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Buy classic MACD


									Buy classic MACD
??I really like the MACD indicator is a technical indicator used, he
is in the thousands of technical indicators in the stock market is
relatively rare only a technical indicator used to get a selection of
relatively strong operational stocks of technical indicators; and the
use of the indicators advantage of also being able to understand the
broad market's hot spots, and based on the index to distinguish the
subtle changes in stocks are expected to become a hot spot in the hot
Here I transcription I've collected some of the Internet usage of the
A, MACD indicators principle
MACD indicator is based on the principle structure of moving average
of the closing price of the stock price smoothing, find the arithmetic
mean calculated later, is a trend categories of indicators. MACD
indicator is the use of fast (short term) and slow (long-term) moving
average and the aggregation and separation of the sign to double
smoothing operation. Moving average, according to the principle
developed in the MACD, a moving average in addition to frequent false
signals issued by the defect, two retained the effect of moving
average, so, MACD indicators are moving average trend, stable,
stability, etc. characteristics, is used to judged the timing of
buying and selling stocks, forecasting the stock price change of the
technical analysis indicators. MACD indicator by EMA, DIF and the DEA
(or called MACD, DEM) the relationship between these three values
judged, DIF, and linking the DEA's analysis and the moving average
value of DIF minus DEM histogram plotted ( BAR) to analyze the judge's
analysis and other market forecast short-term price trends in the
major stock market technical analysis indicators. Which, DIF is the
core, DEA is secondary. DIF is a fast and smooth moving average (EMA1)
and slow Moving Average (EMA2) of the poor. BAR histogram technology
software in the stock market is green with red bars and the
contraction of determining the price column.
Second, MACD indicators generally judged that the standard
MACD indicators are well known to most investors on the market
analysis tools, but in the specific application, investors may find
the use of MACD indicators of the accuracy, effectiveness,
operability, there are many vacant places, sometimes find come from
the book go to school with the MACD indicator analysis methods and
techniques to judged the stock movements, often the conclusions and
the actual trend of a particularly large differences exist, and even
reached the opposite result. This is one of the main reasons is the
most discussed stock market technical analysis, discussion of the book
on the MACD is confined to the surface level, only a general
description of MACD principles and methods, and analysis of the MACD
indicator and the specific content introduction of analytical
techniques rarely involved. This section will introduce the general
MACD indicators judged based on the techniques and analysis methods
described in detail the special judged MACD principles and functions.
MACD indicators judged criteria are generally fast and slow around the
two moving averages and the red, green bars start position and their
morphology. General analysis methods include the value of DIF and the
MACD and their location, DIF and the MACD cross case, the contraction
of the red column and the MACD graph form of the four major aspects.
1, DIF, and the value of MACD and the line position: When the DIF and
the MACD are greater than 0 (that is, that for them on the graph is
above the zero line) and move, the general said in a bull market, the
stock market, you can buy or ownership; when DIF and the MACD is less
than 0 (that is, that for them on the graph is zero line) moves to the
next, the general said in a bear market for the stock market, you can
sell the stock or wait and see. When the DIF and the MACD are greater
than 0 (that is, that for them on the graph is above the zero line),
but are down, the general said at the ebb stage of the stock market,
stocks will fall, you can sell the stock and wait and see; when the
DIF and the MACD is less than 0 (that is, that for them on the graph
is zero line), but moves up, the general said the market is about to
start, the stock will rise, you can buy stocks or shares to be up.
2, DIF and the MACD cross: when DIF and MACD are above the zero line,
while the MACD DIF break up, the show is in a strong market among the
stock price will rise again, you can buy stocks or shares to be coded
up This is the MACD indicator "golden cross" of a form. When
the DIF and the MACD is below zero, while the MACD DIF break up, the
show is about a stronger stock market, stock prices will climb upward
decline has done, you can start buying stocks or shares, which is MACD
indicator the "Golden Cross "in another form. When the DIF
and the MACD are above the zero line, while the MACD broke down when
the DIF is that the stock market is about to become weak by the
strong, the stock will crash, when most of the stock should be sold
and can not buy stocks, this is the MACD indicator "death
cross" a form. When the DIF and the MACD are above the zero line,
while the MACD broke down when the DIF, indicating that the stock
market will once again enter the extremely Ruoshi, the stock price
will fall, you can then sell the shares or wait and see, this is MACD
indicator "death cross" and another form.
3, MACD histogram indicator in the analysis: in the stock market
analysis software in the computer (such as the Qianlong software) less
commonly used DIF DEA (ie MACD, DEM) values plotted as histograms,
with red and green column, said column, red said the positive column,
Green said the negative column. Column to analyze the market with the
red and green, is intuitive and clear and practical and reliable.
Popular column continue to enlarge, it indicates that the stock market
in the bull market, stock prices will continue to rise, then should be
up or short-term holdings to buy shares, until the red bars can no
longer be amplified before considering selling. Continue to enlarge
the time when the green column, indicating that the stock market into
a bear market, stock prices will continue to fall, then should hold
out or sell stocks begin to shrink until the green column can be
considered only a small amount of buying stocks. Popular column began
to contract, indicating that the bull market coming to an end (or to
enter the adjustment period), stock price will fall, when most of the
stock should be sold and can not buy the stock. When the green column
began to shrink when the stock market crash of that market coming to
an end, the stock will climb up (or into the consolidation), then a
small amount of long-term strategic Jiancang can not easily sell the
stock. When the red bars start to disappear, green column began to
release, this is one of the stock transfer market signal that the
stock market rally (or high level consolidation quotes) coming to an
end, stock prices will begin to accelerate the decline, then stocks
should start to sell most of the can not buy the stock. When the green
column began to disappear, red bars began to release, this is one of
the stock transfer market signals, indicating that the stock market
decline (or low consolidation) has ended, the stock will start to
accelerate the rise in overweight should begin now to buy stock or
hold shares to be up.
4, MACD special analysis:
Form rule: M other end of the first form of W
MACD indicator can be judged from the MACD graph form to help judged
The red bars or green when the MACD figures consisting of a double
column top and bottom (M W head and the bottom), and other forms
triple top and bottom, they can be judged according to form theory
approach to analyze judged. For example:
Departure from the departure from the top and bottom
MACD MACD indicator refers to indicators of departure from the trend
of the graphic chart exactly the trend of K opposite direction. MACD
indicators have deviated away from the top and bottom away from the
When the stock K line graph on the stock trend of a peak than a peak,
the stock has been the rise, while the MACD indicator graph by the red
bars constitute the graph the trend was a peak of more than one peak
is low, that is, when stock prices high than the previous high high,
high MACD indicators than the previous high index low, called the top
against the phenomenon. Phenomenon is generally away from the top
price at a high level about potential anti-around signal that stock
prices will fall short, is a signal to sell stocks.
Departure from generally appear in the bottom of the low price area. K
when the stock trend stock charts, stock prices also fell, while the
MACD indicator column on the graph formed by the green movement is a
bottom graphics than a high end, that is when the stock price than the
previous low of the low end of The indicators than the previous low of
the low levels, the phenomenon is called away from the end. MACD
indicates that the phenomenon is generally in the low stock price may
reverse the upward signal that the stock may rebound upward
short-term, short-term signal to buy stocks.
In practice, MACD indicators appear in the strong departure from the
market in general more reliable, high-priced shares, usually as long
as the form once to confirm the position deviated from the stock is
about to reverse, and the share price low, generally repeated several
time before departure to confirm. Therefore, MACD indicators judged
the accuracy of the departure from the top than at the end away from
this point investors have to pay attention.
5, MACD application
MACD hunters back relaxation method (a): Basic elements of articles
MACD Ö¸±ê Qushi index is the most famous, and its main features are
robustness, such indicators overly sensitive properties on the near
term there are of course disadvantages too slow, but it is also
decided that their best in a long cycle, number of data given more
market trends point to a relatively secure. If so, the MACD in the
cycle is relatively long time-sharing plans, such as 15 minutes or
more, especially in the trading day the use of lunch, may be of
shorter length, as do several transactions are an excellent tool for
short-term. It should be noted that in the present QIAN system, many
parameters quickly take 12, many parameters to take 26 slow, because
China's stock market 6 days a week in early January and an average of
26 trading days inherited so, investors can be changed to 10 and 22.
But the basic difference is not so, then did not pay attention and
have been followed so far.
Indicators deviated from the principle is the essence of the use of
the MACD, but also the accuracy of this indicator is high. Which is
subdivided into top and bottom back flip back flip.
The basic points are as follows:
1, the formation of the back relaxation principle: the air is often
more than one party in the market to run after an extended period of
(the image on the cross is the DIF and the DEA, after the opening was
nearly parallel to the same period of time to run), because it
represents the strength of a party strong, in this case they often go
too far, this asymmetry in stock prices and indexes to form a back
flip! If the broader market early last November to double the process
to the top of the back there is a clear relaxation.
2, flip back the origin of values is very important, stressed the need
to have a significantly high (low) points of! Note that in the same
rising (falling) trend in the values and the highest (low) points
after running for some (usually the last paragraph in the fall, a
third wave of stock and index low) after the emergence origin;
3, the principle of continuity. Note: 1, must be the right price in
the complex under the use of indicators; 2, suspension indicators
movement stage failure; 3, price limits indicator failure. Back flip
is a process of energy accumulation, only choppy trade can help the
energy accumulation and conversion! Therefore, the suspension failure
during the MACD indicator is easy! To form a way of looking at, only
to price shocks own run (down) on the back and form the sub-relaxation
has a high top (bottom) signal, that index jumped (fell) formed after
the relaxation is often bounce back (callback) market. Only gradually
is the energy shock of the way to establish the full release of Wanbi
the top (bottom) of, but that rebellion while filling the market one
way to expand the scope of the play, which will appear several times
after the back flip at least to Zhenzheng reversal.
MACD hunters back relaxation method (b): back flip at the end of the
three regular
First, Shibuguosan. Quotes of the crash, after the end of consecutive
low back flip 2 back flip in sequence, the base can be determined down
market is the end. But this time often due to the tenacious strength
of the downward short holiday break, with its breakthrough indicators,
although there may punch through the bottom of the first two back
flip, that is not relative to the formation of the first two back
flip, but its and the original origin back flip back flip is still
forming, and is the third back flip, the operation can be a bold
backhand but bargain-hunting operation. After three back inverted
market rate of relaxation are often large and safe, which requires
continuous late surge in a lot of support. ST segment recent stocks
fell during the 60 minutes figure to form a clear three-back
relaxation, which also supports the expansion of its rally.
Second, the symmetry principle. In the stock market, the symmetry
principle of the existence of very broad, MACD back relaxation is no
exception. In general, there are many times the end of the back flip
back flip, especially after the market peaked mostly stock
transaction, or end the top of the back flip. Because the back end of
the concentration, the energy relaxation, after the commencement of
the rally prone to revenge repressed energy market, while the powerful
inertia will tend to easily cause the top of the back flip. 3 months
after the broader market rebounded in May to build the platform to
form the top of the back flip is actually in August of last year's
formation in February of this year, the three back relaxation of the
Third, the morphological analysis. MACD indicators are trends, most of
the traditional form of analysis are also based on trends in the
theory of phase-summed up, therefore the principle point of view from
a greater commonality between the two, which also determines the MACD
can also be the end of the general back flip theory to analyze the
shape, such as head and shoulders bottom, double bottom, three at the
end, Circular Base, platforms and other bar at the end of such a
measure commonly used form of amplitude, such as resistance or support
level is also applicable to evaluation theory, the top back flip the
other hand use. Have rebounded this year as one of the reasons broader
market is the MACD was formed just last year, triple since the end of
MACD hunters back relaxation method (c): Find the end of playing back
the largest relaxation rate!
Back relaxation theory is concern that its reversal can be predicted
in advance of the possibility. Sense, in essence, that the share price
back flip exceptional movement, return to normal levels is the reverse
of the natural movement principle underlying causes of the power
generated, once the inversion strength enough to counter the existing
trends in the accumulation of power, the reverse then generated. Thus,
reverse back flip in the latent energy of the potential market size is
reverse the most crucial factor!
In the stock market, the kinetic energy is the most direct
representation of the magnitude and volume of the force! Rebound in
the next volume is difficult to predict in advance, so to determine
the potential of the bottom bounce back flip back flip more mainly
depends on the size of the amplitude of the process ! general, should
be actively looking for the end of playing back the largest relaxation
rate, ie: the stock fell back relaxation produced origin, the result
of stabilizing or rebounding stock prices have disk indicators
rebounded sharply leaving, but then fell sharply and stock prices
continue to new low when the index back to the starting level again to
form the playing pieces form a big back flip! Because large pieces of
index like playing resilient spring, when the temporary suppression of
the back flip, but once the abolition of repression, its natural
elasticity to the outbreak of a good! The same time, moving the spring
when the first bomb does not need external aid to can naturally
complete, so the back end of such rally after the early stage of
relaxation is often the shrinkage started! but to a relatively high
level and then heavy volume, has been a sell-off that occurs, the
spring campaign by the opposing forces of repression, the top will
For example: the broader market last August, after the origin of
relaxation back to see the MACD, October and February of this year's
decline have formed the back end of a large range of relaxation, a
rebound on schedule, and the range in a more objective, but are big in
the high entered the top of the building at closing stage.
MACD hunters back relaxation method (IV): the end of heavy volume
bounce back flip bar
Rolling back the end of a relatively small relaxation of the
opportunities, but because of its rally appears often after
considerable and worthy of attention.
Such characteristics of the back relaxation phenomenon are:
1. Previous upward trend has produced many top of the back flip, once
the stock price will result in continuous formal peaked sharply
2. In diving after the end of the back grind process of the formation
of relaxation, but the small amplitude of the back relaxation process,
the formation of the bottom bar shape;
3. Tie the end of the last paragraph of the official event of heavy
volume is rebound signal, the rally continued strong large amplitude;
4. High rebound significantly reduced once the deal is the gradual
emergence of a rebound at the top;
MACD back because the relaxation produced by antagonistic nature of
the accumulation of energy! Back to tie the end of relaxation, its
previous upward trend in the number of the top back flip short latent
energy of many and great, even if the crash is difficult for a
one-time release of air power, therefore Although the bottom and the
emergence of index origin back flip, but still a strong suppression of
the short side, but only within a narrow range, then the back end of
the long energy relaxation hidden spring is like a rope tied in the
continued savings. However, once short of energy cast is completed,
and the bull appeared for the first time put a lot of offensive power,
which means the spring has been Tiaoduan Bangsheng, long power savings
to make a substantial bounce spring, so the formation of a continuous
rally. Thus, the end of heavy volume bounce back flip action bar The
key strategy is that the first large heavy volume Tiaoduan Bangsheng
signal the emergence of a rebound! its rebound after the transaction
is in fact the energy savings long characterized the kinetic energy
springs from the principle of the above we can see that the rebound
should be a gradual process of closing down The. But once the high
turnover was significantly reduced, also shows that the basic kinetic
energy release of the spring rally is completed, the top will appear.
For example: Shenwan Shan (000,049) the diving market in early 2001
after the process of V-shaped rebound, MACD relaxation there is a
clear tie the end of heavy volume bounce back! The recent broad market
falling, investors may wish to actively monitor the relaxation back to
tie the end of Shares well down the rally!
MACD hunters back relaxation method (e): MACD with the wave theory of
MACD indicators and trends in the wave theory is well-known class of
theoretical tools, the same nature is also from the principle that its
use has certain commonalities, the use of the results are always
better together. Years from the application of wave theory effect, the
efficacy of its most valuable is that after that there will be three
general wave 5 wave trend reversal! When combined with the hunters in
the use of MACD is also obvious that when the MACD fell 5 waves,
indicating the index rebounded to come, involved in the signal has
been quite obvious.
From the trend point of view, such a case the MACD wave-type features
1, from 1 wave 2 wave open until the rebound fell to the formation of
two high points in turn reduced, with the time share prices up or go
flat, has become a typical flip top back;
2, 3 to 5 waves down waves are released on, but the 5 waves, once
formed, the signal has been issued short-term intervention.
3, in the relatively long time-sharing plans, such as 15 minutes or
more, especially in the trading day the use of lunch, you can short of
length, into several short-term trading of doing an excellent tool.
In general, MACD hunters in a continuous wave theory combined with
callback-type finishing better use of results. Shaanxi Jinye in early
September as the short-term pullback in the 15-minute MACD to a marked
decrease in 5 waves, crashed into the sky after the rebound. The
current 30-minute tape fell in Figure 3 is type waves, and with the
previous low of the formation of a large back flip, so once the 5
waves down (around about 1540) is complete, there is the possibility
of a great rally! Specific to the plate on, ST class most of the
stocks have also have this characteristic trend, investors may wish to
oversold after the concern.
MACD hunters back relaxation method (f): relax the back trap
Any technical tool has its unique advantages of the place, but the
advantage is sometimes easy to translate into defects, which often lie
lines also become a banker's starting point create a trap!
MACD back flip in the application although the success rate is
relatively high, but there are also potential traps back flip. The
main features: a continuous fall in the back of the end of relaxation
after the formation of the origin, the index began to form a bottom
oblique back flip, but the price has not been rebound, but flat or
even grind plate, and the pressure rise in the indicator bit disk but
to continue to Under the breakthrough, the end of the trap show the
back flip! It is noteworthy that, back again after the relaxation trap
high-level indicators of the end of the back flip, which often appears
at the bottom is the real. The most obvious example is the August to
September last year, the broader market slump in the market after a
rebound in stabilizing the voice, the index still sliding plate and
the MACD indicators also started its own run, but in the end is to
continue to fall again this year the high-level indicators of the end
of the back flip when it is really the bottom middle! Similarly, after
the stock soared in a row can easily flip back the top of a similar
Study of its principles, mainly the energy level and the indicators
reflect the proportion of the relevant degree of difficult. MACD is
running on the robustness of the main features, but it just exposed
their deficiencies in the market rises and falls, that its reserves of
energy in such a market can not rely on the release of a one-time
completion of the back flip, back flip, or turn requires the formation
of many more After high-level relaxation back to the real turning
points given signal. In view of this, investors in the stock price
soaring at the same time a continuous fall MACD big breakthrough in
the occasion of the opening is still not suitable for immediate
application of the general principle of the back flip reverse
operation, it is best to wait to return there many times and low back
flip the formation of high-level back flip, and then hands-only high

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