planning Bureau Jiang
Yong, Shapingba of former deputy head of the Ming, former director of
the Fuzhou City Land Resources Bureau Wang Bingyi, Fuzhou former
director of the Urban Land Bureau Cangshan Zhong-... ... with the real
estate involved in corruption.
Through these Lok Ma corrupt officials, one can see the shadow of the
real estate corruption. In their "crimes" in real estate who
also has a presence.
90% is big
It is reported that many places, in recent years Zhejiang has
investigated and dealt with criminal cases involving real estate, the
new crime of bribery emerging, more and more serious cases, the amount
of law is beyond people's imagination again and again.
In the analysis of land systems in 2009 bribery case of Zhejiang,
Zhejiang's Procuratorate, deputy inspector, Ni Jihua, deputy director
of Anti-Corruption Bureau said that due to rapid increases in land
prices, making 2009 the bribery case involving real estate
skyrocketing amount of money involved, 90% These are big,
"bribery of major amount of one million yuan or more are
In the case of Liu Changchun, Liu Changchun prosecutors alleged bribes
received nearly 1.4 million yuan, a considerable part of the
Department of the use of his office, to significantly below-market
approach be purchased from the real estate property owners on behalf
of bribes . The indictment showed that Liu Changchun or the name of
his father, or the name of his son, and even his own son in the name
of Zhang brother from a different real estate company to buy property
significantly below market price.
Similarly, the Court recognized Yejie Yao accepting bribes, there are
three sets of real estate company commercial housing system was lower
than the market price and the sale of common interest to Ye Jieyao
person, only the three commercial housing transactions, the market
price and the difference between the actual price paid The value of 59
million yuan.
In contrast, Lishui City Land Bureau of Land Use Department, Min,
former Director, more like an "investment expert." August
2005, He invested one million yuan and a local horse owner, a joint
venture real estate company developing the land. Nephew's name is also
to sign cooperation agreements, clearly they do not participate in
management, get a fixed return of 35%. Six months later, He got his
wish, get 350,000 yuan reward. In 2007, He also made use of Yeosu, a
quarter of a real estate company the opportunity to find his work to
the quarter revealed a willingness to set a house, a quarter of the
deposit and immediately from the pad to the name of Min nephew to help
him set up a sets, 4 months later, the house changed hands, Min did
not earn a penny to 10 million yuan.
Double the ordinary people pay the price for corruption and
"Collusion between officials and businessmen, the result is a
tendency to balance the interests of property developers, ordinary
people's pockets to pay the price for the corruption and double
profits." It is reported that in 2003, Zhejiang prosecutors for
investigation in the land system of corruption and bribery cases of 43
and 43, which involved County Council deputy Secretary 10. In 2009, 11
in the province's land by City Council in the Council there are three
"top leaders" sacked, "the high level of large amounts
of crime are unprecedented." Niji Hua said.
SUN Qing, Hangzhou public that when an area has an endless stream of
corruption over the years and become a phenomenon, related departments
should be worthy of serious reflection.
During the interview, the problem of corruption for a long time real
estate, legal experts say, is not the root causes of corruption laws
are not perfect, but the real estate industry related personnel for
the lure of huge profits.
The real estate industry is a capital intensive industry, it project
from planning to production and sales, but also with the
power-intensive inextricably linked, from the transfer of land to real
estate sales, not only planning, land, construction and other
departments, There are housing management, business, taxation,
transportation, environmental protection, health and epidemic
prevention, fire, geological exploration, gardening, civil air
defense, and many other agencies for approval or record. One developer
said that on each day of delay, it might have on the yuan and even
generate more interest on the loan costs, the number of property
companies stand the delay?
Such as land, bidding, auction and also linked to this is a good
policy, if the rent-seeking hand deliberately creating information
asymmetry, some unscrupulous officials can open the channels of
information and the way the cover of darkness, to once again become a
developer of land lease prices and corruption Officials in the hands
of plasticine.
Concerned that the moment to strengthen the regulatory powers
associated with the property market, while housing prices in
established scientific coordinate system for accurate, cost, publicity
and profits of the audit, with sound supervision and strict review
exorbitant prices, reduce crime space.

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