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Mainland banks
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Merchants Bank, China
Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China
Bank of China, China Minsheng Bank, China Everbright Bank, CITIC Bank
Bank of Communications, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Industrial
Bank of the People's Bank of China
Huaxia Bank, Shenzhen Development Bank, China Development Bank
Guangdong Development Bank
Xiamen International Bank Export-Import Bank of China Agricultural
Development Bank of China Bank of Beijing
Bank of Shanghai

Hong Kong, Macao bank
China Merchants Bank Hong Kong Branch of Bank of China Bank of
Communications Hong Kong Branch Fubon Bank Hong Kong Branch
Nanyang Commercial Bank, Wing Lung Bank Tai Sang Bank Liu Chong Hing
Bank Limited
Taipei Fubon Bank MEVAS Wing Hang Bank, Dah Sing Bank, Macau
Chiyu Bank, DBS Bank

Foreign banks
Citi Bank HSBC Bank Standard Chartered Bank Hong Kong Bank
Standard Chartered (Hong Kong) Bank of America Bank of East Asia, Hang
Seng Bank, Bank of China website
Orix OCBC Bank ABN AMRO Bank in Paris
American Express Bank Bank of Montreal, Bank of Montreal

Internet Banking Application (demo)
* China Merchants Bank Internet Banking Application (video) *
Construction Bank Internet Banking Application (video) * Industrial
and Commercial Bank Internet Banking Application (video)

Insurance Company
Xinhua Life Insurance Company China Life Insurance Company Taikang
Life Insurance Company Pacific Insurance Company
China Ping An Insurance PICC Property and Casualty Insurance Company,
Tian An International Assurance Company
Heng Kang Tianan Life Insurance Company, Pacific Antai Life Insurance

Insurance Website
Insurance - Sohu Finance and Insurance Insurance News - Sina Financial
Network of China Insurance
Guide to business insurance policies to buy credits calculator
Ministry of Labour and Social Security of China Insurance Regulatory
Pension Insurance Association of China China Network

Telephone Banking
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Merchants Bank 95588 95555

Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China 95599 95566

China Construction Bank, China Minsheng Bank 95568 95533

China Everbright Bank, CITIC Bank 95558 95595

Industrial Bank of China Bank of Communications 95559 95561

Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Huaxia Bank 95577 95528

Shenzhen Development Bank and Guangdong Development Bank 95 508 95 501

Bank of Beijing and Shanghai Bank 021,962,888 01,096,169

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