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_ Carnegie human relations (Jin W)

_ Carnegie weakness of human nature: the 1937 publication of "The
Complete Works of the weaknesses of human nature," overnight
sensation around the world, at least the text has been translated into
58 species, nine thousand of total global sales volume reached 10,000.
Has 400 million readers, in addition to "the Bible", the
unequaled, retaining its position as a successful motivational books
top. The reason why this book sold briskly, is that Mr. Carnegie's
deep understanding of human nature, and his weakness for the
eradication of humanity by putting a valid prescription. As Carnegie
said: "A person's success, only 15% attributed to his
professional knowledge, while 85% attributed to his expression,
leading others and the ability to arouse enthusiasm of others."

Carnegie Success book

Dale Carnegie ? (1888-1955) was a famous American psychologist and
relationship scientists of the 20th century's greatest success guru,
father of modern American adult education. He devoted his life to
human nature of the research, applied psychology and sociology of
knowledge, right common human psychological characteristics to explore
and Fen fold, to create and develop a unique combination of
presentation, marketing, and interaction with others, intelligence
development in one adult education.

His superhuman wisdom, critical thinking, moral, mental and behavioral
norms to guide thousands of readers, comforting and inspiring people
to draw strength from, to change lives and create a new life. Carnegie
created the "interpersonal Course" all over the world, up
more than 1,700, have received training community, many of them
military and political officials, including even a few American
presidents. Thousands of people benefit from the Carnegie's education.
Carnegie's ideas and views influenced the Americans, even change the
world. When the economic downturn, inequality, war and other demons
are eroding the human spirit to pursue the good life, the Carnegie's
spirit and ideas, people become confused and exhausted out of the most
powerful support. Even in modern society, Carnegie insight into human
nature, still guides the thinking of millions of people to change and
improve behavior, road to success.

Carnegie Carnegie Success is the ideological essence of the book
collection. Carnegie book of "human weakness", "the
advantages of human nature," "language breakthrough"
and other writings, since inception, has been translated into many
languages and become bestsellers Western one of the most enduring,
popular in the world, Hailed as "the miracle of publishing
history of mankind."

Carnegie's work since inception, will change the fate of tens of
thousands of people. King of the Edison invention, the originator of
Einstein's theory of relativity, India, Mahatma Gandhi, "Mickey
Mouse" father of Chinese Knight ? Disney, the creator of the
construction industry in Victoria miracle son, hotel giant Hilton,
self-made king of Taiwan Plastics Wang Yung-ching, founder of
McDonald's Ray Kroc ? and so on, are deeply Carnegie ideas and

Practical and instructive, and the various types of populations and
the adaptability of each era, is thought important feature of
Carnegie. When the era of chariot hastily passing of the 20th century
into the new millennium, Carnegie's ideas and opinions have not been
abandoned by the times, on the contrary, in today's competitive
society, his thoughts and insights more profound and practical , has
significant meaning for the young.

Carnegie book condensed the essence of a successful philosophy of
thinking, to help readers solve life's biggest problems: how in daily
life, business and social contacts with people, and to effectively
influence another; how to beat the survival of humanity enemy -
anxiety, to create a happy and good life; how to stand out at talks,
to accurately express their views and ideas, which won the audience's
respect. Resolution of these issues will help the new century, access
to a better life, to help people reach the pinnacle of success.

The success is very simple, as long as you follow the Carnegie
interpersonal these simple guidelines and practical life skills, you
will be able to be successful.

Dale Carnegie, the success of humanity's greatest instructors, father
of American adult education.

Early 20th century, the U.S. economy into recession, war and poverty
cause people to lose the desire for a better life, but Carnegie was
inventive, using knowledge of psychology and sociology, on the
psychological characteristics of human common control cable and
analysis, and create and developed a financial presentation, marketing
and interaction with others, and intelligence development in one of
the adult education. He described many of the general capable of
success through the hard true story and inspired countless people into
confusion and difficulties to help them find their own life.

Carnegie institutions around the world. Carnegie has received
education community, many of whom are giant stars, all leaders,
military and political officials, cabinet members, and even several
American presidents. The famous "oil king" Rockefeller also
because of worry and dying, but after receiving Carnegie courses,
conquered worry, get happy, and there are living half a century. There
are many well-known companies will accept the Carnegie sent staff
training, or simply please Carnegie institutions to open their
courses, direct training of staff.

Carnegie did not solve the profound secrets of the universe, but he
extracted from a life out of common sense attitude of life philosophy,
in helping people learn how to bear ourselves, how to get their pride,
get courage and confidence, and overcome the weaknesses of human
nature, human nature advantages to gain career success and happiness
in life, the ratio of other contemporary philosophers are more useful,
are greater. Carnegie died, a leading newspaper commented:
"Millions of people influenced by him, he's the philosophy is as
old as civilization, such as the" Ten Commandments generally
simple, but for people to get to this wild era of happiness and
success extremely helpful. "

Carnegie's most famous masterpiece of "human weakness",
"human merits", "Ñݽ²Óë¿Ú²Å" and so on, these books
have been widely presented it as a gift. Nowadays, people pursue
self-improvement in teaching and access to the books into the program,
they still read the classic heart.

This book brings together the essence of Carnegie Thought success, if
the recommendation to practice by the author, will help you on the
road ahead calls across species barriers, and realize their ideal of
life, success in life.

Weakness of human nature

At least in the world have translated into 58 kinds of writing, nine
thousand of total global sales volume reached 10,000, with 400 million
readers. In addition to Bible and the Analects, the unequaled.

Those in the original basis of human weaknesses, we made it a red
face, resist heartbeat human relations, the human world to get along
with a new look.

Ambitious young entrepreneurs, salesmen, housewives, students, couples
in love; no matter who you are, this is one surprise you, make you
think more mature and more sober demeanor books. We believe This is
your life's most important book.


The original sequence with

How to get the most from this book

Treat people the basic skills first

Chapter For honey, do not take time hive

Chapter II the big secret with people awakened

Chapter III both ways means

Second six ways people like you

Chapter If you do, you will be welcome everywhere

The second chapter gives a good impression of how

Chapter you want to avoid trouble, please do so

How to develop a beautiful chapter obtained a good impression of the
conversation were

How to make people interested in Chapter

Chapter VI how quickly people like you

Third one may consent to twelve of your Method

Chapter You can not win in debate

The second chapter on how to avoid making enemies
If you are wrong chapter on the recognition of

Chapter IV to make you take sensible road

Chapter secret of Socrates

Chapter VI dealing with a complaint to the safety practices

Chapter VII how to make people cooperate with you

Chapter VIII of the formula for a miracle

Chapter IX everyone needs

Chapter X to all be attractive

Chapter XI to implement, promote, do not come to a halt

Chapter XII do nothing, the try this

Title IV of nine people agree with your approach

Chapter If you must criticize, this is the beginning of the method

Chapter II How to criticism so as not to innocuous

Chapter III state your own mistakes first

Chapter Nobody likes to accept the command

Chapter V the other side to keep his face

Chapter VI how to encourage people to success

Chapter VII to take a good dog name
Chapter VIII makes mistakes seem easy to correct

Chapter Nine people willing to do what you want

The Fifth Article miracle letters

The sixth chapter to your family harmony of seven methods

The first chapter on how best to quickly dug grave of marriage

Chapter love - let him free life

This chapter is about to divorce you

Chapter IV makes fun of the way

Chapter V of the women particularly meaningful

Chapter VI, if you want to be happy, do not ignore these

Chapter VII should not be a "marriage of the illiterate"

Advantage of human nature

The book is the world's greatest scientists success - Carnegie life
the most important and most vivid experience of life together, is a
record of thousands of people how to get rid of psychological issues
to a successful instance of the collection. This book, once published,
will be salable in the world, changed the fate of millions of people's
lives and, as the "must overcome the anxiety success
reading" "World inspirational Bible." This book is full
of wisdom and strength to make you understand yourself, believe in
yourself, to fully develop the mental and physical reserves in the
untapped wealth, the advantage of human nature, to develop a
successful and happy of the road.
The first chapter concerns out of the psychological isolation

Common problem is the loneliness of modern man

Will hurt the physical and mental health concerns

Souls formula to resolve concerns

Aristotle's method of use

To busy to dispel the worries of your

Seize today

Do not be entangled in the hands of small things

Institute of computing the probability of incidents

Accept and adapt to the reality

Control concerns and further development

Do not cry for the spilled milk

Please one person per day

Chapter not to work and money worries

The most important decision in life

70% of the trouble comes from money

Professional coordination between husband and wife

Do not make ends meet
Chapter III Prevention of fatigue to maintain the vitality

One hour a day to keep awake

Fatigue three reasons

To talk out of mind

Remove the boredom of the psychological

Do not sleep and pain

Chapter IV concerns the true story of overcoming

99% of the trouble are superfluous

Anxiety is the most formidable opponent

See their bright side

Five steps to overcome anxiety

I believe every day still had time

I almost did not tomorrow

I was, worried about the victims

To overcome the challenges of the most painful

Laugh worries

Will always be in your own retreat

I heard a voice
Thanks to my experience as a bad environment

With busy consumers worried about Thanksgiving Solution

I will not bother

Today's bowl wash only

I finally found the answer

Time, many problems can be solved

I escaped from hell

Break the worry of coup

Stop anxiety can live longer

Access to lessons learned from bitter experience

Movement is trouble the best "antidote"

Verse saved my

Trouble can be offset by the positive and negative

Things are always for the better direction

May wish to accept the inevitable fate

Rockefeller out of annoyance

Tension is equivalent to suicide

Immersed himself in work
Looking for the green light to life

To think the problem with the heart

Chapter secret of a happy family life

Do not always whining

Do not desire to reform each other

Sincerely appreciate each other

Attention to the details of life

At home should also be courteous

How to get along with women

How do men get along

Do not make marriage illiteracy

Creating a comfortable haven

Saving time to deal with complex matters

Responsibility on health

Efforts to create family happiness

Attention to the spiritual element of marriage

Qualified to do the husband or wife

To add luster to her husband in the social
Related to health and happiness and spiritual

Chapter VI to make your marriage even more sweet

Husband and wife jointly pursue new goals

Husband's "good listener"

Do not find fault with your husband

Things to help her husband deal with unexpected

Necessary to pay for your care and help

Society and close contact with his secretary

When her husband work at home

Let him alone enjoy a hobby

Good life

"Beautiful Life" at the beginning of "human weakness
and a good life" as part of a book, which first published in
1936, is the book to start world-renowned Carnegie, and later
reprinted book will be divided into handlebody published separately.
As a "weakness of human nature," the companion volume,
"beautiful life" in clear and simple with a lively sense of
specific examples from the interaction with others in all aspects of
the total rope, access objects and family life to be the principles
and methods, content involving colleagues, friends, leaders and the
relationship between family members, is a rare success of manual
handling complex relationships.

Chapter 1 way to win the friendship
1, not to seek temporary the tongue of the participants

2, convince others of the good law

3, sincere appreciation to others

4, if you're wrong, you admit it

5, learn to listen to the speech of others

6, accessible and rational Boulevard

7, do not always blame others

8 panacea for dealing with complaints

9, be kind to others

10, how they co-

11, let him feel important

12, sympathy and understanding for others

13, meet others interested in

14, inspired the noble qualities of human potential

15, made his dramatic practice

16, let others challenge

Chapter 2 how to correct the mistakes of others

1, if you must pick the wrong, this is the way to proceed
2, How to criticism, not being hate

3, in order to replace the affirmative interrogative sentence

4, let people save face

5, how to motivate people heading for success

6, do not impose his views

7, at the issue from the perspective of others

8, "flattery" of magical effect

9, speak to each other "Yes"

10, so that seems easier to correct mistakes

11, the authority to grant him a

Chapter 3 to the principle of family life happier

1, gray what marriage problems

2, the family is the cradle of happiness

3, do not dig graves for the marriage,

4, criticized the demise of the marriage

5, women pay more attention to things

6, If happiness, pay attention to manners

7, sincerely appreciate each other
8, do not do marriage, illiteracy

Happy life

Carnegie book is one of the most influential books - "the
advantages of human nature," the sequel. Different from the lies,
"the advantages of human nature," the major told the people
to overcome some of the basic principles of concern, "Happy
Life" is more to guide people how to be happy.

In this book, Carnegie illustrates a point: to eliminate erroneous
thinking and behavior, in the mind into a happy, than removed the
tumor and abscess who also important. First three parts of the book,
elaborated To be happy we must "cultivate a happy mentality"
and "not to criticize other people unhappy", "you spend
your work and money"; fourth part from dozens of celebrities own
experiences, how to be happy about their experience. In short, it is a
pleasure to guide people to set foot on the book of life.

Chapter cultivate feelings of happiness

Nine words change your life

The cost of retaliation is too high

Getting it to others

Willing to do all of you to buy 1 million

Self-discovery, maintaining true color

If you have a lemon, you make lemonade

You want to be happy together
Chapter not to criticize other people unhappy

Nobody will kick a dead dog

How to make criticism can not hurt you

I have done stupid things

Chapter III of the work and money you spend your

Important decisions in your life

70% of trouble

Chapter I how to be happy

Trouble against me

Be a positive person

I live in the Arab paradise

I have overcome the inferiority complex

4 ways to expel trouble

Be able to get through today, spent yesterday

I thought I'd live to see tomorrow

Go to the gym

I have a "trouble King"

Verse saved my
I did the work of the world's most bitter

I was the world's biggest idiot

I never smooth supply line

Police came to my house

Is the most difficult to cope with anxiety

I pray not placed in orphanages

Funny pills

See my wife washing dishes

I found the answer

Time, many problems can be solved

Escape death's jaws of death

I can afford to let go of a person mentioned

I worry if you do not stop, long into the coffin of the

How to live 45 years

A book saved my marriage

My suicide

The miracle of life

Positive or negative offset troubles
I have the green light to pursue

I have overcome the gastric ulcer and trouble

Continuous 18 days can not eat

Linguistic breakthrough

"The Complete Works of Carnegie language breakthrough,"
encompasses the essence of art at Carnegie eloquence to social and
eloquence the base point, the effective integration of language and
human nature together, to teach people how to use verbal expression in
social interaction in the invincible place. Please deep understanding
"of language breakthrough Carnegie Collection," in essence
the theory and practice, play your language strengths, show your
speech charm, your life will be even more exciting striking. "The
Complete Works of Carnegie language breakthrough," the article is
divided into the basic rules of public speaking, lectures, speakers
and listeners, successful speaking skills, speech communication arts
chapters. Used to a simple theory, combined with the classic case of
moving, detailed introduction to overcome fear, build confidence and
improve certain aspects of speech eloquence methods and techniques.
This focus is to improve the communication between you and the people
face to face and persuasion. Help you to effectively enhance the
social in language skills; next is based on interpersonal theory of
Carnegie, Carnegie refined interpersonal communication 32 golden rules
to help the reader to work, study and life in subtle harmony handle
complex relationships, so that its efforts to achieve a multiplier


Prepare papers

Chapter victory over self, breaking the psychological barrier of
A set of adequate self-confidence

2, the psychological implications for their positive

Chapter the opportunity to be well prepared speech

1 to prepare specific and detailed content of the speech

2 Practice makes perfect, practice make you more skilled language

3 enrich your rhetoric, change your language habits

4 to improve your memory

Chapter III of the basic laws of successful speech

A touching speech simple rules

2 Let your speech specific

3 stimulate the audience sympathize with you

Actual articles

Chapter successful model of speech

1 get a good start

2 to control the process of speech

3 reached a climax at the end of

Chapter actual speech challenge

1 introduced the speaker, awards and poor Awards
2 delivered an impromptu speech

3 typhoon you a more elegant

Chapter VI Winning Negotiation Skills

1 to identify the type of negotiating partners

2 conquer the opponents of negotiations with different backgrounds

3 Successful negotiation strategies

4 negotiations and control them

5 rhythm control negotiations

6 increased bargaining power

Enhance the articles

Chapter VII language breakthrough

Witty 1 - Art in the word communication

2 smiles charm will increase your language

3 comment is art

4 other language skills is full of charm

5 to improve your level of daily speech

Appendix: Carnegie - the birth of Speech Master
????????????????Who is affected Carnegie
Carnegie is a famous American psychologist and interpersonal
scientists. His books, with superhuman intelligence, critical
thinking, to give comfort and encouragement to people to draw strength
from, to change lives and create a new path in life.

In fact, the Carnegie original life path full of twists, but he made
many unsuccessful career. Engaged in selling his car, he very much
doubt their ability. One day an old man would like to buy a car,
Carnegie has recited his "car through." Old man said
dismissively: "do not care, I go any farther, try the new car is
just awkward because I was young auto designers have dreamed of
becoming, when there were no cars then ... ..."

Old man's words slowly drew Carnegie. He discussed in detail and the
old man from the company's circumstances, then subject it to their
life. Carnegie described his recent troubles: "That morning,
facing a solitary light, I said to myself, 'I do, what my dream is, if
I want to be a writer, why do not engage in writing Nick ? 'you think
my views on it? "

"Good boy, great!" Old man's face relaxed a smile, then
said: "Why do you not care for the one you can not pay you paid
the company for about? You do not want to make big money? Writing
today line when is a good ah! "

"No, gentlemen, to give up work is impossible, unless I there
else to do. But I do? What are my ability to make money and make their
own satisfaction life?" Carnegie asked.

Old man said: "Your job should make you interested and playing
talent. Since the writing for you, why not try?"

This makes Carnegie enlightened. Buried in the bosom surging passion
of writing long, old man of few words are activated.
From that day on, Carnegie decided to change a life. He wanted to
become a respected, beloved ... ... the great writer

By chance, Carnegie found himself in the recruitment of the host city
of the YMCA taught business skills of a teacher of evening. So he went
to candidates, and was quickly hired.

Carnegie with his insights and open teaching methods won the students.
Later on, more and more people hear him lessons. Buy his books. From
famous Carnegie United States, then his further cross-border learning,
and lots, spread over the world.

In life, how many people who hold a "tasteless" do the same
work in the blame on others. They own no interest in occupation, not
be able to play smart, I hope that Carnegie's life experience can
bring you some enlightenment.

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