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Mechanical work every day to work, work for life insurance in China, I
have lost interest. Not sleep, but not too much passion. Even less
direction. Because only customers can see the results, and see the
customer must visit, I hate to visit!! day now, I will find everything
so I could play with the excuse to stay home.
Working close to two months, the company did learn many things,
including theory and practice. Two months can make a person love the
industry, but two months is enough to make a person realize they do
not like the industry, and decided to give up the job, even if the job
prospects are very good.
For the four-year-old senior in insurance work, I think as long as
they are interested in to be able to develop. Because almost all of
their circle of family relations people. Even if a small number of not
married, I think that a small number of people who certainly is a
cause for the center, a stable job and income groups. This means that
their friends have some basis of money. compare, we have just
graduated from college students how to survive in the industry do????
home money, that I do not qualify!! home, relatives have the financial
resources that I do not comply, if any, I will not to take advantage
of relationship. wide circle of friends, but also upper-class friends,
this does not meet me even more because my circle of friends is not a
part-time students is the understanding of others, but those friends
and students ... .... If the above I have not, and that the only way
left is to insist on every day, visiting customers, to customer's
home, and others. I began think I can, not that the ride to see
customers Well!!! is such a remark, that sounds simple, but doing it
is not difficult, however, persevered hard. I think of strong women,
and now I that I am not strong, at least not strong enough. if I'm
loving this industry, I think I will desperately to insist, but the
fact that I do not love it.

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