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									What is the Southern Service
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I remember, not how like him. The bearded man, Tieshang Lai, a kind of
needle in hurt the skin. He kissed me, every time I have been
mercilessly wipe his saliva with the sleeves and dirty place.
Sometimes even in his line of sight, enchant a pot of water for
washing. Then remove the delicious Cream of children, in front of the
mirror, while wiping, while watching him look. I am so small, has
quietly refused to understand.
I would not let him take me to school, whether its downpour I have one
way home. One year a typhoon, a Kewutongshu outside the classroom were
uprooted, the line was Guaduan, a dark picture of the classroom, some
female students and even whining crying out loud, many parents rush
to, calling their child's name . I am cold, shivering, in the corner,
are still praying him not to. Of their classmates were led away one by
one, put on parents to bring clothing, sobbing little down, I heard
the crowd rolling with my name, was his voice called out, suddenly
near or far, he is not crazy the same as me?
My heart jumped violently, fear was he found. Hidden desire drove me
to books stuffed into a drawer, taking advantage of confusion slipped
out of the classroom, wind and rain instantly engulfed me, I just glad
I get rid of him. Copy a short cut against the wind, the backbone of
ice in the winter was too painful stimuli. I may cry. Tortured by the
cold and the storm lost a man of courage to go home.
Hardly managed to live to home, my mother rushed in, and asked me how
a person back, but also, and I said, he pick me! I lie and say he did
not hit!
Then, after half an hour before he limped back. Banjiu raincoat, the
chest bulging in processes, such as to bursting clothes, extremely
funny. Fortunately, I think he was not found. Him that way, not to be
teased strange death. Take off the raincoat, he took out that group
bulging things, a sweat shirt for my band. Whole body from top to
bottom, only those pieces of plastic wrap was good sweater is dry. In
the neck sweater put on the cover, I feel there are two lines of his
face excitedly things suddenly pop out of eyes.
That night, he has a fever, lying in bed, crippled legs halfway piece
he blasted to Qiazhe was, I brought a bowl of ginger sent to his
pillow. Also heard him say: I remember this year's typhoon is the most
violent one, I can not find you actually think you are Taiwanese wind
away! School was no one, alas, if the earlier to like, you will not
have to shower like that ... ...
That night, he was tortured Tuiji acute cold and stayed overnight. I
did not sleep. Separated by a wall, he coughs all night. The next day
the school closed on the posted notice, newspapers and television news
also reported that day in succession since the founding of the city
suffered one of the most intense typhoons, have brought unprecedented
disaster, persecution, six students home after school alone lost, of
which the three students of the school we.
I only heard this one, the heart will be empty in there, not justify
soul like a long time. That three students, one of the students in our
class. He had heard, to my mother cooked him eggs into my palm and
non-forced me to eat.
I was asleep in its mouth to chew sinking eggs, filled with fear for
the slow response of the typhoon. I think if I died that day, he
personally me home from school, and I look just because of his
disability, fear of shame and therefore Zangsong Diao life, then he
will be pregnant with a heart filled with remorse, but also a and end
their lives right.
Both I fear.
The test is over, I as a fraction key difference with the high pass.
Standings of the second category from the public high school to see
their names, I withdraw, surrounded by the crowd to hear, talk with
me, what a pity! Only these three words, repeated a sigh, as they
exploit any tiny opening under the small hammer nails, and even the
edges of self-esteem have been nailed badly. On the road way until
Noon, only to go home. Met him halfway, standing on a street corner
waiting for me. A look full of expression, increasingly stimulate me.
Two people one after the other go, he go slow, the sound has to catch
up, and said his father knew, and early in the morning I went to
school, and a master column is to promote public list posted. Dad saw.
You tried, do not blame you.
I go increasingly faster, even running up the desire. Afraid he caught
up, repeat the "do not blame you," three words. Heart has
been stepped back, the subsequent shrinkage, as if the moment, the
former pride and glory are his "do not blame you" down.
Leave students also stayed in touch, some of the test results better
than me, and even far worse because of my 100 hours of student family
background, points up the sake of money, in turn focus on high school
received the admission notice. My heart, gray great.
Back home, I rarely speak, locked himself into the room. Him outside
and told me to eat out! How can a person that can not withstand the
slightest blow. As long as not to be overthrown, and will never have
the chance to succeed! My moment of the outbreak of the overwhelming
anger, a Hula opened the door towards him shouted: class performance
worse than I focus on high school students have received the admission
notice, you unhappy life, no money no power, just a boiler work, so I
can not get into a second-tier schools!
Face my tears uncontrollably, crying with grief I say more and more
ugly, and the more real the idea of close to my heart. Poured forth in
the complaint and the reprimand, like a bomb shell to him, his black
and blue are my unseen. I rushed back to the room suffering from the
window saw him stagger figure, out of the door. He did not return home
that night.
The next day, he put my bed fifty thousand dollars. I sent a fifth,
and one point of the sponsorship fee is 10,000. He asked me to apply.
Overnight, the old and tired as he faces reveal the senile plaques,
sub-field tenderness I. I buried my face in the quilt, he is still
only the phrase, Dad does not blame you ... ... I think he can not
stand against age and injury, and I wound to his then heavily
sprinkled with a handful of salt. He does not blame me, maybe just
talking about it?
I am married, 63 years old in his. He has been retired for many years,
at home and a companion to spend civet cats. I often do not go back
for dinner, they often forget to tell him, in and enjoy a candlelight
dinner with her boyfriend when he was hit over the telephone, said he
did eat my smoked mackerel, that would like to voice my surprise call
I could not, I Duizhuohuatong said, Dad you to keep me, so I go back
to you all destroyed. He said a Diesheng good, hang up the phone, I
still feel that he vaguely disappointed.
I started dragging her boyfriend home for dinner. He happily past men
working, since his mother died, I made no arguments with him over. The
shopping, a mostly honor him. I usually spend money today, learned
pottery, flower arrangement school tomorrow, and later formally
applied for the Xi'an Jiaotong University's MBA Master's, hands almost
no savings, came to get married, I realized my way out of financial
problems. Without a dowry of women, will be married in the family to
be underestimated?
Day back, very late, the lights of his room was still lit. I was
trying to sail back to the bedroom, he called me up and said, no no,
you want to get married, this is my father a little something, you
need to buy something on their own. Handing me a book, I did not open.
How can I be? He was only a meager pension, if able to save a little
savings. How heavy it is too hard-saved money! I can not have!
Like to see my concerns, he said, kept only three million, this life,
and my father had little skill, so just keep this little money for you
... ... He also said with remorse, my tears has been washed out, and I
hold him speechless ... ... must have teeth bar tender loving heart,
lived in a rough old life before, I express are hypocritical and that
any excess. I hold him in the moment, that my father is really a bit
short, thin and short, and my waist has bent the arc, like a half-open
bow, walk a longstanding years, Leighton was there, Neither can be
retrieved, tears falling, for the first time in good faith for the man
in the world, I could not find my love unrequited.
I used that money to my father bought a China Life's pension
insurance, he did not know. Rest of his life, I just hope he stricken.
I want to take him to live with me in order to take better care of his
ideas that came out, asked for his views, his mouth Xi moving forward,
said the children tell him what your mind. Father of a man accustomed
to, as long as you happy, can always come back, I'll be satisfied. So
great is the vernacular, I heard from the mouths of other elderly
people more than once, or even that the first "Chang Huijia
see" Mount to the prevalent wind during the time, I hum it every
day coming and going, never it personally. But these words from his
mouth the moment, I know whether to sing the song, or old people
reveal their feelings, hopes to see children Changhui Jia, is a common
aspiration ah.
Insurance once sent home, he accidentally saw, I realized that I had
bought for his pension. He is eating slow down, into the room, take
out a whole thing again and again, I turned over one by one to see the
original cast for me he has a decade of insurance, just from my
16-year-old adults that year ... ... must have teeth tender loving
heart, I take care of his earlier time had given me a deeper thicker
to more permanent care of the. I have done more for him, and he did
not pay for my ten-thousandth. I must wait until a moment of tender
heart, will be long in the mind map note, he told me all sorts of good
... ... Analysis: Wang Ning

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