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									Chess tournament
????From the end of last year (December 28, 2009) people to
participate in chess tournament in Tianjin, I have more up chess
event, the Spring Festival to participate in the Binhai New Area of
the first chess tournament in third place, Monday to Wednesday to
participate on behalf of Tanggu Tianjin district chess tournament to
participate in, feeling the competitive state well, more importantly,
their level has been a small leap in chess, which at my age is very
valuable! I think as long as the ongoing efforts, there is a bigger
leap for me.
????After the race people in Tianjin, I wrote an article entitled
"beat opponents and win respect," Journal of the Division
invested in the company, because the working relationship with the
little, without publication. Now, sent to my blog, can be considered a
Beat opponents and win respect
????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Wen / Yuan
????Was defeated by his opponent, not necessarily respect, there are
glorious defeat of the hero! However, after the failure, crestfallen
when a deserter, but it will recruit people laugh at!
????To win the match, not necessarily to win respect. With
insignificant means to win is not brilliant, and even despised by the
????Upright to beat opponents, but will win respect! Arrogant and
powerful opponent can lower his head high!
????Some of these words mouthful, but it is not simply a list of
words, I did the "beat opponents and win respect" in the
title, because the competitive environment in a particular generation
of personal experience. I want to put down these first-hand
experience, is conducive to the improvement of their own, you can also
share with you.
I like chess, often participate in the competition, the so-called
"third sector wide river, deep bottomless trick!"
Unpredictable chess game, with a strong competitive nature. Although
because of work and family reasons, so that they can not put too much
energy, but for me, chess is both a hobby and elegant, like a faithful
and powerful partner, give me to show off the stage himself and make
friends ! Through the chess game, chess is not only able to understand
the charm of its own, to get experience in the victory, a lesson in
the failure to continuously improve the level of chess, but also
through the game, the understanding of competitors, and promote
Recently, I participated in the municipal federation of trade unions,
the Municipal Sports Bureau and the evening newspaper, jointly
organized by the Federation of Trade Unions, Hexi District, City
Council and City Staff Sports Association of the contractor employee
board staff of the 29th Tianjin million players contest Group 5
received the name of the first 17 individuals, although the results
were not ideal, but still very exciting race, game quality is
relatively high, the competitive state of my own are satisfied.
The final stage of the competition a total of 102 players
participated, using integral round robin system, a total of nine, I
got 6 wins 3 losses, with the other eight players 6 points with the
plot, only a small sub-schedule by calculating the final seating ,
because my first one two days after the opponent did not attend the
game, leading my little sub is relatively low, so I have strong impact
on the final rankings.
????Competition results are important, but more significant is that:
in the race by a good competitive level of performance and excellent
quality of training, to other units in the City Federation of Trade
Unions and the majority of players in front of the leadership and won
the respect and recognition, to show us Light Rail's style!
It is worth mentioning that I am in this race with a few also from the
Binhai New Area, Tanggu HENGJIA chess team players special affinity
Court, the main straight against the three players the team, this
theme of "beat opponents and win respect" story and a
counter-example, that "victory is not by means wretched glory,
and even despised by man!" examples from the relevant players are
and Tanggu.
These two things exist side by side, hear me explain.
????1 thing: beat opponents and win respect
Round 6 game, and I HENGJIA Court Lixiong chess game, the start at the
beginning of the tiger bit my dear friend's move wind, beating the
clock is also quite hard, issued a strong "black! Black!"
Sound (Note that this walk Chess typically applied in situations Sha
Zhao inextricably and when sudden or extreme stress when I used the
time is understandable, otherwise only show complacent and arrogant!),
but not when playing chess and arms Bao Xiong, an absence of mind.
This performance can only be aroused opponents my endless battle of
pride, determination to be cut from his horse and then fast! Never let
go shred of winning!
????The Council, I caught the other light into the sub force, battle
superficial weaknesses, through a series of pretty powerful
combination of boxing, as the residue to one of Fangshuang Shi, so the
balance of victory has inclined my side. But the road is not smooth
sailing to win, and the other out of the hands should be very
tenacious, I once was also formed oversight would be to kill each
other to steal the situation! Wrestling in the back, I buckled down,
and steady progress in fighting back, while the other side to resolve
one by one, gradually simplifying the situation, the formation of the
other party the opportunity to win without any mess!
????In the process, I found the Lixiong a subtle change, take the
beating chess clock chess Lazi and the sound gradually become smaller,
sitting by the heads off into a forward and easy to become dignified
by the facial expression! Finally, he gently told me no choice but the
sound: "lost", and then quietly left the arena.
????In the lounge, I met him, he took the initiative and speak to me,
chatting about all that dwell in Tanggu, has invited me to HENGJIA
chess chess Court. In the meantime, the other two and my players to
pass-through of the Tanggu Laoxue and Xiao Zhao also came, and I just
talked about chess in the chess game, I mentioned earlier to get to
know a few famous players Tanggu comparison, and They are familiar
with, we getting more and more speculation, the same lunch.
During the reception, Laoxue that he filed a very angry, and still
bear a grudge thing.
????2 things: to win the chess game, lost his personality
Competition Round 7, Laoxue the players encounter in the Department of
Qishe Zhang, Zhong Hui Qi She is a legend in Tianjin the famous chess
- chess Ma Lao-run society, emerged in recent years, a lot of strong
players, Zhang is one of them.
????Lao Xue and Zhang are evenly matched, chess game twists and turns,
the two sides to exhaust every means to avoid the situation out of
control. Fight to the pieces to form two sub-power parity, there are
some small uncertainties in the situation, turn Laoxue's move. Laoxue
can be formed as long as the calm response and the situation is
simple, when the two sides of the time although not too nervous, but
not sufficient, in the quiet thinking Laoxue countermeasures.
At this time, the abnormal situation: Zhang's proposal to straighten
his pieces (note that the usual practice is to turn to when their turn
to move such a request), the unreasonable demands interrupted Laoxue
thinking, but also takes up Laoxue's race time, but Laoxue Chess
veteran should demonstrate a grace that allows the requirements of
Zhang, Zhang put finished pieces, Lao Xue Li clue to re-think, but my
heart has been With a trace of unhappiness.
When the two sides of the finish step, and turn Laoxue think playing
chess, when Zhang and the move to another piece straight, but is not
permitted in the Laoxue hem a little piece. Then Laoxue has
Nuxingyuse, denounced Zhang: "You should use your own time line
proposed by Bai Qi chess!" Zhang Lian Liancheng is, but his
purpose has been achieved, and he not only invaded the other's time ,
interrupted each other's ideas, and interfere with each other's
emotions, it is like football game, some athletes with petty anger
each other, so that the other emotions out of control, and made enough
to make himself sent off, leading to rapid deterioration of the
situation the situation .
????Laoxue upright disposition of the old players who like brain short
circuit, out of the deadly Hunzhao, White threw a big child, and then
hurled the sign to leave.
????We heard Laoxue narrative, felt very angry, but they in turn
advised Laoxue said: "After such a child not be a big failure!
Only road that gets narrower, and even his master's face also will
disgrace! "
????By comparison of these two things, I think we often advocated by
the company - not only should pay attention to exercise and improve
the ability to work, but also should pay attention to practice and
develop good character! An ability to be trained not only, but also
????Hope this article will encourage each and everyone!
January 2, 2009

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