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December 12, 2005 ... 1, silk brocade: usually silk, artificial silk
woven jacquard fabrics ... 2, artificial silk brocade: artificial silk
warp and weft are (usually by thin weft coarse), which is the use of
coarse yarn (weft) fine (Warp) ...

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Brocade (satin brocade or tapestry satin) is referred to the most
famous traditional silk fabrics, silk fabrics are also the most
delicate beautiful triple weft pattern fabric. Ground material is
color brocade pattern satin been to at least 3 color silk ...

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Tapestry is a 19th century tapestry in the South China evolved on the
basis of the surface light and delicate, feel rich, colorful eye.
Mainly for female senior clothing, also used in making neckties,
bedspreads, Taiwan, blankets, cushions and other decorative items. ...

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Traditional gold and silver brocade silk brocade in China in one,
flowers numerous, vivid, colorful, brilliant gold wall. ... With 100%
silk woven, silk woven treasures with a gold and silver, silk weaving
process was very complicated ... Need

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Tapestry is a 19th century tapestry in the South on the basis of
evolution. It is a satin weave as a way to more than three color silk
as the weft, or a group of three weft interwoven with the weft triple
jacquard fabrics. Eight by side with satin jacquard weaving. ...