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					Chimney Demolition
First, the project details:
Standard works for the chimney demolition, when the chimney 33 meters
high, 100m3. According to site conditions, the tower height: 5 meters
in the south, PO Road and pedestrians: 5 meters constructions East,
East: 5 meters in the north garage, car plant experts say.
Second, the construction of important elements:
1, the construction process:
Hand Tools Hand planes take preparatory ¡ú ¡ú ¡ú Protection ¡ú muddy field
in addition to the chimney installation, operation and win
2, the construction of important elements:
33 meters high, 100m3 chimney installed in addition, do not install
base. Tower before the ride, will be for the core to the height of the
tower, 8 m, with a steel frame split hand bad enough, in the steel
hand in hand side of frame around the main difference to the previous
peace on the net, in the main up to the surrounded safety net to stop
the concrete block picks endure not fly within the network without
risk of Qi (Wai venues tend name is true, as with the side cover on
the chimney-like hood), the main spokesman for the maintenance of
Manifested in the protection of the connected online to hang label,
day to hang a red light.
Third, the construction technique measures:
1, the construction has been member of the construction methods:
1, chimney demolition based insurance network all around, take yet
ultra-large high power 25cm ¡Á 25cm right-left.
2, the upper inverted cone chimney: the old block with the air
compressor to suffer defeat in the steel with oxygen cut off.
3 Chimney Wall: Hand in Hand Flashlight located outside of aircraft,
construction workers operating in the full hand rack, to suffer defeat
with a large air compressor in the steel with oxygen cut off.
4, stop feeding: stop feeding in the chimney wall.
5, information security industry staff Yi deduction of all solutions
of a single, directed the construction inspection supervisor.
2, the construction staff duties:
1, manager of leadership in a round of high denomination, the wrong
way by the reduction of agricultural operations section of the overall
program management responsibility for public interest back.
2, the reduction quality of the projects reviewed, security, progress
back to the operating group responsible.
3, adding the construction phase of the insurance, the quality of the
Fourth, duration assurance measures:
1, based on the theory of the case formulation of this project
purpose, chief engineer of the total back only to implement paragraph,
take the construction into the construction procedure of the degree
war, superstition deployment; justice organization, works to protect
the safety conditions, the progress of project work efforts.
2, the specific statute in accordance with engineering construction
standards made by sequential withdrawal, manipulation of the degree of
construction planning necessary to grasp the difference between
degrees of importance into the vital process, the progress of the war
were intended to lower layers, and specific to each member of the
construction I make take the do not buckle to ensure the project has
been suspended against the disadvantages, and to ensure zero body
works program scheduled to stop in 45 clear.

Fifth, the construction organization and design:

Hidden field force management organization with the intention Yat:
Name Position job training working days of the case
Mrs Wong Chek manager responsible for the total back
Assets Supervision and Administration Bureau of Security Division
Members of a security officer security security management security
division Assets Supervision Bureau
Quantity and quality supervisor to monitor the amount of monitoring
the quality of a member of technical school
Construction team eliminate two small construction team Young Yi Jing
Bureau construction team
Members of a material data member of data member
Demand should be a supply
10 facilities staff farm
Total: 15

Sixth, project quality assurance practices and cultural construction:
1, the construction of the partition in front of Party organizations,
the safety of the construction plan of learning and teaching,
specifically the dark construction process.
2, the top pick of dry poor skills, required request construction
3, taken from outside the construction inspection; mutual inspection;
taking over the joint inspection war amateur review phase to ensure
project safety.
4, a circle of unilateral quantity and quality supervisor should send
the whole process of inspection method according to the procedure to
track and monitor the quality of experience in a confirmation process
before the road sign in front of any retirement talk only under the
construction process.
5, in the construction of the West strict control of secondary
infection, cleaning and construction equipment to ensure zero net.
6, adhere to the site clean and health division, work done timely
disposal of construction waste End muddy field days
7, severe requirements to fulfill the rest of culture.
VII, Qi Wei construction methods:
1, construction safety measures:
1, the construction has been necessary to permit laid-off workers
(low-hanging job card).
2, the construction of all members to join my midwife Secretary Paul
Yi insurance.
3, the construction staff of the admission of all the construction
items to comply with the regulations made a circle degrees.
4, to perform low-altitude aerial operations operating procedures
5, the suspension must be accompanied by a single security operation
6, before the wrong information industry, coir rope, dried astringent
wheel load tests.
7, low-level application tools, data outside the crane unloading
applications required to be strictly fixed, the relative protection
does not produce falling inflation; tower is located around demolished
safe net against falling down.
8, application of agricultural non-restricted zone marker set; only
had to stop through work; forbidden from leaving and Piper made me
9, revealed in the protection of traffic online to hang a label, day
to hang a red light.
2, the security officer duties:
1, in accordance with the provisions of the construction safety
standards together, dried evil hidden field security governance, risk
all to teach the work.
2, Zuodai construction site "four hearts" and "five
limb" of the protection work, safety skills to participate in the
construction plan of measures identified the West and on-site safety
inspection of the work.
3, the wrong project comply with the insurance may be the right
decision, steel corrosion on the voice command, no right to prohibit
operation of action, disposition, return to work or leapfrog
representations of zero change.
4, the construction scale of hidden field out of the various machines
and tools safely with protective equipment, the right to prohibit the
reduction, and declined to handle the hand off.
VIII burning explosive gas cylinders in storage is difficult outside
the security measures:
1, Yan withstand cold. Cylinders can not be put under the intense sun
exposure or leaned the other night, the cold source, and the dark
water, but also to adhere to the safety of fixed intervals, and using
ineffective quarantine measures. Warehouse storage should adhere to
ventilate. To take home to use with non-combustible materials to build
a long-term shade Facilities repair, when necessary, wet the fire room
to the end, a decrease of environmental warmth. If there are premises
of fire cylinders, cylinders should be focused on the withdrawal of
its discretion, to prevent the contraction of explosions kept cold,
extended fire or injury.
2 Loosen the cylinder valve should not leak.
3, yet to contradict each other mixed storage cylinder set. Check
chlorine cylinders such as hydrogen cylinder, hydrogen cylinder of
oxygen cylinders, ammonia cylinders of liquid chlorine cylinders to
take, are yet there is a mixture; may leak is because when the light
from other conditions with high fire or explosion Citation V .
4, off and unscrew the bottle cap. Bottle cap non-maintenance valve
installation. Overnight break between bottles, gas workers did not
understand the high fast. If the oxygen cylinder coated with grease,
oxygen at high fast it'll weak labor out of the lead oxide finished
burning strong. Other hard to burn the gas by high-fast labor occurs
when the action did not put electric power, flood or explosion
incident cited volts.
5, the cylinder should be required to paint, markers must be revealed.
Cylinders under the kingdom of paint color scale non: oxygen bottles
for the land of blue, light green bottles of hydrogen, nitrogen
bottles for the black, gray cylinder for chlorine bottles for the
grass green, red aluminum bottles of carbon dioxide, acetylene
cylinders for red.
6, cylinders burst difficult to hold and easy burning should be based
on the number of occasions to set foot foot long large number of dead
water quality equipment.
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