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									Character Analysis Customer Analysis Chapter
Character Analysis Customer Analysis Chapter
2009-09-28 13:40
Character is the first element of interpersonal communication,
different people have different personalities, different
personalities, not the same as what they would like, the corresponding
state of mind is also not the same, on demand of interpersonal
communication is not the same. Do not understand other people's
character, with people to win others favor the success is unlikely.
Understand other people's character, Bishijiuxu, match up, in order to
win the goodwill of others. Decoration is the case, each customer has
their own different character, we must learn to analyze the customer's
personality, the way he loved to associate with.
From the emotional point of view, there will be personality became
four rules:
Active type of personality
The perfect type of character
Power-type character
Peace-type character
It was these four characters and "Journey to the West" in
contrast to the four main character, exactly match. Tang Seng is the
perfect type character, the Monkey King is a strength type character,
type Pig is a lively character, but Drifting is a peace-type
Active type of personality
Active type of personality emotionalism, passionate. They know how to
find pleasure from work and then vivid description, once again
reflected back on those exciting details. And then always seem to say
much more, do less. As long as his presence, to always be laughter.
But once in trouble, they will disappear without a trace, immature,
disorganized, lack of responsibility. Type of person so lively mood
swings quickly, while they are happy and sad moment, but can soon be
They accept new things faster, but the lack of persistence.
Performance characteristics of active-type personality
1, like to make friends, but speak without thinking, it is often easy
to offend people, but he himself did not care
2, no matter there is no understanding of anything, they always like
other up, even if made the wrong opinion does not matter
3, easy to make promises, but in general very difficult to deliver
4, lost and lonely, to go out and have fun
5, willpower, not stand up to encourage
Home improvement type of personality psychology and lively
Active type of customers even on the home improvement, although
assertive, but also stand to persuade others, particularly large
construction projects to change. They easily accept the new design
concept, the new home improvement materials, as long as the
co-operative, they will introduce you to many new customers and this
way, but if they are not satisfied with home improvement will spread
everywhere. It is because of the psychological, so signing with the
active-type clients more easily, the latter is relatively easy to get
along, if there is such a customer must seize.
Active customer solutions
Treatment of lively type customers, we must meet their talkative
habit, do not interrupt them, want to affirm their statements and
appreciate, so that they will soon be like you. At the same time, give
them something fresh design, or adopt some new techniques and
materials, regular contact with them, or eat together, play, can
quickly enhance their feelings, gain their trust. Latter safeguard,
maintain regular communication, we can bring a lot of new customers
for their own.
The perfect type of character
The perfect type of character often focus on the long-term goal, than
any other person who they want to get more, so always from a higher
level to look at the problem, happy to make their own choice of career
planning and ensure that each details are perfect.
The perfect type of mood swings and long, once caught in a pessimistic
mood, they will for a long time immersed in them; excessive pursuit of
perfection and because they appeared to be very harsh on people and
events around the requirements are very high.
Performance characteristics of the perfect type of character
1, the perfect type never easy to speak, always after a careful
consideration, he will say the words to say.
2, they always ask for perfection, both for their own or other people,
thought very fine, thoughtful consideration
3, they never easy to make decisions, not easy to promise anything,
but after making promises that they would go all out for this
4, they have selectively make friends, do not want to communicate with
the superficial, their own protection is also very deep, and never
easy to reveal the expression of ideas or emotions
The perfect home improvement type of psychological personality
They always speak to listen to the designer, whether it is satisfied
or not satisfied, do not easily stand on your new program they always
noncommittal, but at heart were evaluated.
They will not easily tell you that his home improvement ideas, unless
you can really impress him, he needs to find
They will contact several companies to compare, therefore, they are
most commonly used option is the "best choice" or "the
worst out." They will not easily introduce you to our customers,
so as to avoid mistakes introduced a lot of trouble to bring their
Perfect customer solutions
Treatment of the perfect type of customer, service attitude must be
serious and can not have the slightest careless, because they both are
cool thinker, at the same time is a very emotional person, treat
people they do not like, they would disdain to associate with.
Therefore, all our work should be very careful, meticulous, while not
anxious to give them a choice and contrast of the time, because they
would never sign the bill with others easily, so you still have a
chance, as long as they do well enough.
Power-type character
They seem to always energetic, always beyond his limits, his
dictionary, there are two important words: goals and success. They
care about the results of work on the process and they do not care
about human feelings, likes to control everything, always tough to
give directions as they wish, become overbearing, rude and ruthless.
Performance characteristics of the power-type character
1, they often do not give others a chance to speak, that you just
listen to him on the line, he said, is always right
2, vigorous and resolute officer of their own, so I hope others, too,
if you drag, they would criticize you
3, he is always the leader, and you do the best actors
4, they look stern, so people do not like random joke
Mental strength type character home improvement
They often have their own mature home improvement ideas, requires
designers to be done in strict accordance with his plan
In design, they focus more on practical, on the functional
requirements are relatively high, do not like something very fancy,
some innovative programs in particular are not easy to accept
They asked designers and construction team must have a high
efficiency, can not drag to be on time out
Strength-based customer solutions
1, satisfy their desire to lead, to learn to listen, but also to
listen carefully, because they do not have patience to say the second
2, not to refute their
3, just follow his request, he will soon sign the bill
4, even if the customer it is wrong, you do not argue, as long as the
right way to do things Haojiu Hang, because they are more concerned
about the results.
Peace-type character
The character, sentiment restrained, low-key life skills optimist,
always full of patience to respond to those complex situation. Used to
follow the established rules of the game, can keep calm in a storm.
They always seem to not assertive, do not want to be responsible for
the lack of enthusiasm to do things sloppy, lazy.
Performance characteristics of the peace type personality
1, they first showed the trend of peacemaker, not easily get angry,
people will not easily criticize
2, they can give someone else a chance to speak, the less the time
while he is doing to meet the needs of others
3, serious and responsible when they do things on account of good jobs
can be completed on time and according to quality, the lack of
innovation, but innovation is also able to accept things
4, they shall wire management to do things slowly, never worry
Home improvement type of personality psychology of peace
They will be listening attentively to the designer to speak, and are
willing to accept the designer's recommendations, even a slight
mistake of your work to show they will not be too concerned about the
But they will not rush to pay the deposit or sign the bill, they again
take a look at the amount of room for each company, they will give the
opportunity, are willing to seriously look at
They can be said that all customers who live in the best
Peace based customer solutions
Type of customer for peace, designers must actively contact, active
grasp, at least not directly because they refuse you, willing to see
you there, so much contact with them until they feel embarrassed to
refuse you, will sign the bill. Generally encountered this kind of
client, most people take this stalker way. Of course, there is a
premise, do you have to do all aspects of the work place, in the price
customers to acceptance.
Of course, people are multi-faceted personality, each person more or
less the shadow of some other character, and certainly not simply a
person who, but a number of outstanding performance, we will lay the
blame for the certain personality traits.
Understand the customer's personality, one's performance through the
customer do their own analysis, it can also do a personality test with
the client of the game, not only allow customers to interact with you,
lively atmosphere, at the same time, you can also take the opportunity
to more accurately understanding of the customer. "Personality
test" see "signing tool."
Apart from the emotional character analysis of customers, we are also
available from the mentality of the customer for further analysis.
We have the mentality of people into three types:
Aggressive, pessimistic and pragmatic type
Positive type can be called optimistic type, ie, more positive view of
things positive, pessimistic it, by contrast, think the worse things
are first, their mantra is "if ... ...", even verbally say
the least, the heart is think so. Practical type of people do, then no
matter what, everything from the realistic needs.
Positive state of mind of those who
1, the mantra: no big deal
2, the psychological suggestion: we should go good aspects of
development, we can do better, what do we have to do
3, the behavior: people willing to cooperate
4, the result: very good, if we do that, it will be better
5, Language: often agree with others, say "on"
Pessimistic attitude of
1, the mantra: If ... if ...
2, the psychological suggestion: do not be so smooth, he could not so
good to me, even if it did what is the use
3, the behavior: people do not want to meet
4, the results: It was this result, thanks to my own in time, or else
do not set out what went wrong
5, Language: often against others, say "no"
Pragmatic attitude of those who
1, the mantra: No matter ... ... I'm ... ...
2, the psychological suggestion: Do not think too much, first thing
you should do a good job on the line
3, the behavior: to help meet their
4 Results: Comparing the results achieved by their own satisfaction,
and will not think too much
5, language: You are quite right, I have ... ...
Positive solution of those home improvement
Positive people want a better home can be renovated, so the designer
must comply with customer psychology, introduced the perfect solution,
proposed a better solution, in general they will accept it. At the
same time, designers must be good for this part of the clients dreams,
create the future they aspire to the dream home, in the language to be
tempting, when they tempted you this dream, they will achieve this at
all costs dream
Pessimist's home improvement solutions
Pessimistic pessimists can just make a fuss, he is more pessimistic
than his pessimistic you are, make home improvement problems that may
occur in the expansion as far as possible, so that fear in him:
If you're looking for a small company decoration, if they do not, you
have already signed a contract with them, and you do anything? You
want cheap, then starting a number of cheap materials, but are not
environmentally friendly materials that, if the elderly or children
are hurt, it was incredible ... they say ... (Yes, yes, it would have
to advance prevention, not so ... ...)
Pragmatic solutions to those home improvement
For pragmatic customers, let him feel that now is the best program
solution, and let him think that on the line, no need to run around,
waste time and energy ideas.
At design time, and do not consider too far to meet the needs of his
existing can, and do not lead him to choose some special high-end
products or materials, so it will only prove futile.
Budget and adopt a pragmatic style of design, no request too high nor
too low, moderate they will accept.
Expression analysis of customer
Our dealings with customers, but also by analyzing the customer's
language to understand the customer's personality.
In general, customers in the language there are four:
1, positive statement
2, and listening
3, Silence
4, very quiet
Positive statement of the customer is an export-oriented character,
the character or the presence of active type of factor, or the
existence of power-based factors, we have according to the contents of
his statement can be drawn that he was aggressive or pessimistic
Note that listening to customers, there are two, one he did not know
what the home improvement area, but to listen, but also a high quality
of this customer, training is good. He later expressed through the
language to know.
Who remain silent, introverted one, natural quiet, the second is a
more profound one, most people are the perfect type of character.
If the contacts have been very quiet person, character must be
introverted, withdrawn, this customer needs you have love, patience
and sincerity. In fact, their hearts desire to communicate, eager to
get others to understand and love, when your program really meets the
needs of his heart, he will trust you very much!
Contacts with customers, we also observed the trend of customers feel.
Avant-garde who want to analyze customers, or to follow the trend of
people who are conservative, or classical tendencies. Avant-garde
customers, mainly to see his dress and listen to his language, if we
find he is more avant-garde, then you will do relatively avant-garde
programs. One customer, who although not avant-garde, but can follow
up times, can be regarded as more fashionable people. There are still
some customers, thinking conservative, so their clothes were
authentic, the language is also more cautious, they must not in the
Home using a number of new ideas.
There are still some customers, they are more nostalgic, like
traditional things, or like a classic beauty, a classic realm. They
are not conservative thinking, but that they could accept the reality
of the world, the trend of the world, but inside they are more like
the classical world. Such people do not regard him as conservative,
but they have a quiet mind, there is a beauty from the mundane.
If you can meet customer demand for this inner, you will soon sign the
Finally, we have to analyze the customer's interests. Signing of the
breakthrough point, the client of these hobbies, but customers love
sometimes does not directly say to us, but we need to discover, to
We can see what kind of customers read the newspaper to see what kind
of information to understand the customer's interests and hobbies, of
course, customers can also bluntly asked: Do you like sports? Or their
own experiences and express their own preferences, likes to do, the
customer will follow your ideas may reveal his interests and hobbies.
After understanding customer interests, it is necessary in the design
of match up, avoid strike virtual reality. People who like reading,
you should by all means, let him design the most tempting of a study
or study space, like the movement of customers, he can design an
indoor game, so that he can exercise without leaving home. Customers
like football, soccer may wish to design a television background, like
music's customers, so his room is full of music the feeling of space;
like drinking customers to design a beautiful bar, drinking places and
even the design of good.
Of course, if you can, through their own careful observation or
analysis, the interests of customers, and then into your program
design will allow customers to produce a surprise, a bosom friend, a
kind of moving.
In this case, the customer signing the hearts of the balance will tend
to you. Therefore, we should not ignore the interests of customers,
simply try to do the design, rather than spirituality to go designs.
Of course, the client family's interests and hobbies, such as the
child's interests and hobbies are also important, when customers find
that your program can make his children happier, he would have
appreciated you.
Finally, we want to talk about the "Home staff."
Some customers in the amount of room or when looking at the program,
there will always bring a good friend, the purpose is to help him
staff, which is the official staff, there are some "hidden
staff", they may not meet directly with the designers, but also
in the back to the customer some idea. Designers how to deal with
these staff it?
In fact, every customer has a home improvement staff, but some is the
official staff, some are invisible staff, that designers should have
adequate psychological preparation.
Whether customers are not staff, as the designer must assume that
customers have one or more staff behind the back of his ideas, so the
designer will be more hard to face each and every customer. How to
deal with home improvement staff it?
The first point is the need to respect the staff, attention staff.
Because the staff is the customer's friends or family, at least he was
more trust, if a conflict with the staff, or a lack of respect for
staff, potentially weakens the customer's face, so that customers feel
Second, try to win over home improvement staff
Staff are people too, has his personality and interests, if we can
first build a good staff and customer relations, by his customers to
come forward to do the work for you, then convince customers than your
own strength but also much larger.
Third, even if staff can not win over home improvement, home
improvement staff at least do not give a bad impression, so he removed
the back of your station, because he can bring customers to compete
with you on other people's homes, so do not occur with the home
improvement staff disputes.
We also analyze "Home staff," the real role that the staff
can work in the end, it will not really affect the customer's signing
This analysis of the character from the client:
Power-type character, generally only listen to their customers, so
even if there is staff, it will not play a decisive role. The perfect
type of clients have a mind of my heart, after careful analysis, or
will be mainly taken into account, staff can only play an auxiliary
Active type of personality but rather the customer, due to the depth
of their thinking is not enough, more easy to believe the words of
staff, so when the customer is active type of personality, we must
face in front of staff, adequate face to the customer, and staff
should also be a good relationship, so that staff can say a good word
for you.
Peace-type personalities, and some show it is not strong-minded,
vulnerable to interference from a variety of home improvement staff,
as the designer does not conflict with the staff at the same time, to
strengthen their own ideas, using their own willpower to overcome the

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