; Chimney construction safety programs and Chimney
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Chimney construction safety programs and Chimney


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									Chimney construction safety programs and Chimney
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Amateur First, the works are:
In addition to standard engineering projects for the chimney ride,
when the chimney 33 meters high, 100m3. Hidden field based on the
circumstances, the tower height: 5 meters in the south, Po Road and
words have been: 5 meters constructions East, East: 5 meters in the
north garage, car plant experts say.
Second, an important part of agricultural facilities:
1, the construction process:
Preparation for demolition of hand tools ¡ú ¡ú Hand Protection ¡ú frame ¡ú
muddy field in addition to the chimney installation, operation and win
2, the construction of important elements:
33 meters high, 100m3 chimney installed in addition, do not split the
basic. Prior to loading tower, the tower will be for the core to a
height of 8 meters in high altitude operating certificate, hand-foot
steel frame with a split the difference in the steel hand in hand side
of the main frame around on the bad security on the net, in the main
on to stop on the fence around the concrete block picks endure yet
stop flying no safety net (around the venues tend to be in name, as
with the side cover on the chimney-like hood), while maintaining only
the main danger I Qi.
Manifested in the protection of the connected online to hang label,
the next day to hang a red light.
Third, the construction techniques methods:
1, the construction workers I construction measures:
1, chimney demolition based insurance network all around, take yet
ultra-large high power 25cm ¡Á 25cm right-left.
2, the chimney top inverted cone: large air compressor to suffer
defeat in the steel with oxygen cut off.
3 Chimney Wall: Hand in Hand Flashlight located outside of aircraft,
hand foot Rack construction staff in the industry under the interest
rate, with large air compressor to suffer defeat in the steel with
oxygen cut off.
4, the material: highly material in the chimney wall.
5, single-interest insurance industry staff Yi deduction of all
solutions, targeted surveillance of agricultural inspection
2, the construction staff duties:
1, manager of leadership in a round of high denomination, the wrong
way by the reduction of agricultural income business planning section
of the overall responsibility for management of the back.
2, the error reduction project quality review, safety, back into the
degree of responsibility to the Operations Section.
3, adding the construction phase of the insurance, the quality of the
Fourth, duration of safeguards:
1, based on the theory of the case formulation of this project
objective, the total refund made chief engineer of the implementation
section, take the construction into the degree program with the
construction, deployment superstition; justice organization, works in
the security conditions of peace and progress of project work efforts.
2, the specific statute in accordance with the standard sequential
works made into construction, degree of construction in making
retirement planning necessary to grasp the difference between degrees
of important vital processes, the degree will be back with the
intention to lower layers of the name and specific to each member of
the construction had to make it ride The do not buckle, ensure a halt
war against the disadvantages of the program to ensure zero body works
fine in the 45 scheduled stops.
Fifth, take the construction organization design:
Hidden field force management organization with the intention Yat:
Name Position job training working days of the case
General Manager responsible for the old back
Production Monitoring and Control Bureau Insurance Division
Members of a full security risk management security of Qi Ping
Monitoring Board Production
Quantity and quality supervisor to monitor the amount of a quantity
and quality monitoring staff technical school
Construction team eliminate two small construction team Young Yi Jing
Bureau construction team
Members of a data member of data information officer
Demand should be a supply
Construction of 10 staff
Total: 15 had
Sixth, project quality assurance practices and cultural construction:
1, pre-construction organization without a circular construction of
the partition member of my instructors and programs critical of
Sarkozy, the specific construction procedure of the dark.
2, the top pick of dry poor skills, required request construction
3 construction.

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